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RE: do I need a crown molding or trim on my cabinets? (pic) (Follow-Up #12)

posted by: kitchenkelly on 10.15.2011 at 08:13 am in Kitchens Forum

How about something simple like this? Even just the top two pieces would look good with shaker cabinets.

crown moulding


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kitchen progress-cream and gray...

posted by: heidia on 10.18.2013 at 07:49 pm in Kitchens Forum

I love kitchen progress threads, so here is mine so far! :)
Couple of things...

See that post? That was part of a wall-knocked it out to make it more open...knew we had an issue the day they framed the kitchen. It was so cramped! I am glad we took it out!

These are HAAS cabinets. I had a custom cabinet order. (smithport cabinetry), but then they told us their lead time was 3 months after we submitted our order. NO thanks! My KD and I scrambled to re-build a design that we had tweaked for a year in a matter of days with semi-custom, and I got pretty close to the original design...

It is an L in a large rectangle room-(combined dining/kitchen)-the kitchen L is roughly 16 ft. x 14...

I did have 48 inches for the two isles, but when I stepped into the space, it felt cramped. I have 6 kids, and I want alot of room in the isles-so we increased the isle between range cabs and island to 54, and then between sink and island to 52, and it feels so right. :)

Countertop will be Luce de Luna. :)


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RE: Cabinet in an almost all drawer kitchen? (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: IowaCommute on 06.18.2013 at 10:25 am in Kitchens Forum

I have a large cabinet with pull outs for my cookie sheets and muffin tins. I don't think it's a pain. I do have a small catering business though, and there are days where the pans never get put away-just washed over and over again. So a pull out or drawer won't usually make a difference to me.

There are drawers with dividers for cookie sheets:

Drawers are great but depending on the cabinet line (some may not have these) you may have to be creative (or hire a cabinet maker) if you want to go to the drawer route.

Another option (if you're on the tall side) is to put them in a cabinet above the refrigerator. I've seen people just use stationary dividers, and it seems to work well. I swear I've seen someone on here even use a pull out above the fridge so there are lots of options.

I did not design my kitchen, but I will probably do a drawer like above for my next house. It would be nice to have a drawer where I can move the dividers as I change my collection. Although when I get my full cookie sheets those will sit in a narrow cabinet.


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Justmakeit just made it -- finished kitchen photos

posted by: justmakeit on 06.08.2013 at 01:40 pm in Kitchens Forum

I know it's customary to thank the GW forum for all the help in doing research and getting feedback, but I can't imagine anyone spending more TKO time poring over posts old and new than I did. Anyone who's spent time here will recognize the debt my kitchen owes to mpagmom, breezygirl, a2gemini. But many others have helped in many ways, large and small, seen and unseen. The generosity of the folks in this community is amazing, and helpful even for those of us who don't post often.

I'm an empty nester (at least for now), DH and I are vegetarians, and DH is a celiac. I cook dinner every night DH is in town, from scratch. We decided to renovate not because the kitchen was so bad, but just because we thought it could be a lot better. Wow, were we right! I wanted something uncluttered, bright and airy, using the same footprint as the original kitchen. I toyed with the idea of opening up the kitchen to the dining room, but took to heart Rosie's comment that it's sometimes nice to have a different room to be in. My house didn't seem to want to be opened up that way, and I like having my little kitchen dominion be separate. We did, though, add three big windows across the back of the kitchen, bumping them out about 14 inches, and running the counter out to them. This is definitely the best part of the kitchen for me -- light, air, more counter space, the illusion of a bigger kitchen. Not much of a downside there.

Here are a few details:

Cabinets: Ovation On-U Frameless
Cabinet pulls: Tob Knobs Princetonian
Counters: honed Ocean Stone quartzite
Floors: Duro Design glue-down cork
Stove: 36" Bluestar
Refrigerator: 36" Liebherr
Warming drawer: Dacor integrated
Dishwasher: Bosch (only thing we kept from the old kitchen)
Microwave: Countertop Panasonic
Sink: Custom stainless steel, two bowls, 9" and 21"
Faucet: Waterstone 5300
Backsplash: Sunflower Ming Green and Thassos, also 12 x 12 Thassos in toaster nook
Hood: 36" Vent-a-Hood
Windows: Marvin
Wall paint: Benjamin Moore Moonshine
Ceiling cans: 6" Ecosmart LEDs from Home Depot
Under cabinet lights: LED puck lights
Pendant over kitchen table: TBA, ask me 6 months from now if I've picked one by then (decision fatigue has definitely set in)

First, the old kitchen (my daughters were sad to say goodbye to the chile pepper border):




And now the new kitchen:

Stove wall

Window wall

The all-important toaster niche for DH:
Fridge wall

Breakfast nook


Window run 1

Window outside

The window's deep enough that this wand really helps with opening it. (Thanks for expert window wand modeling by DD.)
Window wand

The other result of such a big window bump out was that we needed battery operated shades -- !
Window shades

We took an empty space in the back hall, just outside the kitchen, to put in a dumping ground/charging station/recycling bin/phone area. Soooo helpful! Gets the junk out of the kitchen.
Back hall junk counter

We also transformed the back coat closet into a handy pantry.

Breakfast table

The GC made this little between-the-studs niche for me, which I asked for on a whim. It's incredibly useful, though, for stashing little odds and ends like the garage door remote.
Niche closed

Niche opened

We needed a plug on the sink run where there was no backsplash. GW to the rescue -- I found this one in an old thread. KD likes it better than any other he's tried.
Pop up plug, open

Unseemly faucet love.
Running water

Cork floor.
Cork floor and old slippers

Spice drawer.
Spice drawer

Double decker dish drawer -- two drawers behind one drawer front. DH was alarmed at the extra step required to get to the silverware, but he's adjusting nicely now.
Double decker dish drawer

Double decker plastics drawer

Elf, straws and preserved lemons

Edited to add yet another photo.

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White/white/white kitchen refresh FINISHED

posted by: wi-sailorgirl on 06.04.2013 at 11:39 am in Kitchens Forum

Hopefully the subject warned you that if you're not a fan of white kitchens, you definitely will not like this one. Fortunately, I am (and have been as long as I can remember).

This was more of a refresh than a reno. The cabinets, counters, sink and backsplash are all new. The floors and all appliances are not (we've replaced them all slowly over the last 11 years of owning this house). Although we only changed a few things in the kitchen in this latest go-around, I don't think there's anything left save for the basic layout that is the same as it was when we bought the house. So maybe this was really an 11 year reno!

Anyway ... photos (and lots of them). Details at the end.

Before (about three years ago). I know, it's not really bad looking, but the cabinets were in rough shape and I hated the dust-collector shelf on top of them.
 photo kitchen1_101211-1.jpeg

The inspiration picture (from Coastal Living magazine):
 photo 1529596720_1-1_zpsdd98beb5.jpeg

 photo newkitchen6_zps88637037.jpg

 photo newkitchen11_zpsaa6152e9.jpg

Walnut trim on the mantel hood (thanks to Katieob for the inspiration). The panel above the mantel flips open for additional storage around the vent.

 photo newkitchen10_zps8f027a1d.jpg

The hutch and upper cabinets flanking the sink also have glass sides and I'm so happy we did that. It makes it feel so much airier. Dimmable LED lighting in the cabinets. The lighting looks a bit sickly green in some of these photos but it's actually a slightly cooler white (we didn't want to go too warm with the lights).

 photo newkitchen7_zpsd564273c.jpg

 photo newkitchen17_zps795471ac.jpg

When we bought the house, a stackable washer and dryer were walled in next to the fridge. We move the laundry several years ago and used the area as a pantry but the half wall on one side sort of stuck out into the space. We removed that and did a built-in pantry around the fridge. The difference in depth was probably less than a foot but having that protrusion into the room gone makes a huge difference in a small kitchen.

 photo newkitchen3_zpsceb1ac47.jpg

Pantry area (we weren't planning to light it but we had extra LED strip lights left so we stuck some in there. Love the area for the roll-out dog food and step stool and of course I love having my microwave in there where we're had it for several years).

 photo newkitchen5_zps837269a3.jpg

Vertical storage over the fridge. Should have done more of this.
 photo newkitchen4_zps9c4dc2cd.jpg

Probably my favorite thing in the entire kitchen (other than the backsplash). I love not having stuff on my counters.
 photo newkitchen13_zps3599106a.jpg

A shallow drawer pulls out for cutting boards and oven mitts.
 photo newkitchen12_zpsa8925451.jpg

By the dishwasher we need a spacer so the hutch would match up with the cabinet above but I told our cabinet guy to find some kind of storage to stick in there. I think it's really meant for spices but I obviously don't need spices there so we use it for various dog potions and pills and the big bottle of Advil.

 photo newkitchen15_zps9dfc4e9a.jpg

 photo newkitchen14_zps7a2d498c.jpg

A few detail shots:

We planned the double molding around cabinetry as a design element but it ended up really saving us when it came to the molding because our ceiling is incredibly out of level. We took up the difference in that second piece of molding and you can't even tell now that the room is horribly crooked.

 photo newkitchen9_zps29c50a4c.jpg

The glass knobs. Love them SO much.
 photo newkitchen16_zps5c398969.jpg

Close up of the backsplash (with my little walnut tray).
 photo newkitchen18_zpse54f1504.jpg

And lastly, the other side of the kitchen, which is where a lot of the color comes into the room. I painted the door black on a whim this winter and love it. The barn light over the sink was originally white but I spray-painted it black after the cabinets went in because I thought it would be good to pull the black over to that side of the room. This is our back door so we walk straight into the kitchen, so it's not just a functional space but a major thoroughfare as well.

 photo newkitchen8_zpsd9f33c2e.jpg

I took off all the window treatments (nice lined bamboo roman shades) to paint but I kind of like it with them off. I could, however, stain them a walnut color to match the other accents in the room. So I'd love to hear opinions on whether you think they should go back up.

Cabinets: Custom cabinets made by a local cabinet maker (he's done other things in our house too and always does a great job). Painted (several times, but let's not talk about that) Benjamin Moore Cloud White

Countertops: Caesarstone Eggshell (aka Osprey if you're outside the U.S.) Island is walnut butcher block, I think from Blockhead Blocktops in Michigan.

Hardware: Emtek Georgetown glass knobs (1.25") and Restoration Hardware Aubrey pulls in polished nickel (and yes, we had the problem with the screws breaking off and replaced them all).

Cabinet glass: Bendheim glass, mouth-blown clear soft seeded (a splurge but I'm so happy we did it). I need to take a better picture of the glass so you can see it to appreciate it.

Backsplash: 1-inch mother of pearl mosiac, purchased through Key West Tile (the source listed in the article I used as inspiration), but I've seen the same or very similar tile online through Glass Tile Mosiacs. Polyblend grout in Bright White.

Vent hood: Kobe 36-inch insert. We have an existing downdraft but when we replaced our range several years ago we had two ranges to choose from that would work with that venting situation, so we installed the overhead vent now so when it comes time for a new range (hopefully many years from now) we aren't limited in our selection. Plus, it works MUCH better than the downdraft (both vent outside).

Appliances: All existing Jenn-Air

Paint colors: Anything white is Cloud White. Walls are Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray (previously they were Revere Pewter which is still a favorite color but I felt it was too dark with the tile).

- Large Thomas O'Brien Hicks pendant in polished nickel over the island. Even though this like is rather ubiquitous, I couldn't help myself. I still love it even if it's everywhere. It is polarizing though: people either love it or hate it.
- Barn Light Electric sconce over sink. It was white for several years but I spray-painted it black
- Roost glass cylinder lights over kitchen table.
-UCLs and in-cabinet lighting is LED strip lighting purchased locally. Sorry, I don't know the brand.

Sink: 32-inch single-bowl Kraus stainless steel

Faucet: Hansgrohe Talis S (DO NOT buy this from Home Perfect. I had a horrible experience, ended up filing with the credit card company and just buying the faucet for $10 more through Amazon.)

Let me know if I've forgotten anything. Special thanks to the helpful folks here, particularly the friendly voices on the Small Houses board as well as some of the experts here. It's no secret that I drew a lot of inspiration from many of your kitchens including Breezygirl, Katieob and Beekeeperswife.

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RE: Almost done--NYC galley with walnut and calacatta (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: cawaps on 10.25.2012 at 12:14 pm in Kitchens Forum

Here are the pics:


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RE: Anyone have pix of 4 or 6 inch backsplashes to share? (Follow-Up #7)

posted by: boxerpups on 07.12.2011 at 09:50 am in Kitchens Forum

I know they are not popular but sometimes it just works
for a kitchen. Here are some pretty options of the
short bs.


















white kitchen 999





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RE: Anyone have pix of 4 or 6 inch backsplashes to share? (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: alabamamommy on 07.11.2011 at 11:15 pm in Kitchens Forum

Well color me unfashionable! :) Here's ours, I honestly don't know if it's 4 or 6 inches (I really think 4?) We did it to protect the wood, but it hadn't occurred to me whether or not it had been done recently.


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RE: Upper Cabinets--to Ceiling or Not? Please Help! (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: jillandmatt on 02.11.2012 at 08:47 am in Kitchens Forum

We have 10' Ceiling and debated about whether or not to take the cabinets all the way up. I'm really glad we did. Also, I think it's a good idea to put the glass on that wall to break it up. Here are some pics of our kitchen. You can also check out our builder's website ( All of his homes have 10' ceilings, some with cabs all the way up and some without. Hopefully that will help you visualize both options.


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How many outlets in the backsplash area?

posted by: rocketmomkd on 02.21.2012 at 08:55 am in Kitchens Forum

After reading the electric code, is seems we need to have an outlet every two feet along the counter top. That seems like alot to me! I don't think I need that many, but if it's code I'll have to do it. Do you all have that many? If so, do you use them all?


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Countertop glass cabinet (like michelle16) is 18 inches too deep?

posted by: alexx on 11.20.2012 at 03:52 pm in Kitchens Forum

I love the countertop cabinets in michelle16's kitchen. I am getting 24" standard countertops. 4 drawers would be below and I'm wondering if the top cabinets which would start right on top of the counter and go almost to the ceiling for glasses, mugs and some pottery display should be 15" or 18" deep. I'm also debating 30 vs 24 wide (4 drawer base cabinet.) Is 18" too deep?



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RE: White or wood kitchen? (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: gaonmymind on 05.20.2012 at 07:21 pm in Building a Home Forum

I LOVE white kitchens and marble counters. My plan was to put that in our new home however I am starting to appreciate natural wood as well. I think I will end up with a combo. Staning the island and painting the other cabinets. One of my favorites is a garden webber named kateskouros. Although she is a tad more traditional than I am.


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