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More Crystal Plate Flowers

posted by: becky_ia on 04.23.2008 at 06:25 pm in Garden Junk Forum

Can't hardly keep up with these! Everyone wants one. So made more to sell at the Garden Art Fair (will take four or five) and then will sell them at my plant sale May 10. Also have been invited to Gardens in Bloom in June if I have any left. I need more copper tubing! Really had fun with these as I found a new place to buy my treasures. This place had some colored glass that I could use. What do you think?


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RE: Old Windows- Make your own patterns? (Follow-Up #14)

posted by: goldiemn on 07.20.2008 at 09:19 pm in Garden Junk Forum

Thanks, Irish. I get PermEnamels from Michael's Crafts. First wash glass, apply PE Conditioner, and paint. Usually takes me a number of coats to get opaque coverage. Others use regular acrylics but those can scratch off. I do not remove the glass. You can tape the wood to prevent painting on it.
Happy to answer any other questions!
Carol L.


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Glass flower

posted by: laurastheme on 05.29.2008 at 02:02 pm in Garden Junk Forum

This is the flower #3 that I've been trying to post. Don't know what's wrong.

Here is a link that might be useful: glass flower


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