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Would you put in soapstone again?

posted by: catbird on 01.14.2007 at 03:36 pm in Kitchens Forum

I'll be interested to see if the responses are as positive as the ones in the granite question.

Also, if you DIYd it, would you do that again?


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not loving my soapstone & cracked cabinets!

posted by: nancy343 on 03.01.2007 at 02:49 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hi everyone,

Soapstone lovers please do not shoot me, but I am just not loving my soapstone. I have tried to be patient but I am quickly getting disenchanted. I absolutely love it when it is freshly oiled but it fades soooo fast (not even lasting a week) and fades unevenly. It looks splotchy (is that a word?) and fades more in the frequently used areas b/c I am wiping it down more. (As a result I almost don't want to wipe down the counters which is obviously not an option with 3 kids.) It also looks terrible around the sink where it gets wet a lot. I actually had a friend ask me if there was something wrong with it when I did not oil it for a little over a week. There is one section of the countertop that doesn't get as much use but it fades really fast and fades unevenly. If the entire counter faded evenly it probably wouldn't bother me as much. I have oiled it a bunch of times which can be a pain - I have to take eveything off the counters and make sure I get all the excess oil up or it gets streaky, leaves water and glass rings and feels oily. So far, it is much more high maintenance than I thought. I am disappointed. For those of you that have soapstone will this get better over time or do you notice it less?

I am also developing lots of hairline cracks in my cabinets. The cabinet rep came out and said this is normal for painted wood cabinets due to changes in humidity. He showed me a disclaimer that I was supposed to sign that explained this. My kitchen designer signed it on my behalf and I never even saw it nor was I verbally told this would happen. Some of the cracks are several inches long. I guess it will add charm or a rustic feel - I will try to look on the bright side, but between my quickly fading splotchy counters and cracking cabinets I am feeling a little down and discouraged that I just spent so much money on this kitchen :-(

Sorry for the long vent!


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DIY soapstone- viszlalover , you did it right?

posted by: cooperbailey on 02.28.2007 at 05:11 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hi just covering my options here- have looked into granite quite a bit, got quotes got hooked on stone forum. But if DIY soapstone is affordable, my DH has the skills and tools ( or would LOVE to buy more)to do the cutting.It would work in my kitchen and I like it as well as granite. How exacting is the templating, how many strong guys does it take to move it in the house and jockey it around (note I said strong guys not kitchen forum people that's a different thread lol)? and how much is the material cost for do it yourself soapstone?? Viszlalover your kitchen looks great. TIA for any help w this. Sue


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