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What are you reading lately?

posted by: nodakgal on 08.14.2009 at 04:49 pm in Kitchen Table Forum

Is anyone still reading this summer?

I am involved with Stephanie Plum and the Janet Evanovich novels. I've read the first 6. Finished number 6 last night and had to start Seven Up immediately after the ending of Hot Six! I couldn't stand to be left hanging and had to find out what happened!

I also read Knock Out by Catherine Coulter. A good read!

I'm wondering if the new Sisterhood book is out yet by Fern Michael's? Anyone know? I read Under the Radar but can't remember the name of the next one due out.

I read Twisted Creek by Jodi Thomas and thought it was good too.

Oh I read Someone To Love by Jude Deveraux.


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RE: What are you reading lately? (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: pixistix on 08.14.2009 at 05:57 pm in Kitchen Table Forum

Are you a Jodi Picoult fan, Connie? She is my favorite author and I know any book of hers will keep me up waaay past my bedtime for a few nights :) I just finished her "Handle with Care" and of course, it did not disappoint; ahhhhhh, SO good!


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RE: What are you reading lately? (Follow-Up #26)

posted by: jen_tx on 08.15.2009 at 09:51 am in Kitchen Table Forum

I just finished book 7 in the Sookie Stackhouse series. Like Organic Donna, I ordered them from Amazon and I just could NOT put them down! I've got books 8 & 9 ordered and book 10 pre-ordered. I can't wait. They were such a good, fast read and so different from the True Blood show on HBO. It's probably a good thing I've got a little wait for the next books to show up....I need to do a little work around the house.


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Homemade dryer softner sheets

posted by: izzie on 07.15.2009 at 01:40 pm in Kitchen Table Forum

I figured since we can make our own laundry detergent there must be a way to do dryer sheets.

I found this, I copied from another source< will show link. Has anyone here tried this?
1. Pour fabric softener into a spray bottle, spray an old washcloth 4-6 times, and then put in the dryer with the wet clothes. A small refill carton should last you over 1 year.
2. In a pail, such as an ice cream container, mix one gallon water and one cup concentrated liquid fabric softener. Every time you do laundry, dip an old washcloth into the mix, wring out, and dry with your clothes. Put the lid on the pail and don't forget to label both the pail and lid.
3. Pour a 50/50 mix of fabric softener and water into a spray bottle, spray your wet clothes 3 or 4 times, or an old washcloth, then put the rag in the dryer. Basically the same as the first recipe, but less concentrated.
4. Mix equal parts hair conditioner and water in a spray bottle, spritz a washcloth, and dry with the wet clothes. I wouldn't recommend this recipe too often, as hair conditioner can be very expensive.
5. Vinegar with a few drops of essential oil misted on an old washcloth works just as well, and is much cheaper than dryer sheets.

One fabric softened rag should last about 5 loads before you have to wash it. Old pieces of flannel work great too, if you don't have any old washcloths kicking around. Don't forget to wash your rags every once in a while too, not only to remove build up, but to keep them from smelling funky.

Here is a link that might be useful: diy dryer sheets


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