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why does no one make a countertop i like?

posted by: snrub on 05.14.2008 at 09:53 pm in Kitchens Forum

no one but no one makes a countertop material that fits all of the following criteria

1. isn't granite (cf. granite)
2. isn't trying to look like granite (cf. all solid surface materials: corian, meganite, avonite, wilsonart, silestone, etc.)
3. isn't polished all shiny like granite
4. isn't high-maintenance or fragile (cf. fireslate, paperstone, concrete, soapstone, formica)

look, all i want is a countertop -- a plain charcoal gray matte expanse. no sparkly bits. no big huge seams and variations. not highly polished. not going to have an imprint of the first lemon i leave on there for 10 minutes. not going to be all spotty around the sink where it's wet a lot.

and the thing that ticks me off most of all is that most solid surface countertops fit that bill except that they all are trying to look like granite, and i don't like speckly sparkly patterned stuff.

this is a large purchase (obviously, with the amount of time everyone spends discussing it on here) and i've been looking for months and nothing but nothing fits the bill.

for a while i was high on paperstone, which has exactly the look and feel i want -- until i spoke to a current owner (referred to me by the store) who says it marks where it sits wet.

i thought there was a silestone for me, until i saw it in person and it was much muddier browner gray than i wanted. (plus it's ungodly expensive)

i thought i could pull off soapstone, but i don't think there's a plain enough piece for me, without all the seams and marks.

i thought i could live with absolute black honed granite, but both my wife and i don't like the feel when you put a glass down on a stone counter.

i thought that wilsonart's 'graphite mirage' would work, but now i fear it's too sparkly (going to see some tomorrow).

i have to make a decision and soon, like within the next day or two. and i've been waffling about this for months, looking for something that will work. i'm on the verge of going back to formica.

ok that's it, really. i don't expect much of a response, but just felt like venting where someone might get what i'm talking about.

oh, and if anyone has a wilsonart 'graphite mirage' countertop, can you let me know if it's sparkly? and how shiny/polished it is? thanks.


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Anyone have the 9 light Prairie Style Windows?

posted by: ideamom on 05.09.2007 at 01:51 am in Building a Home Forum

Looking for pics of homes with the 9 light Prairie Style Windows...anyone here have pics I can see?


Prairie window illustrations
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