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WANTED: yarn in exchange for seeds

posted by: woodsidetrader on 08.26.2013 at 07:07 pm in Garden Exchange Forum

Breast Cancer Support Services is starting a craft garden program for patients getting chemo & their care givers. By providing yarn, hooks, needles and patterns we will be giving patients something to occupy their hands and minds while undergoing chemo. The supplies will be available in the infusion rooms at local hospitals. Finish flowers can be taken home or left to brighten up the infusion rooms.
If you have any yarn (not musty please. chemo patients and very sensitive to smell) crochet hooks, knitting needles left over from a project - you know, been saving 'just in case' we can put those items to good use.
I will personally trade seeds from my stash to get yarn and supplies for the project. Can you Help ?!?!?


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