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Can y'all stand one more holiday decor thread?

posted by: newhomebuilder on 12.14.2014 at 09:40 pm in Home Decorating & Design Forum

Sorry, it's not the White House, but wanted to share with you the beautiful d�cor from our neighborhood CC. We went down to dinner last night and I was magically transformed. I was more interested in taking photos than I was eating! Wish I had taken more...especially of the outside.


This tree looked like it was cut straight out of the wild. I have never seen such an enchanted tree. Branches of all lengths and sizes. Grapevine wound around and throughout. Ornaments and fruits placed here and there. Made you want to step inside the tree!
 photo IMG_4181_zps82df6ca0.jpg
 photo IMG_4183_zps06504461.jpg
 photo IMG_4185_zpsd7420803.jpg
 photo IMG_4184_zpsee536bb4.jpg

Floor lanterns (my favorite!)
 photo IMG_4186_zps61f111fc.jpg

Wreaths down hallways (there were two hallways decorated like this)
 photo IMG_4187_zps6194b8f0.jpg

Welcome table in reception foyer
 photo IMG_4182_zps5ac294a1.jpg


Windows outside of golf shop wing
 photo 5e192e99-ea64-4e48-b985-0db87bd963f4_zpsfb408f58.jpg

Lantern on front steps
 photo IMG_4188_zps7aa9349d.jpg

Not sure what to call this, but it was gorgeous! The camera does not do it justice. I think I was too close to the subject.
 photo IMG_4189_zps0003da85.jpg

Outdoor favorite (grapevine balls hanging in all the grounds trees.) I wish I had taken a wide angle shot of the clubhouse fa�ade. Twinkling lights everywhere!
 photo IMG_4191_zps73f804f9.jpg

All the above done by the landscaper for the neighborhoods common grounds.

Hope you enjoyed!

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Gorgeous. I love these imaginative decorations!
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RE: Sea Pearl needs a backsplash... (Follow-Up #77)

posted by: kksmama on 02.01.2014 at 08:30 pm in Kitchens Forum

Peke, I haven't seen you on the forum for awhile (but have been here less myself lately). Have you seen the fabulous encore tiles several GWers have used? Did you see how my backsplash turned out? I'm very happy with it though install wasn't ideal and I worry about the amount and quality of my grout lines. It has the mop without being delicate and I think the colors would look really nice with seapearl.
 photo IMG_1482_zps5292bee6.jpg

Here is a link that might be useful: kksmama reveal


under cab electrical outlet and lighting.
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RE: Technical computer question from someone who's clueless (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: hilltop on 11.08.2010 at 06:45 pm in Home Decorating Forum

You'll need to use these symbols with no spaces to start to make it bold. (Don't type in and)
< and b and >
Then your word.
Then < and / and b and > is the end to making it bold.

Anything you put between those sequences will be bold

You can also do it < and i and > at the beginning and then your word and then < and / i and > to make it italic italic

You can also do it < and font color="red" and > at the beginning and then your word and then < and / and font color and > at the end to make it red

Whatever you put between these symbols < > at the beginning is what it will do, such as b for bold, i for italic, u for underline etc.

If you forget the ending section or don't use the / symbol in the ending section everything thereafter will continue to be bold or red or italic, etc. Confusing?
If you look online there are HTML cheatsheets. Sometimes you have to use color codes for non-standard colors


how to copy pix from the internet.
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