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RE: Buying a Serger (Follow-Up #16)

posted by: vlane on 11.09.2005 at 11:02 pm in Sewing Forum

Hi, after lots of research, I bought a Janome My Lock 634D. It is great. In fact, I am about to buy another one for my daughter-in-law. I called dealers, and researched seemed to be the best value for my money. It is a nice, affordable, and easy to use machine. Start on Ebay. I bought mine there from a store in Florida with free shipping. It is about $349.00. Good luck.



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RE: Buying a Serger (Follow-Up #10)

posted by: keepeminstitches on 05.08.2005 at 10:55 am in Sewing Forum

I would definitely check out local dealers. Lessons that come with the machine are invaluable. Sergers are sorta tricky to learn, and the manuals aren't always the best. I have an older White which works well (except for the differential, and I'm too cheap/lazy to have it fixed). I bought a top-of-the line 5-thread Viking with the chain and cover stitches and had four or five free lessons. The dealer is always available by phone also if I have questions.

The suggestion to practice threading with four different colored cones of thread is a good one. I also recommend the Dar EZ Winder (available from Nancy's Notions) so you can buy just one cone of serger thread in the color that matches your garment and then wind three of the EZ Winder spools from it. Saves $$ and you won't have so many cones of serger thread hanging around.



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