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Stove glass cleaner?

posted by: theplayer on 12.13.2005 at 08:37 am in Fireplaces Forum

Is there a product out there that can be wiped on the glass to stop staining? My wood burning stove windows stain up during every fire even when a decent fire is going. I have been cleaning with a product called "Bar Keeper's Friend" which is mild and states is for porcelain. It cleans well, but there are always spots that need to be scrubbed and now I'm wondering if maybe the product is causing the glass to stain easier.


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epoxy flooring for basement??experiences

posted by: elenal on 03.18.2006 at 11:36 am in Basements Forum

Hi: Having just abandoned trying to paint my concrete basement floor (long story, not interesting), I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with epoxy flooring in the basement (the kind that consists of various colored fine sand-like granules). This is a below-grade basement with an old, rough, concrete floor that in many places has the residue from the adhesive from the old linoleum that used to cover the basement floor. I'm looking to have the basement floor look clean and fresh, be easy to mop in the future, and do all of this on a budget--that's it. It is a utility basement, not a family room of any sort. Thanks for sharing any insight into this product.


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Ideas on organizing mudroom, pics included...

posted by: diginthedirt17 on 04.22.2008 at 08:43 am in Organizing the Home Forum

Good Morning,
I don't usually post on this forum but I do read your messages weekly for inspiration! I'm hoping you can offer some guidance as to how to organize our mudroom.

Last weekend we painted and tiled the room, but it still needs major organizational help! I'm ashamed to even post these pictures, but this is how the room looks on most days.

We need storage for shoes, bags (totes, purses), coats, etc. I would like a long row of hooks on the wall where the small cubby is located, but then I am stumped as to how to organize the rest.

I am open to any and all ideas! I have little children so something that is easy for them would also be helpful. Any thoughts?

Thank you in advance!

Wall #1:


Wall #2



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What is the next best thing after Marvin Ultimates?

posted by: raymommy on 07.21.2010 at 01:37 pm in Windows Forum

After reading through this forum, I'm convinced Marvin Ultimate is the way to go. However it is coming out to $80K for my new construction in NJ. Its a bit too steep for us. I can't seem to make up my mind what the next best thing is as I sift through all the posts in this forum! Please help.

Would you consider Integrity? Someone told us Anderson just debuted a new line of windows at some show - anyone have details/thoughts? We were pretty sure we were going to go with Pella - until I started reading this forum!

Any advice/input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Window discussion
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98.627% Finished Kitchen - Transitional White Inset w/ glass til

posted by: theanimala on 03.24.2010 at 08:27 pm in Kitchens Forum

After reading this site daily for 6 months now and getting tons of great advice it's time for us to post our finished kitchen. In keeping with the style of the house we needed to go more modern than traditional, but we didn't want something too contemporary. Also, we couldn't decide on painted or stained cabinets, so we decided to do both by painting the perimeter while having the island stained.
Although we moved no walls, it ended up being a bigger project then we expected as the old tile floor went through our foyer, powder room and laundry room. Also didn't have correct sub-flooring, and we wanted to move some of the appliances around, etc. The reason the it is only 98.627% completed, is we still have 1.373% left to do, such as glass shelves in glass front doors so in cabinet lighting can shine all the way through, etc.


Cabinets - Inset Shiloh Homestead painted MB Softwhite, Island Maple stained Espresso
Flooring - Tile Fashion Coffee 12 x 24
Countertops - Caesarstone Raven, Ceasarstone Misty Carrera - Mitred Edge
Main Sink - Franke 33" SS Apron - FHX710-33S
Main Faucet - Generic Costco Brand
Prep Sink - Elkay - ELU1618
Prep Faucet - Danze Como Pulldown
Refrigerator - JennAir CD FD - JFC2089HES
Ovens - Electrolux - EW30EW65GS
Warming Drawer - Electrolux - EW30WD55GS
Microwave - Electrolux - EL27MO45GS
Cooktop - DCS 36" Drop-in - CTD-365
Hood - Bosch - DKE9365AUC
Beverage Center - GE Monogram - ZDBC240NBS
Dishwasher - Bosch
Backsplash - White Glass subway tile from
Backsplash - Stainless Steel 1x2 tiles
Pulls - TopKnobs - Princetonian
Paint - BM 1542 Himalayan Trek






Sink Area:







Island - Backside:


Pantry Area - Closed:


Pantry - Open:


Lazy Suzan - Corner Pullout:


A big thank you to everyone who gave such great advice over the past few months. If anyone has any questions on what we like /dislike please let us know.


example of ss apron sink (scratching from zippers, etc)

examples of pull out pantry doors

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Show me your Silestone Yukon Blanco

posted by: lemondropgirl on 10.04.2010 at 04:54 pm in Kitchens Forum

Anyone out there with Silestone Yukon Blanco countertops? Pictures please! :)

Likes, dislikes, words of warning, rave reviews?

I am in love with Madre Perla but I just don't think it's going to happen, budget-wise. The Yukon seems like a possible alternate. We are planning to do a Heirloom Wood top on the elevated component of the island, and would love stone on the perimeter.

I have read about the cons of the "Leather" version and am thoroughly convinced against that option. But any thoughts on the regular Yukon are much appreciated!


leather vs non-leather silestone yukon blanco
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My Bland Kitchen Needs Some Help (Backsplash, etc.)

posted by: neilar on 06.26.2010 at 11:55 pm in Kitchens Forum

I followed my sister's advice and kept the basic elements neutral, and now I fear I've gone too safe. I think there's hope, though. (I still haven't done the backsplash and feel I can make some impact with that.) Before you wonder why I didn't remove the wall that's stuck to the island, I'll just say that I'm in phase I of the project. Phase II happens after I win the lottery:) Speaking of the island, I sometimes wonder if I should have done it in a textured-looking pattern (Caesarstone's Oyster, for example), but I'll have to wait for phase II.
Any ideas about what backsplash to go with? The girl helping me suggested these green/neutral glass tiles, but I'm wondering if I'm adding one more layer of blandness. The idea was to do a cream, matte subway tile and then do an accent strip with the glass.
I've also painted already, but I think I'll need to choose a color that will stand out more. And, finally, I need to decide on stools for the island.
I guess I should start with the backsplash, though. Any recommendations?
My countertop is the shiny Caesarstone Desert Limestone.
The cabinets are natural cherry.
The floor is Farbo linoleum in Forest Ground.(in the grey family.)
Looking toward backyard
Looking toward side of house

Full range

Tile closeup


Caesarstone desert limestone and warm cherry cabinets - be careful with backsplash...can make counter look "yellow"
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RE: which countertop with light maple flooring and cherry cabinet (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: boxerpups on 12.10.2010 at 07:21 am in Kitchens Forum

Your Kitchen sounds like it is going to be great.
Light cherry with light wood floors. I believe any
color on the counters could work. I posted some
light wood kitchens with with wood floors to give you
some ideas for your own space.

Sure, dark could work but don't rule out a lighter color
if you love a lighter colors. White marble counters and
cherry cabs can be a graceful space. Check out StaceyNeil's



House Beautiful



Tile Quilt pattern


Homily magazine

Home Design Burgundy Stained

Jennifer Gilmer DC Kitchen Designer

Ocean 6


ideas for countertops with cherry cabinets and maple floors
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RE: Question! Type of Kitchen Window (Casement vs. Double Hung)? (Follow-Up #10)

posted by: natschultz on 04.08.2011 at 02:31 pm in Kitchens Forum

I had the same question - I never even thought about not being able to OPEN the double-hungs! I guess I have my answer now (I too wanted awnings, but they don't have the size I need as standard).

Now, I have another question - I too hate putting modern windows in an old house BUT, even though all the windows in my house are double-hung with colonial grilles (same as the originals) I REALLY do not want grilles on my kitchen windows because I'm doing a more Mid-century Modern kitchen. The other thing is that the windows will only be 24" wide (and we have a 24" with grilles in the bathroom and it looks too cramped to me). One on each side of the range.

Since they will be casement and not double-hung like the rest, then do you think it will be ok to not have grilles? These windows will only be visible from the back yard - NOT the front. And the next set of windows with grilles is all the way on the other side of the house, only a sliding glass door with NO grilles (blinds between) would be near these windows.



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Question! Type of Kitchen Window (Casement vs. Double Hung)??

posted by: ChelsT on 04.08.2011 at 10:20 am in Kitchens Forum

Hello! I am a new member to the forum...My husband and I just bought a new house and are in the process of renovating our kitchen. I've found this site very helpful so far! I have a question about the type of windows to go with in our kitchen....

Above the kitchen sink, we have a window that is approx. four feet wide. Right now it's just a picture window that doesn't open and we're going to replace it. My builder would like for us to use an awning window, but I feel like it wouldn't give us enough air when open. He thinks if we replace with either casement or double hungs then we'd have to have 2 windows and would be bothered by the bar going between them. He also thinks that double hung are too difficult to open when placed over a sink.

I just can't seem to make a decision about which style to go with! Any opinions would be appreciated!

Thank you!


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