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How & When to Grow Seeds

posted by: marial1214 on 12.20.2009 at 01:32 pm in Winter Sowing Forum

I thought I would try some seeds indoors for 2010, because I have been spending about 70$ on my vegetable plants alone every year. I read on GW you could do it for alot less if you grow your own seeds.

I can start with tomato and pepper seeds for an experiment. I figure if I can grow those from seed, I can grow anything.

Once I choose and buy my seeds, around what month must I start them indoors? I used peat pots in the past and my lettuce rotted in them. Would plastic cups be alright? I've got 8oz and 16 oz on my shelves. I could start saving paper milk cartons too. I guess you just cut them in half to make a square pot.

I'm mainly concerned about which month I must start my seed for transplant into the garden June 1st, I believe that's our safe-from-frost planting date here in NE Pennsylvania. Should I start buying my seeds now? What online stores do you recommend if I'm in the northeast?

Finally I do not own any grow lights. I have sliders across our living and dining rooms, that is the south side giving maximum bright light to that room. I have absolutely no windows at the North side of the house except in the bedroom but the window is high with just a little sill. It is very dark in that bedroom. I have a 3 tier metal plant shelf I could haul up from the cellar to place in the LR if the southern light is good.

Can someone address these questions. After my lettuce rotted, I figured I couldnt start anything indoors again.


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