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Cost of installing a portable generator?

posted by: hayden2 on 05.28.2013 at 02:19 pm in Heating & Air Conditioning Forum

We live in NJ and so we've decided to install a generator. We've decided on a propane powered portable model.

1) Is it better to buy 2 3,000 watt generators, or one 6 - 7,000 watt generator? If we get two of the smaller models, the pro's are we wouldn't pay to get the electrical panel installed, and we'd double our chances of having at least one of the generators working if the one conked out. The cons are dealing with multiple units instead of one, and we'd have wires strung throughout the house, which is problematic.

2) We looked into getting the single, larger generator with an electrical panel. We contacted two reputable electricians who've both been around our town 20 years or so, with good references. One quoted 1,200 for installation and labor, while the other quoted 600 for installation and labor. I don't understand such a large difference.

Please share your thoughts.


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