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RE: Kohler Simplice -- update on foaming issues? (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: williamsem on 12.15.2013 at 11:34 pm in Kitchens Forum

I do happen to have a pic
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I did get a little skepticism, but I knew what I was doing and stood my ground. I knew the spout has to swivel 360 degrees to do this, and I knew the hot and cold lines would probably need to be reversed to stay in the right orientation. And I knew it has been done by multiple people here, so it is in fact possible. So they did it, and it's great.

I did get some pushback on stuff I brought in from GW. The key seems to be doing a ton of research and convincing whoever it is that you know your stuff. The cabinet company was great, but nothing groundbreaking in my design. I essentially brought the design to the table anyway.

I've worked with this GC before, and he knows I do my research. I also ask his advice on things, so we have a two way street. I ended up using flooring and UCL he had never used, so I had all the install instructions and technical support numbers on hand from day one for him. Nothing terribly difficult, just new to him. And I asked him at the final quote time if he really could/wanted to do the install, I was willing to hire in someone if needed.

Do the research and stay in top of things. I had to ask more than once to have the toilet plumbing measured as I knew the placement could be a potential issue with the skirted toilet I wanted. I finally had to have them physically bring in the toilet before they started putting the drywall back up, and sure enough they did have to move the shut off up, which is easy enough when the wall is already open.


to put the handle in the front the hot/cold may have to be switched
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