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To wick or not to wick

posted by: greenwood85 on 05.04.2009 at 04:14 pm in Container Gardening Forum

This thread is for Al and all his followers. A few weeks ago I got into a discussion about drainage with Al. Someone had asked how many holes to drill in the bottom of a container. I said the more holes the better, Al said one hole with a wick. And the discussion began.

I have a ton of respect for Al, I just have a hard time believing that a pot with 20 holes would not drain better than a pot with 1 hole. So I have devised an experiment.

I planted three Roma tomato seedlings in identical soil. The seedlings were from the same pack of seeds and were the same size when transplanted. They will be staying on the same feeding schedule though I expect their watering schedules to be different. The variable is the pots. One pot has no wick and many holes, one pot has a wick with one hole, and the last one has a wick with many holes. My hypothesis is that the seedling in the pot with a wick and many holes will drain better thus resulting in a more impressive plant with a higher yield than the other two. I will also be interested to see if the pot with no wick but a lot of holes out performs the one wick one hole plant. Let the experiment begin.

If I ever get the ingredients for Al's mix together I will definitely be doing a side by side test on it as well.

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