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RE: Knife rack in a drawer? Do you love it? (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: gizmonike on 10.07.2008 at 11:52 am in Kitchens Forum

Like Lascatx, I initially loved our knife block, especially since our old kitchen had very few drawers. The prep area in our new kitchen is the island, and I did not want to clutter it with the knife block or move the block to a less handy place. We have a bank of nice wide drawers next to the prep sink, so the top one now holds our knives. I couldn't find trays big enough & didn't want to dull the knife edges. (We stored our knives upside down in the block to spare the edges.)

This forum gave me the idea to use a long magnetic strip, the kind usually installed on the wall. I searched online & found one almost the width of the drawer, & it easily screwed in. I also lined the drawer with Cushy Cupboard.

DH was initially skeptical; he liked our knife block. However, he was sold on the drawer when he realized he could instantly see what knife he wanted rather than hunting through the block. (Our family didn't always return a knife to the same slot---another annoyance.)


Magnet knife rack in drawer
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RE: What to do for backsplash? (Follow-Up #7)

posted by: romy718 on 12.28.2013 at 12:59 am in Kitchens Forum

A closeup of pipdog's backsplash.


white onyx backsplash
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RE: pondering combo of ceramic subway & marble (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: enduring on 10.12.2013 at 11:24 am in Bathrooms Forum

Yes it will work :) here is mine:

It's not perfect but I did it, and I know it is done right. The first picture is in the corner behind the door and now has a free standing cupboard in front of it. I had to pick where I ended my base board to work out other areas correctly and this was the corner.
 photo IMG_3539_zps2d347204.jpg

This is the finished wall on the other side with my beautiful vanity that my carpenter made to my concept plan, (I made the sink, and never tire of showing this puppy off:)
 photo IMG_3874_zps0a466fa6.jpg


nice tile
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RE: Tile experts - Help, please! Niche with marble shelf (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: shanghaimom on 04.04.2012 at 11:09 pm in Bathrooms Forum

Hi Tina,

Not a tile expert by any means, but I just finished a niche that was also inspired by Stacyneil's.

When I asked the tile guy if I should pick up one of those prefab niche liners, he said that he prefers to do them from scratch so as to best accommodate whatever tile is being used. (Fewer cuts, etc.) For the marble shelves, he likes to use thresholds, which are thicker than the 12" marble tiles I was going to have him cut into shelves.

Our tall 10" wide niche fits all of our big pump bottles, misc stuff like shavers and bars of soap perfectly! In our case, it worked out so well that he did it without the prefab thingy-maybe yours could, too.


shower niche
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Modern bathroom almost complete - subway w glass tile accent

posted by: foxycandy on 05.17.2007 at 02:45 pm in Bathrooms Forum

Hi all!
Our tiny bathroom remodel is nearly complete! Thanks to all on this site for inspriration, I have been lurking for years. This is the second bath in our house, it is mostly used as a guest bath and children's bath. A simple, modern remodel. Click the link for before and after photos:

Following are the materials used:

White subway tile: Daltile 3x6
Glass tile: Walker Zanger Cocktail mosaic in "Margarita" and Walker Zanger Spa Glass Swizzle Stick in "Spring"
Floor: Novanna Travertine 18x18
Vanity: Ikea Stenskar
Sink: Ikea Hollviken
Sink faucet: Danze Parma
Tub and Shower fixtures: Danze Parma
Toilet: Toto Ultramax
Towel bar: Danze Parma
TP holder: Kohler Stillness
Mirror: Ikea

Here is a link that might be useful: Bathroom photos


subway tile with glass mosaic strip
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Calacatta tile from Home Depot matches real slab perfectly!

posted by: jacqueline5 on 10.19.2013 at 02:14 am in Bathrooms Forum


We are doing a forced remodel of our master bath due to a flood. It has not been a happy experience. However, due to the wonderful info generously shared on this forum, I think the new bathroom will be even more beautiful than the last!

This picture is of my bathroom elements. Slab: real Calacatta Oro countertop and shower curb material. Tile is 18x18 porcelain floor and walls from Home Depot! Accent tile is Mother of Pearl from Builder Elements. Com. The little tile is a biscuit tile to represent the color of the claw foot tub, toilet and sinks.

I can not thank this forum enough especially Kali2024 and beekeeperswife for sharing their enthusiasm and experience with Calacatta Porcelain tile. I found my dream slab today and because I paid less than $2 sf for my floor and wall tile from HD and the amazing price from Builder Elements on the MOP, I can afford my real calacatta slab counter!

Just had to share. Will post updates as soon as the tile guy starts installing and my granite guys start fabricating.


home depot tile
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RE: Please share your online sources for affordable backsplash ti (Follow-Up #12)

posted by: romy718 on 12.28.2013 at 05:49 pm in Kitchens Forum

You're countertop is gorgeous! I love the edge. I'm so happy for you as I know how hard you worked to find the right slabs & edge profile. The color of your island is beautiful too.
Now we (the rhetorical we) have to find you the perfect backsplash! I'm not trying to push Encore but I've noticed that carries it & frequently runs sales.
The Bravo line which Encore states is more affordable & is available in 7-10 business days comes in about 9 colors, silver (my color), truffle (taupey & I saw a tile board made with truffle, very pretty), smoke, etc. I didn't know about the Bravo line when I ordered. The field tile sizes are a little different from the 6 week wait tiles- 2x6", 3x8", etc. Might be worth checking out. Homeandstone has a 1-800 number to get pricing.

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encore bravo online
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It's done and I love it!

posted by: mpagmom on 08.30.2012 at 04:55 pm in Kitchens Forum

Our house is a new build and we started moving in about 2 months ago, but I just got the last dining room shade hung last night. I've been posting pictures here and there and wasn't really planning doing a "reveal," but a couple people asked about it so here it is. If nothing else, it can show people what NOT to do. :)

I know it sounds trite, but I REALLY want to thank all of you for your help. Buehl was particularly helpful in tweaking the design. Rhome410, steph2000, breezygirl, and many others were there for me during my backsplash angst. I had already chosen my windows before I saw PPS7's kitchen, but seeing hers helped me feel comfortable with the decision. Her kitchen also inspired my island design. I can't name everyone that inspired me, but know that I appreciate your input.

I was going for a calm kitchen with easy-care contertops. My husband was going for "happy." When I told him about the sweeby test, he responded by writing this:


"I want my kitchen to be tranquil, soothing, calm and happy. It should be cozy and bright, too.

"The perfect backsplash for my kitchen will not add an element of romance or whimsy but it might have a fish tile in it. Even a bear tile would be nice, as long as it's not within striking distance of the fish.

My perfect countertop will be level and divert attention from the mess my kids have made in the living room. When friends see it they will remark, 'Have you lost weight?' and 'You're looking quite dashing today!'

But most of all, my ideal kitchen will make my wife happy. Every time she sees it she'll smile at both the design and with fond memories of the process she used to create it. My ideal kitchen will perfectly match my wife's kitchen mission statement, even if it doesn't quite match mine."

Isn't he cute? I'm not sure if I have fond memories of the process - it's more of a fog. I was trying to make a million decisions about the entire house, so some details fell through the cracks. I don't know who picked out the crown moulding, but it wasn't me. I told the KD I wanted something simple, and sometime later this was installed. At least it's 10 feet off the ground! But I still smile when I see the backsplash, and I feel like the space is happy. Oh, and it works great as a kitchen. I just tested out the lunch-making, breakfast-eating, homework-finishing morning rush for the last week and it came through for me!

On to the details:

Cabinets: Locally-made Amish painted white (it's their standard white)

Countertops: Leathered Kodiak Brown granite

Backsplash: Sunflower mosaic in ming green marble from Saltillo Imports (purchased from Caledonia Tile in Indianapolis) and AKDO 3/4" x 3/4" mosaic in ming green light (it's supposed to be all light, but there seems to be dark in there)

Floors: White oak stained with Minwax Provincial and finished with satin polyurethane

Walls: Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray

Knobs and pulls: Restoration Hardware Lugarno knob in satin nickel and Restoration Hardware Asbury pull in satin nickel

Faucets: Brizo Solna (loved the hidden pullout spray) standard and bar-size

Sinks: Silgranit precis super single bowl and large bowl

Stools: West Elm rustic counter stool (thanks PPS7!)

Pendants: Kichler 2665OZ in olde bronze

Refrigerator: Samsung RF266 in platinum

Dishwashwer: Bosch SHX68R55UC in stainless

Range: GE Cafe Electric

Hood: Zephyr Breeze with baffle filters

Lighting: All-Pro 5" LED recessed lights, LED under-cabinet lights, and LED puck lights.

And here are the pictures (finally!)

Full view of kitchen

Range wall


With lights on

Close-up of tile


white kitchen, pretty backsplash, island end like ours
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Silver Crackle Backsplash done!

posted by: romy718 on 12.18.2013 at 03:16 pm in Kitchens Forum

Remember those taupey tiles on my counter & my disappointment about no blue tiles? Well, these are essentially the same tiles. Encore sent me an additional 2 boxes of custom made tiles, which got me about 20 tiles with a "hint" of blue. I think I may have tortured my KD, the tile supplier & Encore because honestly as I can't locate those 20 tiles.
We love the end result. My photos are not capturing the colors, which change by the hour. Predominantly they are varying shades of watery gray and as Marthastoo described, they "sparkle".
Warm walnut floors below the cardboard.


white kitchen, crackle backsplash
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RE: Drawer under cooktop? (Follow-Up #26)

posted by: la_jan on 04.12.2010 at 10:40 pm in Kitchens Forum

This is my drawer with a view of the gas cut out that avaya3111 seems to be talking about. It is 2 1/2" deep and fits utensils and even small measuring cups, as you can see. My cabinet installer cut the drawer for the gas line. And, believe it or not, he installed for Lowe's!



drawer under cooktop with cut out
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RE: Crown molding on shaker style cabinets ?? (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: kitchenkelly on 12.04.2007 at 08:46 pm in Kitchens Forum

Mine are shaker. The cabinet guy came up with a interesting molding.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


crown molding for shaker
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Pip's Finished Kitchen! Lots of pics

posted by: pip on 12.21.2010 at 08:34 pm in Kitchens Forum

Thanks to the many inspiring kitchens and knowledgeable people on this site, we just finished our 5 week remodel of our kitchen. The collective wisdom on this site helped us so much during the remodel!

The previous kitchen had been remodeled within the last 10 years, but it was separated from the rest of the home and lacked sufficient counter space for a family of four. We decided to tear down the wall that separated the kitchen and laundry room and expand into the dining room to give us more counter space. The windows in the corner were too low to run counters and that proved to be a design challenge. Instead of raising the windows which would have altered the architecture of the exterior of the home, we decided to make the area a banquette. We also moved the old doorway off the foyer and created two larger arches which open up the kitchen to the living and dining room.

The space was too small for an island, so we had our counter top fabricator make us a work table that is movable -- it has wheels and we can roll it out of the way if we want to open up the kitchen.

Cabinets - custom by Los Angeles cabinetmaker - maple shaker style (bar area is espresso finish)
Countertops - Madre Perla quartzite
Backsplash - White onyx staggered tile
Faucet - KWC Eve
Sink - Franke
All KitchenAid appliances, except for GE profile microwave Vent-a-hood
Lighting - onxy pendants purchased at Lighting Emporium
Pulls - Great Indoors
Floors - White Oak hardwoods to match the rest of the home
Paint- Martha Stewart "Fossil"




and, of course, a photo of Pip himself, enjoying his new kitchen...


shaker, full overlay
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Bold Tile, Sunlight Filled Kitchen

posted by: oldbat2be on 12.27.2012 at 11:53 pm in Kitchens Forum

There are two versions of this reveal; this is the better one but it's loaded with pictures. Here's a link to the photoshop version, if that's easier for you:

Many of you have seen progress pictures along the way and given us so much valuable feedback and advice. With the forum's help, we have an incredibly functional kitchen in which it is great fun to cook and entertain.

Our home was built in the mid 60's and the kitchen used to be on the back side of the house, facing north west (never any sun). Our architect suggested relocating the kitchen to the front of the house, and came up with a very functional new plan, which included moving interior walls and adding a skylight dormer, mud room and pantry. We found a builder to perform the demolition and manage the construction. We built a temporary kitchen in our family room, moved the fridge in there with our camping gas burners on a card table, and started the long process of renovating. In the midst of this exciting and frustrating roller-coaster ride, my mom passed away. She was an amazing cook and would have loved watching the progress and seeing how everything turned out. This reveal is dedicated to her.

Cabinetry quotes for all the new areas (kitchen, island, desk area, bookshelves, pantry, mudroom) ranged from $35,000 to $75,000, uninstalled. Long story short: in order to economize, we went with an online Conestoga reseller (Brian Long/theCabinetJoint), who sold a ready to assemble/RTA cabinet, for around $23,000. This included many custom pieces; 18" deep uppers, custom width upper cabinets, 2 custom depth floor to ceiling bookshelves, and custom drawer widths and heights. While we've been very pleased with the quality and functionality, I wonder what the final effect would have been with different cabinets and/or a different cabinet style. DH and I assembled the cabinets ourselves and our builder's crew hung them. DH installed all the appliances (several, multiple times), built a steel bar support system for the island, and did so very much electrical, plumbing and carpentry work. He is one in a million.

As you look at these pictures, I would welcome finishing suggestions. What did we, as DIY-ers, miss or mangle? What stands out as unfinished to your eye and what could I add to a punchlist for a finish carpenter or DH and me? I won't be offended, but to be totally honest, I am not posting any of the bad pictures :)

When it came time to pick a backsplash, I found I had too much white and disliked how the upper run of cabinets looked. With a ton of help from the forum, I picked a bold tile which draws the eye away from the cabinets. (Special thanks to Hollysprings for reminding me that I liked a lot of contrast in my inspiration pictures and to onedogedie, for introducing me to kj patterson).

The kitchen was small and my countertops were always crowded. Still, I feel the need to acknowledge how many wonderful meals came out of that space.

We bumped out the front of the house 5 feet, replacing the foot print of the old covered porch.

We learned we could replace a structural post which would have been out in the middle, with an LBL beam. (Huge thanks to jeff_from_oakville, live_wire_oak, remodelfla, sjmitch, karen_belle and bmorepanic).

Assembling and installing cabinets. There was no magical truck pulling up outside and crews bringing in beautiful, assembled cabinets....


Desk area to the right, fireplace to eventually be replaced with gas:

Bookshelves flanking the desk - houseful, you gave me the idea of using 2 of these, to balance the desk area, and I love how this works. Nothing warms a room like books! We also keep the phone and answering machine here.

Birds'-eye view, skylight dormer:

We love our recycling center and the inset composter:

Custom wood hood built by DH. Upper cabinets are 18" deep.

Recycling center on island and shallow cutting board cabinet:

Tiled fire extinguisher niche. This is located behind the ovens; countertops are 30" and ovens were pulled forward by 6".

Upper cabinet knobs:

Baking Area with 30" countertops: (we keep things out on them and still have room to roll out a pie crust or make biscuits).

Top drawer: (note my new XMAS presents, my pink thermapen and my yellow lemon juice squeezer, thanks to zelmar and Breezygirl!)

Middle drawer:

Bottom drawer:

Next drawer stack over to the left, fun storage:

Bottom drawer:

I like the Rev-A-Shelf pull-outs (DH HATED installing these with a passion) but they are flimsy (wobbly) in comparison to my Blum Blu-Motion drawer glides.

In the upper cabinets, DH has built custom spice racks for us:

We were able to find a caulk which matched our grout. We dealt with a local metal working shop to create our stainless steel surround and custom hood liner:

Linen closet at left, eventually washer and dryer at far end. The base cabinet at the end has a single large pullout; this will be for clothes sorting bins.

Filing cabinets and beverage fridge:

Cabinets: Conestoga RTA Cabinets and Doors, Crystal White, Door CRP-10875, Cordovan stain on island.
Counters: Cambria Torquay
Bar stools: Carrington CourtDirect Mitchell 26" bar stools, with COM and custom stain.

Wall paint: BM Aura Vancouver Day

Tile: kj patterson, Fireclay Debris

Cabinet hardware
Upper Hafele Knob Clear/Polished Chrome - HAF-135-75-420
Lower: RH Bistro Pull

Varaluz, Nevada (table)
LBL lighting monorail, Lava II
Undercabinet: Philips powercore profile LED strips

Kohler Karbon faucet
KWC Sin Faucet
48" Capital Culinarian
Solon Inset Composter
Sharp 24" MW Drawer
Hood: Prestige insert with remote blower
Franke Peak SS Sink
Silestone Silgranit Sink, Biscuit
Hafele Food Pedals
Miele Futura Dimension

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decopauge outlet kitchen
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(Almost) final reveal

posted by: IliN on 11.18.2013 at 05:52 pm in Kitchens Forum

We still have a few things to do but I have had a few people ask to see my Shiloh beaded inset cabinets with Misty Carrera Caesarstone, so here are a few photos! I still need to decorate the room, I need runners, a rug for under the table, new counter stools and pictures on the walls.

Here are some befores:
(We took down a wall where the laundry/mudroom was to make the kitchen bigger)

 photo oldkitchen1.jpeg

 photo oldkitchen.jpg

 photo oldkitchen2.jpeg

 photo oldkitchen.jpeg

 photo zDSC_4491.jpg

 photo zDSC_4495.jpg

 photo zDSC_4493.jpg

 photo zDSC_4519.jpg

 photo zDSC_4503.jpg

 photo zDSC_4502.jpg

 photo zDSC_4504.jpg

 photo zDSC_4515.jpg

 photo zDSC_4511.jpg

 photo zDSC_4530.jpg

 photo zDSC_4528.jpg

 photo zDSC_4537.jpg

Pantry pocket door
 photo zDSC_4499.jpg

Pantry inside (excuse the mess)
 photo zDSC_4524.jpg

 photo zDSC_4523.jpg

 photo zDSC_4506.jpg

Some detail shots...

 photo zDSC_4542.jpg

 photo zDSC_4540.jpg

 photo zDSC_4492.jpg

Oh and here are the befores! We took down the wall and moved the laundry upstairs, the island was 2 ft before and now it's almost 8.

 photo kitchenbefore.png

 photo beforebreakfast.png

ETA info:

Cabinets: Shiloh Arctic white beaded inset, door style Aspen

Countertops: Caesarstone Misty Carrera

Hardware: Restoration Hardware Gilmore pulls and Aubrey knobs

Tile: Florida tile Berkshire, 6x24 in Hickory

Backsplash: Suprema gloss brick, color touch of gray porcelain hand painted tile

Wall color: Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray

Pendants: Pottery Barn brushed nickel pendant (these were a steal!! Under 80$ each as opposed to the benson pendant at RH which is closer to 300$ each)

Faucet: Hansgrohe high arc pull down spray in stainless steel

Fridge: Subzero

Induction Cooktop: GE 5 burner profile

All other appliances are whirlpool

Pantry shelves and cart all ikea which totalled under $120!! I love that they are open and I can see everything.

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Shiloh aspen in white
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RE: Shiloh cabinets installed (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: badgergal on 02.03.2013 at 07:50 pm in Kitchens Forum

Here are your pics

Before photo photo IMG_1756_zpsc2a7a2bb.jpg
Before photo photo IMG_1752_zpsa4717a61.jpg
 photo IMG_1750_zps08530742.jpg

Bordeaux River granite photo IMG_0705_zpsa205fdcb.jpg
Aspen door photo IMG_0687_zps64848c34.jpg
After Photo photo IMG_1771_zps89642e3c.jpg
After Photo photo IMG_1775_zpsfaada418.jpg
After Photo photo IMG_1777_zpsb83de032.jpg

Fantastic transformation. Love the warmth you achieved with a white kitchen. Your granite is gorgeous.


White shiloh "aspen" door, river bordeaux granite, crackle green backsplash
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RE: I may have found the perfect backsplash for me! Opinions, pl (Follow-Up #11)

posted by: inspiredisabel on 12.19.2013 at 06:48 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hello! I guess I never checked back in but was contacted to post a finished picture. Truth be told, if I could do it over again I would use my subway tile in a herringbone pattern in the insert nice the range. Ha.


white cabinet, shaker plus
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RE: Show me your Stained Wood Cabinets with Wood Floors (Follow-Up #16)

posted by: boysrus2 on 07.17.2009 at 07:46 pm in Kitchens Forum

Most of my kitchen is stained (cabs, trim, wainscotting in adjoining breakfast room and family room) with the only exceptions being the island and china hutch.



wood cabinets and painted white hutch; orca with lady grohe
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Shaker Quartersawn Oak, 1908 Foursquare Kitchen Remodel Complete

posted by: davetz1 on 10.04.2009 at 10:46 pm in Kitchens Forum

Our summer kitchen remodel is complete in our 1908 Foursquare home. We opted for somewhat of a period-true design along with flsuh inset cabinets.
Many thanks to members here for posting, input and ideas. Special mention to kitchenkelly for her banquette design and photos.
Let me know what you think and thanks for looking!

Here are the details:
60% DIY (Demo, electrical, plumbing, paint, finish trim, tile, knobs and pulls)

Timeline: Summer 2008 - design finalized; July 1, 2009 -groundbreaking; July 22, 2009 - first meal in kitchen, appliances back in; early September, 2009 - finish details such as trim, backsplash, counters, knobs and pulls complete.

Cabinets: custom built stained Quartersawn Oak
Counters: Zodiaq Woodland Grey with integral runnels (drainboard)
Sink: Franke OAX-110 Super Single
Faucet: Kohler Forte (ebay)
Back Door and Transom (Fullview with operable
blinds): Thermatru
Casement Window: Anderson
Appliances: various Stainless steel - Amana, GE (counter depth fridge)
Range Hood: Vent-a-Hood PRH-9130-SS (ebay)
Lighting: Sconces - Schoolhouse Lighting Hand Painted Emory
Pendant and Semi-flush - Rejuvenation
Undercabinet lights - American Lighting Brushed
Fan: Emerson Atomical Brushed Steel (ebay)
Speakers: Bose 190 In-Ceiling with independant volume controls
White Plugmold
Knobs and Pulls: Lee Valley Antique Pewter
Doorknobs: VanDyke's Restorer's Octagon Knobs with Brushed Nickel Backplates
Backsplsh Tile: Dirk Elliott Breeze Subway Tile
Decorative Insert Tile (in upper cabinets): Motawi 6"X6" Mountain and Valley Landscape tiles
Banquette: Custom design based on kitchenkelly's and Crownpoint's (painted maple and stained oak), self built
Drawer slides: Blum Tandem self close/soft close undermount
Door hinges: Blum with Soft Close

Without Further adieu, the photos:





Packing up

Our temporary sink - lots of takeout, no paper plates!


Drywall finishing

Floors refinished

Cabinet installation

First meal cooked in the new kitchen - from the Farmer's Market

Counter installation

My little helper

Backsplash complete

Backsplash with Plugmold and Undercabinet Lights

Leaded Glass Window Insert

Motawi Tiles

Banquette, Fridge, Microwave

Overall Southwest Aerial View

Here is a link that might be useful: For the whole set of photos - check out the website and slideshow


quartersawn oak
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Help�.first look at granite shop and I am so confused!!

posted by: Carol.33 on 12.16.2013 at 11:00 pm in Kitchens Forum

So the house is coming along really well�. drywall in and almost ready to paint, flooring and kitchen cabinets picked out. Cabinets will be shaker style quarter sawn oak in a light stain, island is dark cream color with a little distressing, floors are character hickory with a light stain. Cabinet maker asked us to go to the granite shop today to get an idea of what we wanted. I went in with such confidence that I would surely find the perfect granite. That did not happen!

I saw only 2 types of granite that I really liked�. and they couldn't be any more different! The first was Typhoon Bordeaux. There were a couple of slabs of it that we did not like, but we liked this one because of the blue/grey in it�.
Typhoon Bordeaux photo IMG_1837_zpsd96380d5.jpg
it looked good with both the oak and the island color. It was still on the truck and hard to get a picture of it with the samples.

The second one was River White. It was a very pretty stone, looked good with the oak, but not with the island color.
 photo IMG_1842_zpsbc335cf8.jpg
So then we thought that if we go with the River White, maybe we should scrap the plan to have a painted island and have it made in the oak too. Or change to a different color for it. Or go back to the Typhoon. Or scrap them both and look for something else. And on and on and I AM SO CONFUSED!
Please help me to decide what to do because the cabinet maker wants a decision.


River white granite with quarter sawn oak
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Crackle tile backsplash

posted by: marthastoo on 12.12.2013 at 06:39 pm in Kitchens Forum

Our backsplash went in yesterday/today and we're in looooove. It's Encore crackle tile in mint. What's interesting is that the color is so hard to capture. It's taupe with a hint of mossy green. There's sparkle when you get up close and of course, there's that beautiful variation when you get hand-painted tiles. We also love how the tile picks up the same hue of greenish brownish gray in the island that is also hard to describe and capture in a photograph.

 photo backsplash2_zps569e6775.jpg
pic of the tile during the late afternoon - no flash

 photo backsplash3_zps3245ef39.jpg
pic of the whole room at night - no flash

 photo backsplash_zps6042f173.jpg
close up of tile - you can see the sunlight hitting the tile

We have had so many problems during this reno, and literally for every single job that required tile (hall bath, powder, laundry and kitchen), the tile store miscalculated and we were short and had to reorder. I stressed to the sales associate that I didn't want to be short on this special order of Encore tile that took 7 weeks to come in. We literally did not have a single regular tile left at the end of the job :/ (we did have 4 bull noses left though). Then the SA got snippy with me when I had to order more of the laundry room tile, saying it's not their responsibility to calculate square footage for tile. Oh really? It's not like that's what they do all day. ::eye roll:: (but I digress...)


encore crackle tile in mint
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RE: Why Do People Put Outlets in the Backsplash? (Follow-Up #39)

posted by: beaglesdoitbetter on 11.16.2012 at 02:20 am in Kitchens Forum

I am one who was absolutely fanatical about no visible outlets. We just put boxes under our cabinets because I didn't feel like paying for plugmold and I will never ever have appliances out on my counter (we have an appliance cabinet, they are in there).

Here are our boxes under our cabinets:

In areas where there were no upper cabinets, I also hid outlets inside of side panels of adjacent cabinets. The cover is held on w/ a magnet and from a distance, you really cannot see that the outlets are there:



We did run plugmold strips under our island because people may plug in laptops and stuff when sitting at the island:


outlet under island
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RE: Very Shallow Cabinet For Glassware? (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: plllog on 07.02.2010 at 02:40 am in Kitchens Forum

You mean other than in my house? Except the counter part. I have a full depth counter across the way. I'd be scared of that narrow a counter in a passage, especailly for something as easily knocked over as wine. How about setting a couple of wine chillers into the counter so that you can put the bottle in and use the chiller for leverage as you pull. And to keep the bottle from going flying.

Mine are 8.375" deep exterior dimension. Interior they're 7" deep, which is plenty for two goblets or flutes, or one oversized goblet or balloon. I also have mugs and teacups in the lowers, and small items like butter dishes and cruets. Things fit better and more securely staggered, but they can fit doubled.

I don't have any finished pictures yet. Here's one from during the construction. The trick to making these work in a passage is NO KNOBS. I have pressure latches on all of the doors, with magnets. They're very secure and work with the 170� Blum hinges. People inevitably bump into the cupboards. Knobs would grab, poke, scratch, etc., and if they got hung up in clothes they'd pull the cupboard open, exposing the contents to flailing limbs. If someone bumps into the pressure latched door it only opens half an inch or so and the magnets hang onto it until you pull on purpose. This model has two springs/two magnets per latch, which makes it doubly secure--when one gets sprung or something the other holds.

For similar reasons, I advise against open shelves on the lowers. The cookbooks would be fine, but it's not a secure place for bottles.



shallow wall of cabinets with glass top
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My new finished kitchen! pic heavy

posted by: cindyandmocha on 08.02.2010 at 08:53 pm in Kitchens Forum

Warning, this is long and pic heavy. I am soooo glad to finally be back in the kitchen.

Here's a slide-show of my old ratty kitchen that I HATED... Kitchen/?a lbumview=slideshow


And here are some pics of the new kitchen. I love it. There are still a couple of finishing touches to be completed, but I'm getting there.

View from the Den entry


Ladylux Plus Faucet doubles as a prep faucet and pot filler with the 360 degree swivel, but its too close to the sink edge. So we're replacing this faucet with the Ladylux 3 prep faucet.

View toward the den. Am loving the double ovens from KA with Steam Assist.



I am loving all of the drawer storage. Also, what looks like 2 doors on the island to the right of the cooktop is actually a double trash pullout. No more doggies surfing for snacks.


Love the drawers under the cooktop, and enjoying cooking with propane on the new Miele cooktop. Now I need some decent knives.


Everyone wondered what a "mockett" was..


I worried about switching to a single bowl instead of doubles, but this is a great change for us.


The Miele coffee-maker is one of my favorite things now. We got a floor display model pretty cheap. Also the 2nd drawer down is bread storage.


Over the oven dividers are great..


Loving the pull-out corner unit.


This was our huge find - the GE Monogram fridge at the Sears outlet for less than half price. The microwave came from Amazon Warehouse.


The pantry idea was the best idea we had. We got a ton of space back by going between the wall studs. The unit only eats up 3 inches of floor space, but is 7 inches deep when open.

only 3 inches from wall


2 soup cans deep

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen/?albumview=slideshow


similiar layout
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RE: to bead board or not a small powder room (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: just_julie on 09.24.2010 at 10:43 am in Bathrooms Forum

Beadboarding covered with a good paint is very easy to keep clean. We used Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo in white and up top we went with BM Rumba Orange... white ceiling and crown moulding (installed upside down). The room is 5 1/2 by little over 5 but it doesn't really feel cramped when you're in there. The 9 ft ceilings might help. We get comments about it being 'stimulating' but not a tight fit. :)

Not everyone's taste, of course, but we love it. Everything was planned around a poster from a concert my husband and I attended.. we had an empty frame made and inserted a mirror so both pieces match. Disregard the fixtures, those are being changed next month.


Powder room color?
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Finished Kitchen

posted by: ImaginarySister on 08.27.2013 at 09:44 pm in Kitchens Forum

The kitchen is finished! It took about 6 weeks. We had the entire first floor refinished and hardwood installed in the kitchen, removed the wall separating the kitchen from the dining room.

Shiloh Cabinets
Lapidus Gold Granite
Leland Faucet
Silgranit Metallic Gray Sink
Sharp Microwave Drawer
Bosch 800 Plus Dishwasher
Electrolux Refrigerator and Slide In Range
Tile is 4 x 8 Imperial Bone Crazed

Here is a link that might be useful: Flickr Link: Before,Demo, During


quarter sawn oak gold granite
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RE: Medium-dark countertop on 18 inch depth vanity- OK or strange (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: cat_mom on 07.16.2011 at 09:11 am in Bathrooms Forum

Maybe add other dark items/decor; a medium-dark vanity instead of the white.

Our guest bathroom is long and narrow. It was originally a 1/2 bath with a wall mounted 17" sink and a toilet. We added a shower stall at the back end of the room and had a 18.5-19" deep (31.5" wide) vanity made (modeled after the Sonia Europa, we bought the Sonia sinktop that fits that vanity).

Our vanity is dark and the sinktop is white. It's the opposite of what you're looking to do, but here are some pics to show what we did with our long narrow bathroom:

Outside looking in

Side wall pic 2

Another view into the bathroom

Custom vanity with Sonia sink


thin vanity backsplash, vertical tile
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RE: What kind of shelves/bars do you have in your tub/shower comb (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: mabeldingeldine on 04.05.2013 at 03:32 pm in Bathrooms Forum

I bit the bullet for the "designer" grab bars. We installed 2, one near the fixture wall to hold onto upon stepping in or out, and another on the long wall. Very handy when I pulled a hamstring while painting the bathroom!



These grab bars are stainless and I hope won't leave rust stains. In addition, they are handy places to hang a washcloth or towel. I also strongly urge you to consider a curved rod for the shower curtain, it makes it much roomier in the shower.


Grab bar in bathtub -- looks like towel bars
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RE: Kids' Bathroom - DONE! Subway tile w/contemp. sliding glass d (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: artteacher_nj on 01.06.2013 at 11:58 am in Bathrooms Forum

Floor- anthracite tile


anthracite tile bathroom
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Photos of modest bathroom before and after

posted by: belasea on 01.26.2013 at 08:43 pm in Bathrooms Forum

Hi - I want to thank everyone for posting their pictures and answering so many questions. I disliked this bathroom so much. The grout was in horrible shape and I couldn't get it clean. It looked horrible! We were trying to make it one more year before remodeling this bathroom, but the shower faucet broke causing us to remodel quickly. We are still waiting for a glass shelf to be installed in the niche. We moved the shower head to the other side of the wall which was our contractor's idea. We're glad he suggested it because it's now feels much more open and we can turn on the water without being under it.

The sink and toilet were fairly new, so we reused them. Honestly, I would have picked a different toilet if I knew we were remodeling so soon, but before we knew we were remodeling, we managed to crack the entire toilet while trying to change the handle, hence this toilet. Not crazy about the toilet, but it's fine for now. We still have our master bathroom to do! :)

Tub - Americh Turo 60x32x18
Shower - White subway tile with honed mini brick marble accent tile and pencil liner.
Floor - 3inch hexagon honed marble
Sink/vanity - Lowe's
Faucets - Graff, Canterbury collection
Towel Train Rack - Pottery Barn
Medicine Chest - Pottery Barn - Vintage Recessed Medicine Cabinet
Lights - Home Depot with antique vianne glass shades from our old light fixtures
Paint - Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

The new frameless shower door is fixed. We needed a downward shower arm to take a shower without water getting out. I put a paper towel outside while I took a shower this morning and verified that all the water was staying in, minus a 3 - 5 drops of water which I can live with, especially since the bath rug will be there. We like the open feel much more than the old shower doors.

The pictures were taken with my phone and are a little dark, but here they are...

 photo IMG_0803_zps6511dc29.jpg

 photo IMG_0898_zpsb77ac93d.jpg

 photo photo-3_zps16b9df8d.jpg

 photo IMG_0889_zpsec55b88c.jpg

 photo IMG_0892_zpsf506814e.jpg

 photo IMG_0895_zps485abebe.jpg

 photo IMG_0897_zpsdd941313.jpg

 photo photo-2_zps57b93a8f.jpg

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tiling for bathtub
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B & W checkerboard/subway tile kids' bath

posted by: hoffman on 01.13.2008 at 08:43 pm in Bathrooms Forum








Kohler Memoirs toilet & sink
Kohler pinstripe faucets & accessories
Kohler villager tub (the only one that would fit)
Rejuvenation medicine cabinet, pushbutton switches & light fixtures
Daltile subway tile & black liners
marble mosaic checkerboard floor tile
Pottery Barn Kids towels & shower curtain
BM "white satin" paint
Nero Marquina (black) marble windowsill


bathroom ceiling tile; marble window sill
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Choose my backsplash!

posted by: LongTimeLurker on 11.15.2013 at 09:41 am in Kitchens Forum

First, thank you to every GWer who has ever shared an idea, a photo, or an opinion--I've probably read it and it's probably helped me. In the middle of complete kitchen reno and need to choose backsplash.

The look we're trying to go for is what I'd call traditional. So far we've chosen pretty much everything except backsplash, which I would love help with, but I'm not thrilled with the wall color I chose either so if anyone has an opinion there please share...

Cabinets are antique white with glaze:
 photo cabinetdoor_zpse01a17db.jpg

Lady's Choice granite:
 photo ladyschoicegranite_zps51bcd5b5.jpg

ORB pulls:
 photo pulls_zpsbc2a337c.jpg

Also oil rubbed bronze faucet:
 photo betterpicfaucet_zpsbd56caba.jpg

Floor is hardwood. Not finished yet so if anyone has an opinion about how dark to stain I'd love to hear it, but we're getting the floors in the whole house refinished so I'd want them to match, thus confining kitchen floor to some sort of medium shade. Here's a sample of what might happen:
 photo hardwood-floor_zps137b860a.jpg

Walls. I chose Sherwin Williams sweet orange and it's up there now. It's maybe too light? Too much like a baby pink? The granite has some pink in it so I thought it'd be good but now I think it's too much. Don't want a kitchen the color of a little girl's nursery! It should be a warm color, and not too dark as the floors will be dark, but I screwed up with this shade. Would welcome opinions on this too!
 photo paintSWsweetorange_zpsf6b4042d.jpg

Appliances and sink are stainless steel.

Guess I'd say I don't like the super tiny tiles/mosaic look; other than that I'm counting on you guys to choose for me!


lady's dream granite (green, red, beige)
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RE: Toe kick drawers - worth it or a waste? (Follow-Up #14)

posted by: igloochic on 02.12.2011 at 10:10 pm in Kitchens Forum

I have always loved loves :) But here are mine anyhoo..



The ugly mat is gone (DH kept taking it out of the trash so I fed it to a moose):
These are touch open:


By the way, the space is sealed. You're not just sliding the drawer into an open abyss (at least not in mine). No mice (not to mention, if you have that big of an issue with mice they're in your lower and upper cabinets as well likely).

She likes them:


toe kick drawer for platter
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RE: Toe kick drawers - worth it or a waste? (Follow-Up #7)

posted by: loves2cook4six on 02.12.2011 at 03:14 pm in Kitchens Forum

I have them as well and love them too However, my cabinets were custom built and the toe kick area of the cabinets was incorporated into the bottom drawers making them deeper.

This is my can storage

Can Storage

and this is how they look from the side:


Excuse the dust, these were taken during construction. These open by just hooking your toe under the trim and pulling. You can push them shut with your foot as well.


pantry storage with built in toe kick
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Natural Cherry Reveal - Photo Heavy

posted by: lucas_tx on 11.01.2013 at 12:12 am in Kitchens Forum

All finished except for one blank spot for a piece of art that needs to be framed. Learned a lot by reading everyone else's trials and tribulations, so thanks for the great experience.

First a quick overview of the space, then all the explanations. (Edited to add these as I realized the wide shots were missing.

 photo IMG_0477_zps67c4b4f7.jpg

 photo IMG_0478_zps318efde5.jpg

 photo IMG_0476_zpsc00dbeab.jpg

I'm going to do this reveal a little differently, I'd like to demonstrate what I wanted changed and how we did them, because that fascinates me in other people's reveals. I'll also talk about a few things we elected not to do.

We had several major goals:
1. Open the area over the sink to be able to see out
2. Move the cooktop to get some space for prep between it and the sink
3. Get the fridge out of the corner so both doors can open all the way
4. Make the opening to the kitchen bigger so next time we need a fridge we don't have to scour the Internet looking for a small enough fridge to get in the door
5. Make the opening to the dining room bigger to be able to run both tables lengthwise from the DR through to the nook for holiday feasts.

Everything else was gravy! (sorry couldn't resist)..

1. View from sink. Note the combination of soffits and 15" uppers, which we had throughout the kitchen, cabinets started at eye level and I'm reasonably tall.
 photo IMG_0212.jpg


 photo IMG_0436_zpsfd446359.jpg

2. Cooktop was very close to sink no rep space

See above for before, the black square on the left is the corner of the cooktop and in this photo the sink starts in the bottom right corner.

 photo IMG_0211.jpg


 photo IMG_0437_zps51bc8449.jpg

3, 4, 5.Former floor plan

 photo kitchenfloorplan_meaus.jpg

New layout. NO CORNER CABS! Yeah!

 photo Cabinetlayout_zps685a36e2.jpg

Opening up the DR, sorry for all the demo mess.

 photo IMG_0495_zps5c117f22.jpg

Old fridge location (sorry out of focus)
 photo IMG_0430_zps0497cb31.jpg

New fridge location
 photo IMG_0826_zpse015985d.jpg

Things we did that others would probably consider crazy:

1. Kept the angled sink wall which we actually like, works with the rest of the house and we didn't want to chop up our slab.

2. Got rid of a wall oven and downdraft cooktop and got a range. Wanted the counter space and a range made sense and saved $$ on appliances. There is no gas service in our neighborhood so gas wasn't an option. Would have considered induction but DH didn't want to get new pots/pans and spend the extra $$ so I'm fine with the smooth top. Big improvement over the previous coils! (more on the applicances later).

3. Put in an OTR (closely related to #2 above)

4. Kept our two level counter tops. I love that you can't see the cooking mess when you are not in the kitchen

5. Pull out faucet. Didn't want a big pull down poking up in the opening and also the chief dishwasher did not like them or want one. Never argue with the dishwasher about the dishwashing set up.

6. Trash and recycle under the sink. Works great in a 2 person household, YMMV.

Things we simply elected not to use:

1. Air switch-we have a switch very close but rarely use the GD as we are on septic, so it just didn't appeal

2. Soap dispenser-DH said he wanted his soap bottle and since he does clean up, who was I to argue?


Cabinets-Barker Cabinets RTA Natural Cherry assembled and installed DIY

Floors-Bella Cerra San Pietro Walnut (engineered)

Backsplash-Ann Sacks 2x12" glass subway Lucian collection slate

Grout-Fusion Pro Linen
Counters-Golden Cascade granite (Africa range)

Hardware-Liberty bow pulls DH picked up at big box because he got tired of waiting for me to find some I liked

UCL-New Utilitech LEDs from Lowes, reasonably cheap (for LED) and we like them a lot

LIghting-Cree LEDs from HD, these are the semiflush that mount in a 4" junction box. We would have had to struggle to get cans in.

Chandeliers-Nuvo Lighting Keen collection

Sink-Blanco Silgranite Super Single Precis-Truffle

Faucet-Rugby F2 all stainless

Paint-Benjamin Moore Pale Oak in Kitchen, nook and DR, Cedar Key in family room and mud/laundry room. Cloud white trim and ceilings

Trash pullouts-Ikea for $20 each

Appliances-Kept the 2 yr old fridge we had, everything else LG.

Range LSE3092ST. Love it. Wanted knobs in the front and the clean slide in look. They call this a slide in but technically it's more free standing as it has no lip over the counters. That was fine with me. LOVE the huge oven and has a small oven below.

OTR MW-LMH2016ST This is a 400 cfm with the extenda vent which is why I selected it. It is vented to the outside. Vent is not super loud but not quiet and works great. MW itself is great

DW-LDF8072ST This is LG's top of the line which we got b/c of a big rebate on the package of three. Love that many of the tines fold down, I really liked the flexibility my old Maytag had and though a lot of the newer DWs were very inflexible. Super quiet, can't tell when it's running at all.

And all the LG's sing little songs to talk to you, no buzzers or bells. The oven sings and flashes its lights when it hits temp when preheating. It makes me smile every time I see that.

OK Here we go:
From the kitchen through the nook to the backyard

 photo IMG_0213.jpg

Had to take this one very early morning to avoid glare. The glass was fogged so we had it replaced and in doing so did away with the muntins and we're very happy with the look.

 photo IMG_0468_zpsabaff8e7.jpg


 photo IMG_0215.jpg

 photo IMG_0440_zps4a76e395.jpg

Old counter seating area in nook
 photo IMG_0216.jpg

Added storage the nook, extended the counter around the corner and moved the seating there. Seating is only for when we entertain and someone wants to chat with the cook.

 photo IMG_0444_zps27944eea.jpg

DW Wall minus counters, toe kick and backsplash (somehow missed getting the finished product on this one)

 photo IMG_0807_zps22b0a7b6.jpg

 photo IMG_0457_zpsfc702018.jpg

Dish drawer next to DW

 photo IMG_0456_zpscfdff6cf.jpg

Counter runs on DW Wall

 photo IMG_0446_zpsc4b319ff.jpg

 photo IMG_0447_zpsb31c80d9.jpg

 photo IMG_0438_zps90691d46.jpg

Sink. Love the super single!

 photo IMG_0458_zpsf0d5131a.jpg


 photo IMG_0459_zps4e3247dd.jpg

Trash and recycle pullouts

 photo IMG_0465_zps3d27f8d1.jpg

Range/MW Wall

 photo IMG_0435_zpsd2589a68.jpg

Around to the other side. The back wall is blank and needs the aforementioned art work added.

30" deep base next to fridge. This is the only 3 drawer stack I have and I can't really imagine needing very many drawers this tall. Deep counter top is great for the Breville.

 photo IMG_0434_zpse41750b2.jpg

More drawers than you can imagine. This one can even hold a spare oven rack

 photo IMG_0455_zps96c2e95c.jpg

One of the two tall drawers

 photo IMG_0475_zps7dc3a583.jpg

Over the fridge vertical storage and pullout. This is a 30" deep cab so the very back is wasted space but I'm OK with that. The uprights are actually the expandable IKEA pot lid holders. I saw on here recently that someone else had figured out to repurpose them to make cheap adjustable uprights. Great minds think alike!

 photo IMG_0451_zpse971c825.jpg

This post is getting very large. I'm going to end it and start a response.

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vertical tray storage above fridge; trash under sink
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RE: Inset vs. Overlay cabinets (Follow-Up #27)

posted by: romy718 on 10.07.2013 at 09:54 pm in Kitchens Forum

AGK2003, I never responded to your question, "what is a bead". This is Michelle16's kitchen again (I love her kitchen). She has inset cabinets with a bead. The bead is the trim piece around the frame of the cabinet. Also, you can see she has baseboard molding on her island.
If you look closely at the drawers, you can see the molding detail in her flat panel cabinet. There are multiple different options for flat panel cabinets, making them either traditional, contemporary or transitional.
Lots of stuff to obsess about, which can make you TKO, totally kitchen obsessed.


inset with bead
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RE: iphone charging station (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: jm_seattle on 11.14.2013 at 01:56 am in Kitchens Forum

We did ours with standard outlets in a drawer - less commitment and works with every device.


charging station in drawer
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