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RE: Tomato seeds (Follow-Up #7)

posted by: taz6122 on 08.03.2009 at 01:51 am in Seed Saving Forum

I use the same method my mother used and get much better than 50% germination. I'd say closer to 90%. Toward the end of the season, take one of those damaged tomatoes, squeeze it out on a paper towel folded in half, being careful enough to just cover half(actually 1/4 after fold) of the towel(Use more than one for larger toms). Then put it on top of the fridge to dry for about 3-4 days. Then fold it in half again and stick it with your other seeds. When ready to plant just tear or cut off the part with seeds and place in a sandwich sized ziplock, put about a teaspoon of water in the bag, blow the bag up and zip tight, then place it back on the frige or counter(if warm enough) and wait for germination. When the sprouts are about 1/2"(no larger or roots will be entangled and through paper) I open the bag, carefully slide the paper with sprouts out or cut the bag, pick a sprout or two at a time and plant in pots until spring arrives. No washing seeds or waiting for fermentation or cleaning up after. If you would rather go straight to the pot or ground just tear the paper off with a couple seeds on it and plant. The paper aids in germination anyway.


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RE: new: mnf january 2010 swap - new beginnings (Follow-Up #87)

posted by: just1morehosta on 01.02.2010 at 02:28 pm in Round Robin Exchange Forum

Hi every one,
I have missed you all.
We went up north for out Christmas celebration,and just got home yesterday evening, wow, you guys have really been going through the Bailys,that along with Dans eggnog,it's a wonder any of you are still standing,(or should i say,(sitting upright) ha ha
We had a great holiday,as always.Ate to much, and laughed a lot.
We came home to our basement being flooded,our electric was out for several days,we did hook up a device to empty out the sub pump, but it was not soon enough,all the water collected in the drainage pipes came into the basement,today, we are trying to salvage some of our things, carpet is soaked,and it was new,and not cheap,woe is me!!

I will post more in a few.

Carman, you are to funny, just exactly How Cold is it for you in sunny Florida?
Today,we are at a high of 3.Now,,,,,, that is COLD ,my friend.

Dan are there any brownies left,the ones with the secret ingredient?
I would like a couple later,so will you save me a few?2 would be fine.

I will be trying an Herb garden this year,any one have any advice on which ones to plant for butterflies,hummers,and pretty flowers?
I have ordered Calundulais(spelling)?
And i already have Lavender.
What else is a Must Have,in the Herb Garden?
It is so nice to be back.
Who wants to come over and help bailout the basement?
Now, don't cha all speak up at once,one at a time, one at a time.:0)


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Yellowhorn is spouting

posted by: beauswatch on 01.02.2010 at 08:17 am in Winter Sowing Forum

I am new to wintersowing and gardening. I have some yellowhorn seeds I had in the fridge to scarify but after discoving this wonderful forum.. I decided to put them in one of the milkjugs. I noticed yesterday some sprouts popping up. Is it too early? Should I leave it alone or put the jug in the garage? I think I noticed a sprout on one my chaintree seeds also.

I am in NE TX. I was so excited to see the sprouts but now I am worried!

Thank you Gayle for sending me these seeds. I can't remember your garden id.


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RE: Nothing to trade-sasbe-asking for things for postage (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: chemocurl on 03.27.2008 at 11:48 am in Seed Exchange Forum

Member has nothing to trade or is asking for things for postage...just starting out

Welcome to Garden Web and the Seed Exchange!

Since you are just starting out, I suggest you maybe reply to some of the many more recent sase/sasbe offer threads. Look for threads that say SABE, SASBE, or FREE

You might want to respond to those that are offering more than one variety, to get the most bang for your postage cost.
Read the �Offer� and post to the thread per the offerer�s instructions.

You will then likely be asked to mail a BE (Bubble Envelope). These can be found at WM, the Dollar Store, CVS Drug Store, Office Supply places, etc. Depending upon the size of the envelope, you may be able to cut a large one in half and make two envelopes. Be careful though that you do not make them square, as opposed to rectangular, as that will cost extra postage when mailing it both ways.

Include in the envelope whatever you are instructed to send by the offering member.
It usually includes
A list of the agreed upon seeds (if they were agreed upon) or whatever the offering member requests of you.
A note with your member name, and your real name
A label of some sort with your name and address to be used when the envelope is mailed back to you.
Postage STAMPS...NO POSTAL TAPES as they are only good for mailing from the PO where they were purchased
The amount of the postage should be the actual amount the offering member thinks will be required, considering what they will be sending you and in what quantities.
There may be other instructions as well thathave not been addressed above.

Please send the envelope out in a timely fashion, or let the member know if it is going to be delayed. Please let the member know if you have changed your mind about the SASE/SASBE offer. Often seeds are put aside for these sasbe offers, and if members don�t follow through with mailing out their bubble envelopes, those are seeds being just tied up, when they �could� have been shared and enjoyed by another member.

Once you receive your goodie package please let the member know that they arrived at their destination.

Last, but not least, try and take a moment to post a review for the offering member at the Rate and Review Forum. I have included a link to the forum below. Instructions for using the Forum are at the top of the main page there. Please be sure and do a search to see if there is an existing review for the member. If there is, please post to it. If there are numerous review threads, please post to the one that has the most replies.

Happy Gardening!
(signed)member name, member name abbreviation, real first name

Comments welcome! Suggestions for improvement welcomed! Spelling? grammar? Better wording? Additions?
Once it is refined, I hope to get it in the FAQ, so it is accessible to all in helping newbies.


Here is a link that might be useful: Rate and Review Forum


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