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Pizza Stone...

posted by: ritaotay on 03.28.2008 at 02:51 am in Cooking Forum

Ok, you talked me into it, I went out and bought a pizza stone for my bread... Now I need to know how to use it... lol

Is it necessary to use the pizza stone rack?
I have glass bread pans, can I use them on the stone?
My oven has four rack positions, for bread making, do I put the stone on the bottom rack ( free form and/or pans ) ?
Should I wet the stone before pre-heating?
Anything I need to know about using the stone in an electric oven?
Anything else I need to know about using it for bread?



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Which beefsteaks are heavy, meaty, & dense?

posted by: wcthomas on 08.18.2008 at 09:22 am in Growing Tomatoes Forum

I'm looking for a beefsteak that is relatively smooth for slicing, and nice & meaty, juicy, heavy, solid, & dense. I don't need a giant, just meaty and tasty with good acid/sugar balance. These are for eating raw with fresh mozzarella, EV olive oil, & fresh basil and oregano (droooool). Some seem to have larger cavities with firm flesh while others are more uniformly dense and meaty - it's the later I seek. Any suggestions?




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When making soup to freeze -------

posted by: carmen_grower_2007 on 08.10.2008 at 02:32 pm in Cooking Forum

What ingredients do you eliminate or put in after thawing because they don't freeze well?

I want to make a brat, beer and cheese soup and know I can't put in the potatoes. What about the milk, and cheese? I have made so many soups and frozen them but don't remember for sure what just doesn't come out after freezing.

What about the cream in 'cream of soups'?


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