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RE: Honed light granite? (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: azstoneconsulting on 04.01.2009 at 06:38 pm in Kitchens Forum

Tara -

IMHO - (and I am just a Fab-Ri-Mi-Cator)...
the lighter stones like that have a good bit of movement and contrast
like Giallo Beach/Desert Amarillo, Golden Wave, Maduria Gold, etc
look absolutely AWESOME honed!!!

We did a "Street of Dreams" aka Parade of Homes in other parts of the US
in Desert Amarillo - HONED.... it BLEW PEOPLE AWAY, and we sold prolly.. like...
twenty kitchens off of that one model home we did - and this was 1998 -

Personally - I do not like to even THINK about doing an Absolute Black Honed
project - I had a nightmare with 4 all at the same time, and have never ventured
back into those terrifying waters since.... HA!

IMHO - stick with a lighter stone that has contrast within the shades - in the
slab, and even some movement, and I think you'll be happy with the end product..
Have your Fabricator do a test piece on a size like a 12" x 12" or even bigger
if he can (it costs him $$$ to do this - so go easy on him - OK?) then take
the sample home and look at it at VARYING TIMES OF THE DAY AND NIGHT....

LIGHT affects (sp?) or is it EFFECTS? - Anyways - LIGHT will definately have an
affect on the way you see color - natural, incandescant, neon, halogen, HID...etc

I should prolly do a Podcast on this topic, since I have a real liking for the
lighter stuff - If anyone's got pics they can e-mail me, I'll use them in my


Kevin M. Padden
AZ School of Rock
Natural Stone 101


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