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weed or perennial?

posted by: flowergirl78 on 04.11.2013 at 04:49 pm in Weeds Forum

Can someone please identify this plant for me? It seems to be spreading via runners from the area where I have Oenothera growing, however the Oenothera sprouts currently growing do not have the red/purple veining and margins this plant displays. I'm assuming it's a weed because I did not plant it! It looks similar to an Ajuga to me... but until I know for sure, I'm considering this a weed. Any ideas?


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pruning smoke bush into smoke tree

posted by: flowergirl78 on 02.05.2013 at 05:42 pm in Shrubs Forum

I have a purple smoke bush that was here when we got our house in 2006. I have hated it for years because it was planted not 4 feet from a lilac bush which it towers over and crowds into. It just looks ugly and awkward in the space. I butchered it one year hoping to keep it smaller. I found out later it loved my harsh treatment and responded with more vigorous growth. I'm realizing now that my hate might actually be because I have misunderstood this shrub. So, my last effort at making amends with it is to prune back the top growth to match the height of the lilac bush it is married to, but am worried that more growth will be stimulated where I prune (at desired height)- anyone have any help on that? Also, I'd really like to prune it into a tree form. This bush has SO many thick stems growing from soil, how do I go about doing this? Do I cut back AT ground level or do I cut back BELOW ground level? Just don't want a "Medusa" effect to happen and have 5 limbs grow to every 1 I cut back! Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated! :)


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