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Feasible or not?

posted by: kats_meow on 09.30.2006 at 12:15 am in Remodeling Forum

We are looking at a different house than one I posted about a week or so ago.

I am wondering about whether certain things are reasonably feasible. The house we are looking at is 25 years old, well maintained but very dated. I am particularly wondering if two things are feasible.

1. The texture on the walls and on the ceilings is very dated and unusual looking. The walls ars mostly a very rough almost bubbly looking texture. Some of the ceilings have circles on them. By that, I mean that there is a pattern of circles in the ceiling...I've never seen that before. Anyway, can all that be gotten rid of? Is it hugely expensive?

2. The house has lots and lots of medium brown wood panelling and built in shelving. All of the wood in the house is this medium brown color. Every door in the house, every door frame, every window, every built in shelf and a 2 story living room with wood paneling. It all seems very nice and I do like some of it. But there is so much of it that it is overwhelming. So I wondered if it was possible to, well, stain it a different color (maybe something darker - I tend to like wood either light colored or stained very dark). Or would that be a heresy or something? I even wondered if I could perhaps paint some of it white? (Such as the shelves in the closets maybe).

Here is a link that might be useful: An example


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