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Read Me If You're New To GW Kitchens! [Help keep on Page 1]

posted by: buehl on 09.28.2010 at 10:50 pm in Kitchens Forum

Welcome! If you are new here - you may find the following information and links helpful.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages contain helpful information about how to navigate this site as well as the world of kitchen renovations.

The Kitchen Forum Acronyms will help you understand some of the acronyms used frequently in posts.

The Finished Kitchens Blog has pictures and information about many GW members' finished kitchens. Not only can you see them alphabetically, but there is also a category list if you're looking for specific things like a kitchen w/a Beverage Center or a kitchen w/a mix of dark and light cabinets. Access the FKB Categories Page via a link in the navigation panel on the right of any FKB page. Additionally, there is also a link to "In-Progress Kitchens" for those members' kitchens that are not quite ready for the FKB. There is also a link to "Coming Soon Kitchens" for those kitchens that are ready for the FKB but have not yet been added. To access the "In-Progress Kitchens", the "Coming Soon Kitchens", and the "FKB Categories", see the links in the navigation panel that is on the right side of each main FKB page.

The Appliances Forum is very useful when you have questions specific to appliances.

To start off the kitchen remodel process, take the Sweeby Test. Then, move on to Beginning a Kitchen Plan.

Other topics such as layouts, planning for storage, and stone materials are discussed in later posts in this thread. Even more information can be found by doing a search on the forum.


  • Before posting a question, please search the forum. There's a very good chance someone has already asked the question.

  • When using the "search" function, be sure to use the search box on the bottom of the page, not the top!

  • Note, however, that you will probably have better luck searching if you use Google (or similar search engine) than if you use the Forum search function. When using Google, to limit your results to Garden Web, include the following in your search

  • In the "Subject of Posting" box, the site changes the double quote normally used as the inches indicator (") to a single quote ('). We don't know why. To compensate, use two single quotes and it will appear as a double quote. Luckily, the double quote works in the message box.

  • When composing a new thread, you have a couple of options:

    • Have follow-ups to your message emailed to you: check the box offering this option. However, you must have the "Allow other users to send you email via forms at our site." box checked in your profile for this to work (see the "Your Profile" link at the very top of the page) [See the post later in this thread with the Subject: Getting Emails Sent To You...3-step Process]

    • Insert a link: When you "preview" your message, you will be provided with two boxes for a is for the link itself and the second is for the name or description of the link.

  • When using the "Clip this post" option (far upper right corner of each post, small print), remember that only the current post is clipped, not the entire thread. Also, you are allowed a maximum of 50 clippings. Once you reach this maximum, you will no longer be able to clip or email posts.

How are the home page and the Forum organized? (from the FAQs)

  • The Kitchens Forum home page lists 30 thread titles, starting with those that don't yet have a response. Then threads are listed in order of most recent response. That first page displays the last 2 hours or so of activity. (If there is no response to a thread in an hour or two, the unanswered thread starts to drop.)
  • Below the thread list are page numbers 1-67 for the total 67 pages of threads available -- capturing maybe 2 months or so of threads, less when the Forum is busy.
  • Below that (and at the top of the thread list) is a space for you to switch to the Conversations or Gallery "sides" - these are set up similarly but not nearly as active.
  • Next down is a Search box -- very important! This is also the Search box you should use (not the one at the top of the page.)
    • Always refresh the page two or three times b/f assuming a thread has disappeared right after starting it.
    • As to searching...a thread will not be found during a GW search for up to 24 hours after it has been started. This may seem too technical, but...searches are done against what are known as "indexes". Indexes use key fields/words to find things. iVillage only indexes threads once a day. So, that means that until your thread is "indexed", it won't show up in a search. If you start a thread just before the index is taken, you will be able to retrieve your thread by searching soon after creation. If, however, you start your thread right after the daily index, then you'll have to wait almost 24 hours for the next index.

  • Next is a place for you to start a new thread. And finally there are some instructions and links at the bottom.

Kitchen Forum "Sides"

Discussions: This is the "side" you are on. It is for on-topic discussions concerning kitchens...renovations, use of, etc.
Conversations: This is the "side" where you can post off topic threads such as regional get-togethers and non-kitchen subjects.
Gallery: This is the "side" where members often post pictures...especially if you're posting a lot of pictures or a finished kitchen. (Note: This is where StarPooh, our FKB person, wants you to post your finished kitchen prior to having it added to the FKB.)

Again, welcome and good luck! The journey is wild, sometimes bumpy, but fun and very rewarding in the end!


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Ideas for Granite with Medium/Warm Cherry Cabinets?

posted by: maddie_2010 on 09.19.2010 at 09:13 pm in Kitchens Forum

I am remodeling my kitchen with cherry cabinets. They are medium in color. I am having a difficult time picking a granite color and would be so grateful for any pictures people could post or color recommendations. Thank you and I look forward to seeing your kitchen!!!!!


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John & Nancy's finished kitchen for FKB

posted by: ncl520 on 07.08.2008 at 11:16 pm in Kitchens Forum

This is our finished kitchen. Thanks to all the great ideas and knowledge we got from the forum and the FKB

LG counter-depth french door refrigerator with ice & water in door.
Bosch integra dishwaser.
Bosch dual fuel/convection range.
GE profile micro/convection over range.
KitchenAid beverage center.

DeWils Horizon line frameless cabinets.
42" cabinets.
Cherry wood, cherry stain.
Doors reverse raised panel for Shaker look. Doors "Carina"
All cabinets and drawers Blumotion.
Cabinet pulls from Top Knob
Cutlery insert
Knife insert
Spice insert
Trash pullout
Pantry pullout

TechLighting pendants, halogen. Style "Cabro", yellow onyx.
Undercounter puck lights, glass fronted cabinets, halogen.
Ceiling recessed lighting, incandescant.

Porcelain tile floor & backsplash.
Tile manufacturer Ceramiche Gardenia Orchidea, I Cotti, color Ocra.

Granite Black Galaxy.

Faucet Hansgrohe Allegra, finish steel optik.
Soap dispenser Hansgrohe Interaktiv, finish steel optik.
Sink D-bowl stainless steel. brand Rugby

Walls Behr flat enamel Banana Cream.
Ceiling Behr flat enamel Downey.
Trim Behr semi-gloss enamel Downey.

Stools "Tibetan" black 26" Pottery Barn
Vericals Ado-Wrap fabric wrapped verticals
Ado fabric relaxed Roman shade
Vertical fabric and shade fabric removeable and washable.

Image link: John & Nancy's finished kitchen for FKB (47 k)

Here is a link that might be useful: John and Nancy's kitchen remodel (more pics)


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Very belated update on our kitchen reno, sorry!

posted by: staceyneil on 03.23.2010 at 10:26 am in Kitchens Forum

I feel bad for just disappearing after all the great advice and support you all gave us last spring when we were agonizing about our kitchen reno!

We got about 75% finished with it -it was mainly DIY so that did take longer than normal- and then discovered a huge mold problem in the master bath/bedroom that completely usurped our time and money. Sadly, that project is still not complete, as our gorgeous custom calacatta marble shower had moisture problems that have have not been remedied yet :(

Anyway- nearly a year after we began the kitchen, we're making progress again. I finally installed the backsplash last week! It's pretty boring, white subway tiles, but we need this kitchen to be fairly safe and classic for resale in a few years. The tiles themselves are quite lovely, with a nice surface variation that echoes the movement of the marble counter and cherry grain.

Next: trim for the cabinets, top and bottom and light rail...

I'd like to report that the kitchen works really well. Several of you (rhome410 and laxsupermom in particular, and others!) convinced us to move the kitchen to a new area, in the middle of the house. The layout works beautifully. We love being able to look down into the LR/DR area, and we love the hearthside sitting area now adjacent to the kitchen...thank you :)

Backsplash pics:


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Got my backsplash after almost 18 months!

posted by: ni_2006 on 12.15.2009 at 06:49 pm in Kitchens Forum

My kitchen has been 75% done since Aug 2008. After searching for the right tile, I finally decided to go with Rixi tiles in the Mandorla color. (The funny thing is that I have had samples of these tiles for the last 6 months or so, but just could not commit to them). The tiles behind the cooktop are from Ann Sacks, inspired by Willowdecor!

I am so glad that this remodel is almost over. The tiles need to be sealed and grouted. All that is left after that is to paint the room! YAY!

Here are some pictures (pre-grout) taken this evening. I am curious to see what the tiles look like in bright day light.




Thanks to all of you for all your feedback while I was in the process of selecting the *right* tile!


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RE: Typhoon Bordeaux - too much yellow? (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: bostonpam on 10.05.2010 at 10:20 am in Kitchens Forum

From the computer screen it doesn't look like much yellow. I have TB and it can vary tremendously from lot to lot. If you're not in love with THIS slab, look for another. Also, if a portion of it doesn't appeal to you you may be able to work out that part. Personally I didn't like the TB slabs with a lot of yellow and had to look around. I also have cherry cabinets. Here's a pic of my TB - different from yours Photobucket


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RE: Typhoon Bordeaux - too much yellow? (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: hilarymontville on 10.05.2010 at 10:49 am in Kitchens Forum

I also went with typhoon bordeaux and cherry cabinets. I wanted less yellow and more bordeaux for my slab -- searched around a long time to find the exact slabs I wanted. Don't settle. There really is quite a bit of variation in the slabs I saw. Have not posted pictures yet since we're not quite done, but is a picture of my granite and a shot that shows the cabinets as well. Just ignore the rest of the clutter.



typhoon BD with cherry cabs
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Typhoon Bordeaux - too much yellow?

posted by: avettfan on 10.05.2010 at 09:54 am in Kitchens Forum

I've been reading this forum for a while now and have learned a lot - thanks. My husband and I ripped out our entire kitchen a couple months ago and are now just starting to put in the cabinets. Picking out granite was the first thing I did. I fell in love with this Typhoon Bordeaux because of the colors and movement. Its got some cream in it, deep red/brown and some yellow. I like yellow but I want to get others opinions on if there is too much yellow. We have cherry cabinets (picture included from showroom - not our kitchen).

The pictures aren't the best. I hope they are big enough too actually see the colors. I have seen the entire slab - I just don't have a complete picture.

Thanks for your help.

Here is a link that might be useful: granite pics


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RE: What should go within easy reach of the cooktop? (Follow-Up #13)

posted by: buehl on 12.08.2009 at 04:47 am in Kitchens Forum

This might also help...

  • Cabinet 1: 24" base, 3 drawers
  • Cabinet 2: 30" base, 2 drawers + Warming Drawer
  • Cabinet 3: 6" filler pullout w/3 shelves
  • Cabinet 4: 36" cooktop base, 3 drawers
  • Cabinet 5: 6" filler pullout w/3 shelves
  • Cabinet 6: 31" base, 1 drawer + Microwave Drawer
  • Cabinet 7: 36" corner sink base w/15-3/4" square sink
  • Cabinet 8: 24" base, 4 drawers
  • Cabinet 9: 27" base, 1 drawer + 2 roll out shelves (2 doors)
  • Cabinet 10: 18"W x 15"D x 36"H upper, 4 shelves
  • Cabinet 11: 21"W x 12"D x 30"H upper, 3 shelves
  • Cabinet 12: 18"W x 15"D x 36"H upper, 4 shelves
  • Cabinet 13: 18"W x 15"D x 36"H upper, 4 shelves
  • Cabinet 14: 21"W x 12"D x 30"H upper, 3 shelves
  • Cabinet 15: 18"W x 15"D x 36"H upper, 4 shelves
  • Cabinet 16: 36"W x 24"D over-the-refrigerator cabinet
  • Cabinet 17: 33" base, 3 drawers
  • Cabinet 18: 18" Trash Pullout + 1 drawer (2 bins)
  • Cabinet 19: 36" sink base w/35-1/2" sink
  • Cabinet 20: 24" DW
  • Cabinet 21: 27" base, 3 drawers
  • Cabinet 22: 31.5" double-oven cabinet, 1 drawer + cabinet above w/dividers for tray storage & 1 shelf
  • Cabinet 23: 23"W x 12"D x 36"H upper cabinet, 4 shelves
  • Cabinet 24: 23"W x 12"D x 36"H upper cabinet, 4 shelves
  • NOTES:

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