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Southern NH Pool Build

posted by: cnr1089 on 08.05.2010 at 10:38 pm in Pools & Spas Forum

My Pool Build has Started!

It has been a long summer trying to decide on who and how we were to have our pool built. We are finally in the build phase of things.

The pool is roughly 41' at the longest point and 23' at the widest point. It will have a 4' center line in the shallow end and an 8' deep end.

Environmental Pools is building our pool. So far they have been great.

Here is what our yard (well, the part getting the pool) looked like before we started:

Here is the pool sprayed out on the lawn (sort of hard to see with the light):

Monday, first day of excavation:

I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked, but I do have some time lapse videos of the 3 days of excavation:

Day 1:

Day 2:

We hit ledge. So a 3rd (and final) day of excavation was required:

Day 3:

Day 4, they came in and did the rebar and plumbing:


Next Up, Electrician, Gunite, etc.

We are still pricing out our decking options, but really like Inca from Techo Bloc. We will have about 1200sqft of decking, plus a about 200sqft of a path (and a retaining wall from the house to the back side of the pool). You can see a picture of the Inca + the interior finish of the pool we are leaning towards (River Rok Harbor Grey) at environmental's gallery (, the first picture in their gallery. It is flash, so I can't link from there).

More updates will be posted as they come...


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RE: Is the pool company BS'ing about their chemicals? (Follow-Up #17)

posted by: goyom on 06.28.2011 at 03:30 pm in Pools & Spas Forum

citivas use this site, it will help you bring the chemicals into line quickly.

It is very accurate.


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RE: Southern NH Pool Build (Follow-Up #47)

posted by: citivas on 06.10.2011 at 11:46 am in Pools & Spas Forum

For those interested in the custom skim cover solution, I did some homework. I called the owner of Environmental Pools who gave me the name of the product they used. It�s available at It was designed to pour concrete, Kool-Deck or aggregate into, but clearly from this example it can be used for pavers too. And the price is incredibly reasonable. I called up the company and got the owner there too and he was a super nice guy and worked out overnighting two covers for me since my deck is almost done. They arrived bright and early and fit perfectly into my standard skimmer. If your contractor doesn�t have them, you can order them online at

A few notes. The cover, again designed to have a concrete pour, is not nearly as deep as the full height of the Blu pavers so my landscaper is having to thin the paver out, which is fine because that will make it lighter. And they will need to mortar it to the lid base. Also, the cover comes in three parts. It has a plastic cover of whatever color you ordered (I picked grey but there are several choices), so even if you didn�t do the custom application you would still get away from white. Then it had the lid itself that you pour or adhere the paver too. Then, and this is key, it has its own neck/frame that the lid sits in so that your concrete or pavers can be secured up against the lid without impeding it. Great design, and again surprisingly affordable.

I�m really happy I saw this here so thanks to the OP.


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An office in a closet transformation!

posted by: pipdog on 03.01.2011 at 11:35 am in Home Decorating Forum

Inspired by some photos I saw on Houzz, I decided to transform a closet in our master bedroom into a more functional office space. The space was previously just a disorganized mess. But the space already had built in desk with drawers and was literally begging for a little love to make it look less like an explosion of paper and more like a functional office. I upgraded the shelving, painted a soft sky blue and added some decor.

Here's the boring before:

and after:


I still need a comfortable chair that will fit in the small space. Any recommendations?


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RE: Stone Information and Advice (& Checklists) (Follow-Up #84)

posted by: buehl on 01.20.2011 at 05:16 pm in Kitchens Forum

Note about bumping: This thread has fallen off the last page (page 6) of the thread list. This means that bumping it will not bring it back to the top of the thread will not bring it back to the thread list at all. That's one reason why it's linked to from the "Read Me" thread.

Additionally, this thread will not be found when searching on GW. Instead, use Google or similar search engine and enter the following in the search box:

stone advice checklist

It should be the first thread retrieved.


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RE: Sour Towels!! (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: hostagrams on 08.21.2008 at 10:08 pm in Laundry Room Forum

My daughter had the same problem -- I searched the Laundry forum for "smelly towels" and gave her all the suggestions I read here. When I got a new FL in the house we just sold, I started out doing these things and never, ever had the problem.

Check behind the door gasket -- there might be mold/mildew there. You might find it useful to dry it with a rag when you're finished. DD even found baby sox there, black with mildew. She about gagged!!

When you're finished with the laundry, leave the door ajar until the inside is completely dry. Basically, I just left it ajar all the time.

My FL always left water in the detergent drawer . . . I removed it and let it air dry, or at the least, soaked up the remaining water.

I think that the most important thing is the soap you use. My DD switched to Charlie's Soap and gradually the smell went away. It took a couple months till everything was okay. She'd been using regular detergent in smaller amounts. I never used anything but CS.

I use about 1 TB. of softener and add enough white vinegar to fill the rinse cup. My towels got softer and fluffier and more absorbent the longer I used the FL.

Lots of people have found Affresh to be helpful.

Hope this helps. It's really nasty to dry your face on a clean towel and get a bad smell!!


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Is it possible to make brass pulls darker?

posted by: cheri127 on 04.15.2009 at 01:18 pm in Kitchens Forum

I just received appliance pulls today, antique brass, and they are much brighter than the cabinet pulls and knobs (different mfg). Does anyone know if there's a way to put a durable finish on them to make them darker? Thanks in advance.


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'Best' warming there such a thing?

posted by: gailrolfe on 11.13.2008 at 09:31 pm in Appliances Forum

My KD just called and asked me to consider replacing the 30 inch convection warming drawer I had been thinking about getting with a 24" warming drawer...and to let her know by tomorrow morning. I don't really mind, in fact I had thought the 30 inch a bit large and I had also thought about not getting convection WD and then just kind of forgot about looking at now I'm wondering, are there any important differences between warming drawers (the non-convection type) and if so what brands do you all recommend? I do know that I want one that has humidity control and that can have a custom panel installed but other than that I'm not sure if it makes any difference...



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LOVE my stools and coupon code

posted by: jessie21 on 11.04.2008 at 03:49 pm in Kitchens Forum

Just got the two counter stools I ordered from overstock about a week ago. LOVE them. They are low back. The leather is soft and sturdy and a rich chocolate brown. Best of all they are soooo comfy! Just ordered 2 more.

They cost w/shipping was 290 for 2 stools (already a good price) and I got 10% off with coupon codes I found online. Had to use a different code for each purchase (must be limited to one per order). code numbers were:
129205 and 129380.
my stools from overstock
Coupon code site is:

Here is a link that might be useful: coupon code site


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stainless steel appliances, sink and faucets--how to keep clean

posted by: ksd51 on 04.07.2009 at 05:10 am in Kitchens Forum

Would appreciate hearing from all of you who have stainless steel in your kitchen.This is going to be all new to me, as I have always had a white cast iron sink, and used 409 or when needed ajax, the same for my old cooktop as well. Now it's a whole new world for me. I know I will need to change my cleaning products, but what do you suggest? Also concerned about whether to use Ajax on my pots and pan, which would then go into my stainless sink. Wouldn't that then ruin the finish on my stainless. Love to hear all your suggestions. Thanks.


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Does no one use a toaster oven anymore?

posted by: janepa on 11.02.2008 at 11:14 am in Appliances Forum

We are refacing our cabinets, have installed a new countertop, sink, and faucet. We would like to get a new toaster to go along with the new look- probably something in stainless (or look-a-like) with white or black. We thought a toaster oven might fill this request since the toaster we have now eats our bread. We do not need it for bagels, and the idea of laying the bread flat appeals.
I did a search on this forum and I cannot find anything on toaster ovens. Every post that came up was for a range oven, or a MW. We already have a range and a MW which both have convection. We thought a toaster oven (never owned one) would be handy for a quick reheat of pizza, toast etc.
I did a search and found this one,- Hamilton Beach Proctor Silex 31955 Toaster Oven / Broiler - very reasonably priced and I think it had a couple of good reviews, but I would like your opinion if you own it, or what you would recommend. I do not want a toaster oven that takes up a lot of space on the counter. I am trying to keep the counters less cluttered.

Thank you. Jane


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Tell me about your toaster ovens!

posted by: rmlanza on 10.21.2008 at 03:48 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hey gang. DH wants a toaster oven and I'm trying to figure out what to buy. I just don't even know where to begin. I have convection on my oven, is it neccessary on a toaster oven? What kinds of things do you cook in a toaster oven? My Mom had one, long long long ago but in the 16 years we've been married we've never had one. I guess he wants it for sandwiches and whatnot. If I get a toaster oven, does it replace my toaster or does it just take too long for a frozen waffle or toast for breakfast? We're always rush rush in the mornings trying to get the 3 kids off to school and DH out the door to work.

I realize there is an appliance forum but it seems like they always discuss the big stuff, not little countertop appliances. And you guys are all so knowledgeable about this kind of thing. I guess I'd be willing to spend up to $150 or so.



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Playstation3 too hot to use as a dvd player?

posted by: gailrolfe on 12.12.2008 at 01:34 pm in Home Entertainment Forum

This is the warning we were given by one installer but no one else has mentioned it...this guy has tried to establish himself as the "high quality" guy and I'm not sure whether his advice is sound and we should consider a different blu-ray dvd player or whether this is just a way to set himself "above"...any comments?

I should add that the PS3 will be part of our system regardless because our son plays games on it.



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Step stool recommendations?

posted by: gailrolfe on 02.06.2009 at 03:49 pm in Kitchens Forum

Some time ago I remember a thread about step stools and for the life of me I can't find it so maybe it has been dropped. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have saved it and now it's time to buy a new step stool and I'm having trouble finding a good one that fits my cupboard (I know, I should have figured it out before and I thought I had...)which is 28 inches high. I would love to hear about any stool that someone has that they love and that fits that size....thanks!


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For the vertically-challenged: step stool and oven door size

posted by: gailrolfe on 09.01.2008 at 03:39 pm in Kitchens Forum

For those of you who are also vertically-challenged (I'm 5 foot 3 inches), I have two questions:

1. I'm wondering what step stool you use to access high shelves in the kitchen and where you keep it in-between uses for easy access. The one I have now is very stable, with three steps and folds up with a curved top handle. It currently stands against the wall at the end of the kitchen where I can easily grab it for use but it is pretty unsightly...I like the easy grab but wish I had an easy storage/grab spot instead that maybe I can address in my remodel.

2. I'm also wondering if you have a 30 inch oven how you feel about the size. Yesterday I was trying the Thermador Pro double wall ovens that I had intended to get but was struck by the extent of the reach over the hot you find it a problem?



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Dish Network or DirecTV?

posted by: reagentmel on 08.01.2006 at 10:34 pm in Home Entertainment Forum

I am getting ready to move to a new home. We will have a home theater downstairs, and a plasma upstairs. We have everything set up to be centralized, so that we will have a media closet that houses all of the equipment, and distibute the signals from the satellite receivers to the whole house (bedrooms in addition to the 2 main tv's). I have had Dish Network for sevral years, and have been mostly happy, but with the move I have considered trying DirecTV. Anybody have experience with both, and have an opinion on which is better? If you have one of these companies and are happy or unhappy, I'd also like to know about that. I'm also specifically interested in Tivo vs. DVR. How are they different, and anyone know the status of Dish being able to provide DVR without infringing on Tivo? I think I had heard something about Dish having a problem with that. TIA


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RE: what to use on furniture legs to protect hardwood floor (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: marzhere on 10.10.2008 at 04:41 pm in Kitchens Forum

I tried the self adhesive felt pads. Didn't work very well for us. Now, I have these on the furniture legs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tap-On Felt Pad


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RE: Knife rack in a drawer? Do you love it? (Follow-Up #12)

posted by: janwad on 10.07.2008 at 08:06 pm in Kitchens Forum

I moved to a drawer to try to eliminate clutter, and it has worked really well. This tray holds about 20 knives for me with ease.

Here is a link that might be useful: expand-a knife


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RE: Knife rack in a drawer? Do you love it? (Follow-Up #11)

posted by: brunosonio on 10.07.2008 at 06:50 pm in Kitchens Forum

We store all of our chef's and steak knives in a drawer...I love not having the clutter on the countertops or backsplash walls.

I found a large wooden holder that has slats for the knives, and it holds both large and small ones easily. We bought it at a restaurant supply store, and it comes in different sizes, so you can customize it to the width and depth of your drawers.


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1930 Spanish kitchen...98% complete! Photos.

posted by: yesdear on 08.23.2008 at 04:27 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hi GWers, DW and I have marveled at the beautiful work others have shown here. We were very grateful for the nice comments on our preview photo posted a couple of weeks ago.

And now...the range went in yesterday with the help of 5 burly guys and suddenly we are 98% done. Only some touch-up painting and installation of the DW panel, spice cab door and glass for the glass-front cabinet left to go.

When we are at 100% I'll post a gallery including "before" (yuk) and in-progress. I'll also include the new laundry area, at the extreme far end of these photos. For now, see below for shots of the kitchen. We made a few concessions to modernity, e.g., sacrificing the butler's pantry for 5 more feet of galley length and opening up the arch in the foreground--it used to be a narrow mahogany swinging door. Yet we wanted a kitchen worthy of our grand old Spanish Colonial Revival home. We think she is happy! Details at the very bottom.







Range - CornuFe in basic black.

Frig - Liebherr 60" built-in.

DW - Miele Optima with panel front. Panel is still at the paint shop.

Cabinets - locally made face-frame of birch with inset panel & bead detail on doors, melamine interiors, Blumotion hinges and all the internal bells & whistles.

Countertops - Brazilian Black soapstone, not oiled yet, with radiused corners and eased edge. Runnels by the sink. Mahogany top on the beadboard hutch.

Sinks - Rohl Shaws original 30" apron and 15" undermount prep with ISE Evolution disposers.

Faucets - Kohler Vinnata (K-690, K-691)in brushed nickel.

Cab hardware - "Duluth" 6" pulls and 1.25" knobs in brushed nickel from Restoration Hardware.

Appliance pulls - Top Knobs 12" pulls in BN. The DW will have one mounted horizontally--also serves as towel rack!

Floors - Original 1930 tongue-in-groove fir, sanded, repaired and refinished after removing 2 layers of linoleum.

Windows - Custom arched 3-lite pull casement, based on a ~1930 design I saw in the neighborhood.

Lighting - Schoolhouse Electric, all fluorescent GU24 except the pendants (too small for GU24 bulbs). Different ceiling mounts in kitchen, pantry and laundry.

Hood - Best PIK 45 with custom arched drywall enclosure and remote switch.

Tile Mural - our little secret! (JK, it's from Tierra y Fuego in San Diego.)

Backsplash - custom 2.5 x 5" Chardonnay color handmade subway by Ken Mason.

Paint - all BM, Country Lane green accent, Ivory White wall base color, Lemon Chiffon on cabs and trim.

Our CKD is Dana Jones, "The Kitchen Consultant," in Long Beach, CA. Our vision + Dana's creativity and attention to detail (this is Version 7 of the plan!) + our GC Bob Kaplan's superb and flexible execution = a nice result. We are well over time but pretty darn close to budget. We learned a LOT here. Hope you like it!


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Is anyone willing to share good make-ahead meals to freeze?

posted by: nomorebluekitchen on 09.13.2008 at 07:44 pm in Kitchens Forum

Kitchen to be demo'd Monday. Wish I'd thought of this earlier! If you have any favorite recipes that freeze well, please post or email. I still have all day tomorrow to cook :)



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RE: 1930 Spanish kitchen...98% complete! Photos. (Follow-Up #45)

posted by: yesdear on 08.24.2008 at 07:42 pm in Kitchens Forum

Well, we are blushing a little bit yet enjoying all the praise. Msroser--Here are the paint colors, all Benjamin Moore:

Wall base color: Ivory White (925) "Aura" water-base

Wall green accent color: Mountain Lane (488) "Aura" water-base--note that the original post has an incorrect name for this color

Cabinets and trim: Lemon Chiffon (932) oil-base

Countertops are soapstone, Brazilian Black 3 cm thickness, from Soapstone West in Escondido CA.

Mustbnuts--see the very end of the original post for details on our KD. It was a collaborative effort for sure, but her design sense, encyclopedic knowledge and clever use of space made her a great investment. Our GC is terrific too.

Several hinted at wanting to see the rest of the house. (She is indeed a beauty.) Maybe, once we get all dust out and the clutter back where it belongs. Arrgh!


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RE: Walk-in pantry -- can I see yours? (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: buehl on 05.24.2008 at 09:52 pm in Kitchens Forum

First off, if you want to see a really gorgeous pantry, check out SharB's pantry--it even has a chandelier. I'm using hers as my inspiration. The following information comes, I think, from SharB as well:

My pantry measures 4 feet wide by 5 feet deep. Starting at the top:

  • 18" top shelf to ceiling (hings I don't need often or are lightweight.)
  • 15" to next shelf (cereal boxes, etc.)
  • 10" to next (canned goods, etc.)
  • 10" to next (canned goods, etc.)
  • 16" to next (small appliances)
  • 20" from bottom shelf to floor (extra waters, heavy items)
  • I made the depth of the back shelf and the right side 12".
  • The left side is 6" and holds my husbands hot sauces and other small items.

SharB's pantry is pictured in this thread: I have a pantry suggestion... Ventilate!

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread: Anyone willing to share the inside of their pantry?


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RE: Help !!! Kitchen Pantry (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: rhome410 on 08.15.2008 at 10:00 pm in Kitchens Forum

Maybe I should've said why we chose those distances for our pantry?

The 19" from the floor was to fit those wheeled bins for my bulk storage.

My grain mill, gallon sized containers/jugs, cereal boxes, and paper towels can all stand in the 14 and 15" spaces.

10" is about perfect for stacking 2 standard sized cans (you can see in my photo) and for most condiment and salad dressing bottles...with just a little space to spare so they're not too tight to maneuver.


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RE: Help !!! Kitchen Pantry (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: mooring_girl on 08.15.2008 at 02:29 pm in Kitchens Forum

Shelving spacing depends on what you want to store in the pantry. Here is how mine worked out:

bottom shelf -- high enough to stack two cases of long neck beers underneath (as that is what goes on the floor)

next shelf up -- high enough to hold stand mixer, food processor and blender (fully assembled so as to not waste foot print space)

top shelf -- low enough to hold 20qt stock pot and rolls of 12 pack of paper towels

intermediate shelves -- three shelves spaced evenly between top shelf and one up from bottom

The upshot is that I have a few shelves spaced for tall items and the remaining shelves spaced for typical stuff. You will want to make sure that the smallest spacing is high enough to accommodate two stacked cans.

Allow some space for a flat-folding step stool so that you can reach stuff on the top shelf.

FWIW, prior to its remodel, my pantry was not functional. The aforementioned stand mixer was on the floor! I hated it so much that I wanted to get rid of it. Now I am very happy with it.

Best of luck.


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RE: Anyone see a pantry like this one? (Follow-Up #18)

posted by: natal on 08.09.2008 at 02:57 pm in Kitchens Forum

Mine is similar, but it butts up to a doorway, not a cabinet/counter. The top shelf is 9" deep, the 2nd & 3rd are 12" deep, the 4th 18", and the bottom 12". On the left side the top shelf is 9" deep and the rest are all 12". On the right all shelves are 8" deep.


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RE: What are your favorite kitchen gadgets for under $30? (Follow-Up #24)

posted by: scootermom on 08.11.2008 at 08:52 am in Kitchens Forum

Some great items here. I definitely need a couple of flat whisks and a microwave corn popper. And the bakeliner! I have some funny size pans.

This little scraper is a favorite of mine, for scraping gunk off pots and pans, without getting my sponge all gunky. Great for getting bread dough out of the mixing bowl, scrambled eggs out of a supposedly non-stick pan, etc. First used one of these on a camping trip with friends who had a dutch oven kitchen -- no soap allowed on their cast iron, just really HOT water and this scraper.

It's about the only thing from Pampered Chef that I like.

I have another favorite, but it cost $25 so long ago that I'm not sure it's still under $30. It's a vegetable cleaver from Dexter-Russell. Got my first one on a trip to San Fransisco; somehow lost it in my house (?). Ordered a replacement from Amazon a while back; can't find the exact same one now. :-( The one they have is bigger (and it's $43).

I bought that knife (and it's replacement) before Santoku knives became popular; maybe one of those would fill the bill if I ever need to replace mine.


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RE: What's your must-have cool kitchen item? (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: lenam on 06.27.2008 at 06:35 pm in Kitchens Forum

That would be my...
Perfect Tear Chrome Wall-mount Paper Towel Holder

Tired of struggling to tear a paper towel off in one piece? Or does your holder tip over every time you tug on a towel? Never let it happen again with this wall-mounting paper towel holder. It is designed so that you can tear and pull with one hand, encountering no problems. There's no unraveling. Holds both standard and oversized rolls. Includes mounting hardware.

Plus it makes these really cool ratchet sounds.
What a bargain at only $14.99!


Here is a link that might be useful: Towel holder at BB&B


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RE: How do you store a LARGE collection of spices? (Follow-Up #91)

posted by: drjoann on 06.17.2008 at 11:12 am in Kitchens Forum

Spice Rack

My DH designed and built this for me and attached it to the back of one of my pantry doors. I absolutely love it. Everything is alphabetized, at eye level and easy to find. He carefully chose the spacing and dowel heights so that both short and tall jars would sit there just fine. Also, it freed up quite a bit of space on the pantry shelves. He got tired of dinner being delayed because I was hunting for the spices so he decided to organize me.

Even though my pantry is not a walk-in, it is wide with two doors that open out. If we were going to stay in this house, I would have him build me another one to match since there is spillover of the less used blends that are still on the shelves. I really think I'll skip over the pre-made solutions for the new kitchen and have him replicate this.

Jo Ann


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RE: What's the best stainless steel cleaner? (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: lstevel on 01.25.2008 at 10:50 am in Appliances Forum

After trying many brands previously found here on other SS cleaning threads, I've found one that works well. It is Easy-Off Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish. The best features I like are ease of application (spray), streak free and no strong chemical smell. Purchased at "Smart & Final".


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RE: What's the best stainless steel cleaner? (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: lascatx on 01.23.2008 at 10:49 am in Appliances Forum

The only SS in my kitchen I have had any issues with cleaning has been my refrigerator (mine's Thermador). I don't know if it was because I used something different that then installers did or if it's just the nature of that finish.

Whatever it is -- I discovered my solution by accident. I had a sample of stainless polish. I have no idea where it was hiding since the reno but recently discovered it. I decide to try it on my ccoktop and hood, but it was very fluid instead of the thicker polish I was expecting and I poured half the sample bottle onto my cloth. It was way more than I could use there, so I went over to the fridge and gave it a try. It not only cleaned the front easier than anything, no streaks, but the clean has lasted longer than anything else I've tried. They say you can use it on wood, leather, plexiglass, Corian, Formica and other surfaces as well as stainless.

The stuff is Signature Polish and it is made for Subzero and Wolf. You have to order it from them (I searched and searched to try to find it), and the minimum order is 2 bottles at about $16 each. Their toll free number is 877-376-5474.

I can't vouch for it on other surfaces yet, but I'm thrilled to have someting easier to use on my hunk o' fridge. It has been two weeks since I last did the fridge and all I have done is wipe some sticky off the handles. It looks as good as it did freshly polished. Oh yes, and my dog doesn't lick it off the door(rendering the whole cleaning job useless) like she did the next best product I had used. LOL


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RE: What's the best stainless steel cleaner? (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: whenzuc on 01.22.2008 at 09:34 pm in Appliances Forum

There is an article in House Beautiful from a couple of months ago that addresses the maintainance of stainless steel. The article recommends a wax based aerosol spray called Stainless Steel cleaner/Polish from a company called Ball ( Use it once or twice a week to keep serface clean and free from finger prints as this adds a thin layer of wax.Fingerprints can easily be wiped away. Didn't try it yet, as my kitchen has not been started yet.


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RE: SO sick of my nay-saying Contractor who doesn't like IKEA!!! (Follow-Up #19)

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Well, thanks everyone - although you were supposed to look at the SINK... ;-)

The counters are solid wood, Pronomen beech. No stain. We had originally put them in as temporary counters, while saving $ for soapstone, but we really love them and have decided to keep them as they are. After we first installed them, we did the mineral oil thing for a few months, but it was just too much upkeep and the counters never really looked the way I wanted them to.

So we decided to do Waterlox, and I just love the counters now. They are smooth and easy to clean - water beads right up, and they don't stain like they did with just the oil. We put on 3 coats of the Waterlox Original sealer and finish. You don't want the marine finish - it's way too shiny and thick!

This is an old photo, and unfortunately I don't have any newer ones with me at this house (I'm in MN right now). I'll be going back to NJ in a few weeks, and I want to take some new updated pics then (with doors!). BTW, caligirl, the Scherr's doors are great too - you'll be pleased.

Here is a link that might be useful: Waterlox Original Sealer and Finish


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RE: Do Low voltage recessed lights really save any money? (Follow-Up #8)

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CFLs have come a long way... There are many people like you and I that don;t like the look of the older style CFLs.

but take a look at the CFLs from these two online bulb stores... CFLs now come in all shapes and sizes.


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RE: getting a handle on CA Title 24 (Follow-Up #3)

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For California kitchens this will be a solution that many turn to. Both Juno and Halo have 26 watt compact fluorescent 5" recessed housings that accept 2700K triple tube 4 pin compact fluorescent lamps. The fixtures can be ordered with dimming option or you can retrofit the ballasts. Lutron's HiLume ballast goes down to 1% and the TuWire goes down to 5%. TuWire is a bit cheaper. Clients have found this to be acceptacle in a haze or wheat haze trim which allows nice lamp position with less glare.

It is very difficult to comply with the code in any other way besides cheating as you've found. One has to overdo the fluorescent to get the desired amount of incandescent.


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RE: Fluorescent Choices (Follow-Up #10)

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What is the reason behind Title 24 -- it sounds so absurd?

See link below for another Greenlite source that I have used in past when I first researched the Greenlite brand. I see that is now charging 2 bucks more per R40 dimmable than I paid when I ordered 6 weeks ago for 11.95. Imagine Energy has always had them for 13.95. And, they readily shipped out another bulb when one in a box of 6 arrived broken.

Note: at that link they say 3000k, but that's a typo -- they are 2700k, as per Greenlite's packaging.

Here is a link that might be useful: Imagine Energy


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RE: Fluorescent Choices (Follow-Up #5)

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Almost our entire house is fitted with dimmable, screw-in CFLs -- and we have common triarc dimming switches. The new bulbs work fine with them.

We have not noticed any "greying" at all at dimmed settings and we use it a lot in the kitchen during parties. They dimm effortlessly down to 20%. They are Greenlite brand and range in price from 8.95 for a 23w dimmable spiral to 11.95 for an R40 dimmable flood.

The ones we get are 2700k or 3000k (warm, incandescent-type light), but you can also get 5000k sunlight-natural type light. We don't care for it, except in task reading lamps.

Two things to keep in mind: because of the larger ballast/base, an R40 is going to stick out very slightly from a typical sealed, ceiling can -- we do not mind that. And a spiral will not look good in a bathroom fixture unless the sconce is quite deep/long -- for those areas we stayed with incandescent. has the best prices.


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