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RE: Urine as Fertilizer (Follow-Up #19)

posted by: berryman135678 on 01.11.2011 at 08:01 pm in Soil Forum

This site is making me neurotic...I thought you were all freaks using urine, then last summer I set out to prove you all wrong by sneaking pee on my ornamental plants around the house at night and low and behold they grew like I used triple miracle grow. The neighbors want to know the secret to my success, but I wont tell them. Now I sneak out, even in the snow (blame the dog) and pee....I feel like if I pee in the toilet I am wasting it, but if I go out side I feel kinda dirty (Pun intended). Perhaps with the landfills and city septic systems being over run, there will be wide acceptance of this practice and I can be thanked and lifted up for this shady deed I have been doing.


Laugh out loud!
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