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Quickie tutorials for the forum

posted by: bestlawn on 01.11.2008 at 04:09 pm in Kitchen Table Forum

Let's make tutorials of the various things people ask to do, such as posting pictures. Sue's idea to place the old woman thread in the gallery was a great one. Even though we don't have an FAQ section, these tutorials can stay in the gallery for quite a while at least. They will be there so we don't have to write them over and again, and no one has to be ashamed to ask.

All who wish to know about a technique, please post so we don't miss anything. All suggestions welcome. I don't want to hog the thread, so please contribute methods for making bold, italics, and underlining text, changing text size, posting pictures, posting hot links, anything you can think and contribute.

I'll begin with the method for hiding text.

Image Hosted by

To see the words that are between the two tags, the reader will have to select the area of white space, so be sure to instruct them where to select.

Select the white space below this sentence.
This text is white

It happens to be the background of this board is white. Therefore, by making your text white, it does not show up because it's the same color as the background. Selecting makes it visible because the it highlights the block of text.

You can change the color of one word, several words, a sentence, a paragraph, the whole post, or individual words intermittently. Just place the opening tag at the beginning and the closing tag wherever you want the hidden text to end. If you want intermittent words hidden, you will need the opening and closing tags for each word.

This is the same method for making text any other color you want it to be. Instead of white, you can use any color - red, blue, green, pink, purple, and so on. If you know the hex code for a color or variation of color, you can use that instead of the word or instead of the shade of color your browser interprets the word to be.



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