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Do You Have a Spice Drawer You Love?

posted by: karenmaness on 04.05.2010 at 01:41 pm in Kitchens Forum

We are pulling out a built-in desk and replacing with custom built cabinetry. I would love to have a drawer for organizing my spices where I can read the labels and get to them quickly. I looked at Lowes and HD and didn't see anything much in terms of spice drawer organizers. Please tell me about spice drawer designs/organizers that you all love (pics great too)! Thanks!


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Kitchen Ideas Checklist - What can you add?

posted by: BelfastBound on 12.10.2013 at 04:53 pm in Kitchens Forum

I was just taken to the woodshed by my GC for "wearing down" the KD and Window salesperson with questions and changes. I blame GW because here I learned creative and useful ideas that both these "subs" failed to provide. Also I do not have an unlimited budget and I need to know the price of an option so I can make trade-offs. I told him if they had given me these options up front, not every little thing would have to be a "change". The subs are p**sd because they may price out glaze on cabinets or type of window and I have to say, thanks, I can't afford it and they feel why did they bother to price it.

I thought a list of ideas and things to consider might be helpful for those just starting to plan a new kitchen, a rubric of sorts, to discuss with your KD or DS. I am still in the planning phase so the list here is likely lacking. Thanks for your contribution.

Cabinets - Frameless, inset, beaded inset, overlay, partial overlay, construction (wood type, dovetailed), paint or stain and or glaze,

Upper Cabinets - Flush to ceiling or molding, above cabinet lights, lights in cabinet, below cabinet lights, light rail to hide the under cab lights, lights at top, lights at side, glass fronts, glass shelves, height above counter, depth of cabinet to fit your plates, hinges.

Lower Cabinets - Toe kick drawer, Height, drawer or door, proud to other cabinets, pull out options like Rev-a-Shelf

Cabinet Drawers - Glides: under or on the side, Amount of weight glides need to hold, soft close and/or full extension

Panel for dishwasher

Open shelving

Where will your paper towel holder be?

Pullout shelves for spices, pots, under the sink

What will be used for hand soap, dish soap, SOS etc

Where will wet dish towels go, dishes that will air dry?

Options for handling a blind corner

Options for above the fridge

Hiding or placement of outlets in cabinets/island/drawer

Computer/phone charging station

Where will cookbooks live

What am I missing? Thx again.


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Looking for photos of quarter sawn oak cabinets with light granit

posted by: hbrrbh on 12.04.2013 at 10:07 am in Kitchens Forum

OK, here is our dilemma. As part of our remodel, we are opening our kitchen to the dining room, so are going to have an oak floor in both rooms.

Originally, we had been planning for white cabinets for the perimeter, and natural stain cabinets for the island. However, the local cabinet maker we might be using makes incredibly beautiful stained quarter sawn oak cabinets -- we've seen them in several kitchens now, and they look incredibly "rich". So now we are tempted by these cabinets (and DH has always had a preference for natural wood).

Here is the problem -- our kitchen is on the dark side -- so I'm worried that the wood cabinets, particularly in conjunction with the wood floor, will look too dark and brown. We will have stainless appliances, and are planning for most of the uppers to have glass doors, so that will offset some of the brown. We may also have a "hutch" at the end of a cabinet run, which could be primarily white (I don't think I want to do a white painted island because we pan to have seating at the island, and I'm concerned about too much scuffing. Or is that a misplaced concern?)

However, I definitely don't want a dark counter, we have that now and it just absorbs all the light. But almost all the quarter sawn oak cabinet kitchens I see on GW or Houzz seem to use dark counters (often soapstone). Has anyone seen photos of quarter sawn oak kitchens with light colored granite -- but not "gold" granite?

Thanks so much for any suggestions or leads.


colors of cabinets/counters/flooring.

stained lowers w/ painted uppers?
too much wood/narrow color palate?
light counters w/ wood cabs

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RE: You know how horizontal striped shirts make the wearer look w (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: debrak2008 on 11.25.2013 at 10:01 am in Kitchens Forum

Add a pencil line into the subway tile. For me it adds length.

This kitchen doesn't need length but the pencil line reinforces it.

Without the black line I think this tub area would look smaller.


Nice backsplash with pencil line. also, the 2 different sized tiles are nice.
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Do your kitchen cabinets go all the way to the ceiling?

posted by: lolauren on 02.09.2010 at 12:17 am in Kitchens Forum

Do your kitchen cabinets go all the way to the ceiling?

If so, can you post a photo and let us know what your ceiling height is? THANK YOU!


Cabinets up to the ceiling; moulding
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RE: Is Caesarstone the Pits? (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: may_flowers on 11.13.2013 at 10:03 pm in Kitchens Forum

I had Caesarstone Buttermilk for a few months. During install, the fabricators used Bar Keeper's Friend and acetone to clean off the epoxy. It left a dull spot in the resin. They said the sales rep told them to use BKF, and they had never had a problem in the past. With the solid color of the slab and my lighting, it was very noticeable. The fabricator took several hours of training from Caesarstone to learn their buffing-out procedure. He worked on my countertop with various polishing pads and solutions for 2 1/2 hours, which only spread the dull spot. It also chipped on the edge two weeks after install from no apparent abuse. They offered to replace my countertop.

Was I upset? No! I didn't want Caesarstone again because of the lack of quality control.The counter didn't look anything like the sample. One slab was fine, but the other had white thumb-print sized resin blotches all over it. It was not covered under warranty, so I would have been stuck with that ugly slab.

We switched to Pentalquartz because there is a warehouse locally and we could pick out our slabs. We've been happy with it, though we do have a very tiny chip near the sink--felt, but not seen. Chips can be epoxied, just like chips in granite. I'd buy quartz again, but I'd definitely view the slabs first.


Pental Quartz - a different brand from the usual.
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