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New Bathtub drain completely clogged

posted by: guatnut on 09.02.2007 at 02:56 pm in Bathrooms Forum

Our contractor's plumber just connected the drain to our new tub. This was done after the tub was grouted and tiled in place. The water was also connected and when tested, the tub did not drain at all. This is not just a slow drain...there is NO draining at all. Our contractor, bless his heart, indicates that this must be a pre-existing condition. It is not. The original tub drained perfectly well. Why he didn't test the drainage before tiling/grouting the tub in place is beyond comprehension. The original drain had to be moved about 3 feet to accomondate the new tub. We replaced the old one only because it was a corner unit, installed by previous owners, that was too large for the space. The new drain has been snaked with no results at all. I wasn't home when they snaked the drain but it is obvious (because of the scratches) that they went through the clean-out. Also, due to all the snaking and plunging...there is now a 1/4" crack in the acrylic next to the drain and several more scratches. While cleaning up and bailing out the tub after they left, I found several small particles of black plastic in the plunged water. Could this clog be caused by construction debris, or maybe a clogged/capped vent? Is this a situation where we have to go and sue the contractor since he has given up and told us we need to take (and pay for )more drastic measures? Please, any advice is appreciated!!


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