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Thin skinned

posted by: homegroan on 08.28.2013 at 03:35 pm in Growing Tomatoes Forum

Does anyone have experience with cherry tomatoes that will grow in northern MN, that have a thin skin? My Sweet 100's grew well, but a thinner skin is more to my liking. Any ideas?


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Annoying neighbor forum

posted by: AshleyG on 06.30.2013 at 11:14 am in Suggestions? Forum

There needs to be an annoying neighbor forum so we can all rant and rave about them. I shall take this opportunity to do a much needed venting about my neighbors as a dry run.
Where do I even begin? I'll start by mentioning that my house has only about 10 feet on either side between me and my neighbors, so that's problem number one. My neighbor on the left side is a non stop, always has to be doing something outside, stands there with his hands on his hips and watches/criticizes anything you do when you do go out type person. He put in a cement sidewalk between our houses, and the jag off angled it to slope towards my house, so any water runs directly into my yard and foundation of my house. I planted Zinnia seeds and he is constantly scrubbing stuff and rinsing with with the hose, so his soapy hose water basically watered my Zinnia sprouts and they have stopped growing, wilted and burned. Pretty mad about that.
My neighbor on the other side is pretty awesome for the most part, but I went out yesterday to check my Gladiolous sprouts that I've been religiously checking a couple times day, only to find out he had cut the bushes and let the branches fall on my shoots, so 3 out of the 4 snapped in half.
My boyfriend was showing his father some things in my garden, ending up backing up into the rest of the sprouts, breaking another one.
I had workers building a wall out back and used my hose to wash their hands directly over my flower bed, hose on full blast at like 1pm in the direct heat.
I planted Morning Glory seeds up by my fence so they could climb it, only to have the garbage men throw the can right over the little fence I took so much time to build around the sprouts and pretty much crushed a good majority of them.
I am seriously getting ZERO respect for my garden this year and I'm starting to get pissed. I put a lot of time, energy and money into this and I don't have much of any of that to spare!


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