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A lost Brother.....

posted by: fursey on 07.03.2006 at 06:19 pm in Grieving Forum

My Brother died of a Heart attack on 6/25. He was 47.
I am here in Alaska (Nome)and he was living in Arizona. My last words to him were not friendly to him at all, although we did get along very well before this.I haven't spoken with him in years.
I am lost here and have feelings I never experienced before.
I've lashed out at my Fiance, who has been very sweet and supportive thru all this and Laura, I am sorry I treated you with disrespect.
Been having trouble sleeping and when I do eat, I have problems keeping things down.
I have been talking to him and taking long walks to the beach, in hopes of some sort of comfort.
I haven't found any yet.
I am feeling guilty that I wasn't able to talk with him on a more friendly note. His children have been talking with me since this happened and are taking it very well.
Upset, confused, lost are just some of the feelings I have.
I've read some of the postings here and that does help. I know this will take time to heal, or at least be able to function without crying.
Any words would be greatly appreciated.......


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