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RE: * Snowballs * (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: trulyblessed on 11.06.2006 at 01:15 pm in Crafts and Decorations Forum

These were shared on the net last year....this is how I made mine
'Tis the Season for giving, so I have decided to give you all one of my favorite Primitive Christmas Craft Recipes for Free! You will love my Recipe for
So EASY, fast and fun to make! Even the kids can get involved! These were a Great seller for me last Christmas ~ and they can be for you too!!
It is my gift to you...and with plenty of time to make them for gift giving, craft shows, for your websites and shoppes, or even to sell on here on ebay! Don't forget to make up a batch for yourself too! So sweet tucked in an Early wooden dough bowl, trencher, basket, crock or Early jar... with a few sprigs of greens or cedar & some dried red berries! Fun! These Snowballs can be enjoyed Not ONLY at Christmas time but ALL Winter long ~ from November till the end of February!! Then, just tuck them away with the same care you would use with any Christmas Ornament, and they will last for Years & Years!! It was love at first sight when I first discovered the recipe for making these sparkly primitive snowballs in the 1999 issue of Gooseberry Patch... The Christmas Book! Those ladies are very talented for sure, and they were good enough to share this sweet recipe, so now it's my turn to share this fun holiday craft! I will explain below how to make them : in all sizes, big or the traditional Wintery White, or make the Grungy dirty snowballs... How to make them scented or unscented, and how to make them S*P*A*R*K*L*E in more ways than one, with lots of popular Prim glitters! I am also Including full instructions for making fun winter ICICLES and Glistening SNOWFLAKES with the same easy recipe & Tecniques! Packaging tips too, and how to turn them into Prim Ornaments! Also be sure to take note of where to get the best supplies for the job at very low prices and all can be found locally... Hurray for no online shopping!
These are SO innexpensive, and profitable to make and even a child can do it, although if you are making them for selling, you may want to make them yourself, just to be sure you get the perfect look you want! Lots of crafters are already making these exact same snowballs on ebay ~ You can too!
~*~ Wintery Christmas Snowballs ~*~
A Vintage Christmas Tradition
Making Realistic sparkly white Christmas snowballs has never been easier!!
Here's what you'll need:
1. A few packs of white styrophome balls in any size you like. They come in 1" 1.5" 2" 2.5" 3" and so on! Get them from Walmart, JoAnns Fabric, or any craft supply store. A package of a dozen is aprox. $2.00 - 3.50 depending on where you buy them and what size balls!
2. A bucket of white joint compound. Available at Walmart or any hardware store.
3. Your choice of either mica glitter, german glass glitter, or diamond dust (you can even use the clear glitter available at any craft supply store for basically the very same look!
(all glitters available on ebay. Just type in Mica glitter, Mica snow etc.)
4. fragrance oil for candle making which is available online at Wholesale prices, on ebay and also at any walmart or craft supply store!!
5. Nutmeg
6. brown craft paint
7. plastic or wax paper lined tray or baking sheet
How to make the BASIC traditional white snowballs BOTH scented and Regular:
To make the snowballs the traditional white and NON SCENTED, just Roll your styrophome balls generously in the already stirred joint compound and quickly drop the rolled styro. ball into a bowl of your glitter of choice. Mica is my favorite! Then just toss the glitter onto the ball and roll it around CAREFULLY to coat snowball evenly. GENTLY pick up the ball and shake off excess glitter, and place it onto the plastic or wax paper lined tray to dry for 2-3 days. Roll balls over atleast once in the middle of drying time. Dry FULLY! Use a nice variety of sizes!! If you wish to SCENT the snowballs, simply blend a few drops of your desired Holiday fragrance oil into the joint compound and blend well, BEFORE rolling your styrophome balls! Make sure you are happy with the fragrance before rolling the balls! You can always add a few more drops for a stronger, long lasting scent! The oils I use are candle making oils, which can either be bought wholesale online, on ebay or even at local craft supply stores and ofcourse... Walmart! I like using Jack Frost, Peppermint stick, Holiday Cinnamon, Christmas Sugar Cookie, etc...Wanna make them grungy??
How to make the dirty snowballs:
I have been experimenting and have come up with a New & Improved method for making your snowballs extra grungy, and so easy to achieve! Just place some of your joint compound in an old tupperware or cool whip container, and add your fragrance oil IF you are scenting them...and mix with a few drops of brown craft paint (available at any Walmart or craft store for about 49 -90 cents!) and blend to create a creamy Ivory Color! Start with only a drop, and add more drops of paint untill the desired color is achieved! Then proceed to roll your styrophome balls in the Ivory compound, roll in your glitter and set to dry as usual! IF you want little flecks of "Dirt" in your snowballs, just add a sprinkle of nutmeg to the compound and paint, before rolling the balls and coating with mica!
Because they take a few days to make, it is a good plan to start early!
Making Glittery Holiday Icicles:
If you want to make the holiday Icicles, just use the same easy tecniques as you would use in making the snowballs, but rather than coating styrophome balls, just coat CLEAR PLASTIC ICICLES with the joint compound and continue as usual. The plastic icicles are clear and are usually used as ornaments, but can be found just about anywhere in packages of 20 or more.You can make these white, or grungy as well, and scented or plain! Whatever you prefer!!
Great Fall & Winter craft show sellers or make for holiday gift giving! Try bagging up 1/2 dozen icicles along with a 1/2 dozen variously sized snowballs... all in a cello bag with a pretty festive bow and tied with some cedar sprigs or greens, and watch them fly off the shelves! Or toss them into a wrinkly brown bag tied with Twine and a "snowflake" hanging from the bag Or Grungy "Vintage Christmas Picture" Tag, with dangling Rusty Bell!! Fill old ball jars, or fabric covered paper mache boxes!
Making snowflakes is simple! I Like to use them as ornaments or hang them from the bag of snowballs or icicles as an accent! The same tecniques are used as the snowballs and the icicles. Just purchase the cheap clear or white plastic snowflake shaped ornaments from Walmart, dollar stores, etc.. in the Christmas section...and brush on the joint compound with a sponge brush... coat with glitter, bang off excess and set to dry... It is best to apply the compound with a sponge brush for easy application! Just DAB it on! Make them white or grungy just like you would the snowballs and icicles! Scent them up if you choose and toss a few in a cello bag!
You can tie a grungy piece of string from the tips of the icicles & snowflakes for the cutest Olde Time Vintage Ornaments for hanging on your trees or for gift giving~ Even for selling! If you wish to make the snowballs into ornaments, just cut a piece of rusty craft wire or any black will do also, and poke through the center of the styrophome ball... when the wire pokes through the other side, bend it over flat against the ball, Then proceed to roll in the joint compound, glitter it and set to dry! Be sure to bend the HOOK shape so it will hang nicely! The compound will harden around the wire and the hook will be STUCK for good!
These THREE crafts are so fun and most of the supplies can be found at either Walmart, or any favorite craft supply store. If you can't find them in a local store, all ingredients are available online & on ebay! ENJOY!


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a new twist on glass flowers

posted by: breakdishes on 09.28.2006 at 11:25 am in Garden Junk Forum

For you that are not afarid to drill glass here is a new idea, at least I haven't seen it before I think they are great.....This article was in our local paper sure hope this link works,


Breakdishes posted from Southern Idaho -- saw the article in Valley Home Style
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