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RE: Gift card shower? (Follow-Up #29)

posted by: foxxxglove on 09.08.2011 at 04:45 pm in Wedding Forum

Nancy Louise - if my friends and family have no issue with this why do perfect strangers? Some of my gift cards are going to expire so instead of them going waste I thought I would use them to throw a party for my friends and family (who would be the same people who came to my shower) as I don't usually have parties as I can't really afford this type of expense, to say "thanks". I guess I could go out and buy myself something I would really need or use but this seems wasteful and spending time with people I care about seemed to me like a better idea.
I live on a very tight budget and giftcards for everyday use like grocery stores, gas cards, department stores have been a god-send to me. I don't need another lamp, or set of sheets, my kitchen has all the utensils it will hold. I don't need the latest or best of anything and my friends and family know this. The bought me what I would need to make my life eaiser in my first years of marriage when things would be tough. This was the greatest gift they could give me - peace of mind that I would be meeting my bills and getting a good start in life due to the fact that their gift cards would pay for the little day to day things I would need. IF that meant that couldn't watch me open up a set of dishes or a bunch of towels, they really didn't mind.
Maybe you have no issue making ends meet but I don't have a big house, I don't wear the latest fashions, I don't have everything I want, I live fairly basicly and money can be a stuggle for me from time to time.
I'm sorry you all think this is tacky or that my friends and family who had this shower for me really are talking behind my back about how ungracious and tacky I am but you must live in a different world than I do where people care more about the party than what it's truly meant for - helping a new couple get a good start.
I posted the original message as I thought that it was very one-sided and that certain posters were using words to describe this type of party as disgusting and I thought I would try to give another opinion as there are people around who would really appreciate this type of shower.


should say "I guess I could go out and buy myself something I wouldn't really need or use but this seems wasteful
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