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Stucto-lite Questions

posted by: julienola on 05.15.2006 at 10:25 am in Old House Forum

Is Structo-lite supposed to be brittle once it dries? And is it supposed to feel like sand? I used the substance to plaster a portion of my ceiling and noticed that the end result is hard and grainy--not powdery and smooth like the old horse hair plaster that covers the rest of the ceiling and walls in the room. Am I going to be able to nail wood trim onto the ceiling or will it crack?

Also, how do I know for certain that keys are being formed? I mixed the structo-lite with water until the texture was a little runnier than peanut-butter, wet the lathe with a spray bottle, then pressed the mixture onto the wood lathe until I achieved a desired thickness.

Finally, can anyone tell me what to use for the second/final coat? Can I use structo-lite again, or can I use a premixed plaster patch that comes in a white, plastic container?

Any help will be much appreciated.


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