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RE: Direct Vent Fire place recommedations (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: mountainstoveguy on 03.02.2007 at 04:30 pm in Fireplaces Forum

all manufactures including lennox, make all grades of direct vent fireplaces
builder grade fireplaces all have this in common
tempered glass
not so attractive logs
not many options as far as fronts, refractory brick package etc.
mid grade fireplaces will have
tempered glass
good looking logs
some front and brick options
high end fireplaces have
ceramic glass
extensive ember beds
great looking logs
lots of front and brick options
price points
builder <$1000
mid >$1000 <$2000
high end >$2000 <$3500

Mid grade and high end will usually have a decent efficiency rating, ceramic glass ones put out the most heat because ceramic glass transferrs infrared heat very well. Some good manufactures are:
fireplace extrodinare
heatilator caliber series
jotul acadia
lexington forge
heat n glo
im sure there are others, but all these manufactures offer every thing from builder grade to high end efficient models.


Direct vent info
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