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RE: Schefflera pruning advice (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: Joe1980 on 06.21.2011 at 10:38 pm in House Plants Forum

I have a variegated one also, and I do manage to keep it as a bushy plant, rather then tall & leggy. I grow mine right on the front lines in a south window, and it does great. Mine originally was the same as yours, a few taller, single trunked stems. To get mine wider and bushier, I cut off the tops, at about 1 foot. I pinch out the apical growth at the tips, which promotes backbudding from lower down on the branch. It takes patience, because it takes a bit of energy to pop buds on the older growth. Just keep pinching out the top growth, and you will eventually start getting branch buds on the trunks. I would suggest though, that because you have several of them, that you indeed form the tall one into a single trunked tree. I've seen these guys pruned into a standard at nurseries, and they look great. If I had room, I'd grow one that way, but I have too many plants that I've let grow into trees, taking up all my sunny space. For the one you chose to grow into a taller tree, don't pinch the top growth, just let it get taller. Once you get it to the height you desire, then you can start the pinching. This will get you the backbuds, which you can then grow out. If you pinch ALL growth, it will thicken the trunk up, but remember, more leaves means more energy, so I find it better to let it grow, keeping in mind what the ultimate shape will be. Once you start getting some size to the trunk, you can start shaping more. Keep in mind that growing a plant into a standard (tree shape) will take years, which is where the patience comes in.



Schefflera arboricola
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Has anyone experienced problems with Generic Chinese made quartz?

posted by: lolittakat on 10.18.2012 at 01:33 pm in Kitchens Forum

My husband and I are trying to modernize our kitchen on a very small budget. We were recently searching for floor tile when we came across quartz counter top slabs at a Chinese shop. We got a price quote, and with installation, it will cost us around $1200. We were amazed with the price as we thought we couldn't afford new counters at this time, but i guess we could squeeze and extra grand if we finance more appliances. For a price comparison we got a quote from the least expensive Cesar Stone dealer, the price triples. We were removing our old counter last weekend, when the sample of the Chinese quartz fell and a corner of it broke off and shuttered. This is raising red flag with us. Isn't quarts supposed to be one of the strongest materials? on the other hand, it fell of the counter height, and we are not planning on dropping our new counter top. Do you think it's safe to proceed our choice of a generic brand? We need to make a decision fast as we don't have a countertop at the moment.


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