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RE: help with hardwood floor stain (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: zeebee on 03.14.2010 at 02:07 pm in Kitchens Forum

We used Minwax on white oak floors and came up with the perfect combination for us for a dark floor with warm golden undertones: one coat Red Mahogany, let dry, then top with one coat of Jacobean. Don't do a mix of the two because you want the warmer red to sink in before topping with the ashier Jacobean stain. Our floor guy was so impressed, he used the mix in his own home.


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RE: Do you have polished calacutta marble countertop? (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: segbrown on 08.04.2010 at 10:49 am in Kitchens Forum

I have polished calacatta gold, and I'm happy with it. Yes, it does show etching, but I don't notice it unless I'm looking for it or if the light hits it a certain way. I don't see the etching every time I look at it, in other words. But there is a lot of it.

The thing is, it's kind of an individual deal, so I can't tell you if you'll be happy or not, of course. Patina doesn't bother me.



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RE: Cab Quotes & show me Beaded Inset vs Inset (Follow-Up #14)

posted by: beekeeperswife on 05.24.2012 at 09:06 pm in Kitchens Forum

Yep, tell Jason you are from GW. This way he can be prepared for another TKO customer! lol

Dutch Wood is family business. They are great to deal with. They are in Myerstown, PA.

Finestra, yours are the pale blue cabinets right? Did you know Jason is going to do an island in the showroom in that color?

My cabinets are full overlay "with little cabinet showing" is how they are described. They have a little groove need the edges of the doors. Lots of things are included in their base price (plain glass is not an upcharge, utensil drawer included, tilt outs under the sink, the insides of the cabinets are painted if you do painted cabinets, and so on). I was also able to ask for other Amerock hardware that he didn't have on display and I got it without an upcharge.



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RE: Too many tile choices!!! (Follow-Up #7)

posted by: charlikin on 08.25.2008 at 11:36 pm in Bathrooms Forum

I agree that most porcelain tile that purports to look like stone doesn't look like it at all (except maybe when photographed from a distance). You can usually make out the screen printing dots... sometimes they even seem out of focus! The European tile companies seem to do a better job, so you just have to keep going from tile store to tile store till you find "the good stuff".

The tile I'm getting is Keraben Augusta Bone. It's a rough-textured tile and looks about as close to natural stone as I think you can get in porcelain.

I've seen a couple of other tiles that look just as close, if not closer. This one is Panaria Kult White Stone:

And this is Centuri Pangea:

Hey, looking at these pictures, I almost just had a crisis of faith thinking I liked the last one better than the one I decided to get! (It's from a different store - it would be kind of embarrassing to switch vendors at this point!) But I realized the thing I like about the first tile is the "veining" in the tile. It comes the closest to the tile in a bathroom display I saw at Expo that I consider my "gold standard". (Expo, of course, couldn't tell me what *that* tile was!!! Really, they had no idea! LOL.)


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RE: Too many tile choices!!! (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: bluekitobsessed on 08.25.2008 at 05:25 pm in Bathrooms Forum

My method for kitchen tile:
1. Look at KD's inspirations. All of them are wrong. Realize that you don't know what you want, but whatever you do want, she's not finding it. No decision.
2. Go to upscale tile store recommended by KD.
3. MEGO (my eyes glaze over) at too many choices. Drool a lot. When helpful person offers to get prices, point at "this one" aka a whole wall with 500 samples. Giggle uncontrollably. Get carted out of store by security.
4. Look at FKB for inspiration. Realize that you like them all, but none of them fit in your kitchen. Throw out all ideas.
Repeat steps #2-4 ad nauseam.
5. Go to HD. Pick out box of Daltile (white, plain, boring, cheap). Feel great joy at having made a decision.
6. Look at finished kitchens on GW and realize that you made the wrong decision.
7. Realize that no one else's would look right in your kitchen.
Repeat step #s 6 & 7 ad nauseam.
For bathroom tile:
1. Ignore tile decision until you see a tile that you really, really like. Which has been four years so far.


Too funny because it's soooo true.
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Finished master bath-- tub, blue and white

posted by: NaRo on 05.26.2012 at 11:44 am in Bathrooms Forum

More than a year after a giant tree smashed our house, we're back home.

I got a lot of help from these forums during the long rebuilding process. Thank you all so much for your generosity of knowledge and spirit.

Here's how one of my favorite rooms-- the master bath-- turned out:







Details include:

Victoria and Albert "York" tub
Tub filler and hand shower from Signature Hardware
Fairfax by Kohler lav and shower faucets
Farrow and Ball "Borrowed Light" mixed in Benjamin Moore walls
Benjamin Moore "Simply White" cabinets and trim
Custom cabinets and shower
I Bianchi di Rex Calacatta porcelain tile-- matte on floors, shiny on shower walls
Super White countertops, shower threshold, and shelves in shower niche
Gatco Designer II mirrors
Lowe's Raleigh towel rings, bars, and hooks


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RE: Does this look like fake or real marble to you ? (Follow-Up #18)

posted by: enduring on 05.04.2013 at 09:00 am in Bathrooms Forum

Ok, here goes. This was a good exercise for me too. As I see that the "Calacatta Extra" has an ever so slight hint of warmth in the white background. Remember that calacatta is a warm color compared to carrara that is grayish as I understand it. The real calacatta that I saw at the stone yard was very very warm and tannish.

As you look at Hobokenkitchen's bathroom, you will see that her marble vanity top does not exactly match the floor. There is separation between the two elements, except at the backsplash. But that tile is the show stopper, and the counter, to me is a secondary element. What I noticed online at the Atlas Concorde site is that they never used real stone in any of their installations that are shown in their gallery pictures. All of the surfaces are other man made counters of some sort. A nice play on texture, and color.

As I took pictures I have a block of typical carrara marble, then a small square of a chinese tile from an online source (sort of looked like the honed US made Iris that I took back with the ruddy look), the extremely large tile 30x30" is the Italian made Marvel "Calacatta Extra" in the matte or honed finish (not the shiny finish), 2 squares of the US made Iris in the polished, then last, I have a sample of the Johnson tile (like you have).

I staged this photo shoot with SNOW. The last of the snow, that fell over the last two days in Iowa! Can you believe it!!! Anyway, that is something white to use as reference :)

The Marvel Calacatta Extra from Atlas Concorde and snow:
 photo IMG_4206_zpsf6d688c9.jpg

Next to the more ruddy tile sample that was similar in color to the honed Iris, but is not the honed Iris:
 photo IMG_4210_zps7df89ceb.jpg

Polished Iris on the bottom of the picture (2 of them), the large Calacatta Extra, the Johnson tile on the right, and a piece of real carrara:
 photo IMG_4215_zps171bc215.jpg

Calacatta Extra on the left and Johnson on the right:
 photo IMG_4226_zps2fbdea8d.jpg

Iris on the left and Calacatta Extra on the right with the carrara block:
 photo IMG_4236_zpsf6c1d900.jpg

All of it together:
 photo IMG_4240_zps5e73dd8e.jpg

My assessment is that the Calacatta reads a very slight red in the white, but the gray veining is nice with the carrara gray. The honed chinese sample (looks like the honed Iris to me) is defenetally ruddy all over, in the background white and the veining is rusty colored. The Iris polished is whiter background from the Calacatta Extra. The Johnson tile has the whitest background and a nice gray vein.

Did this help, or ADD TO THE CONFUSION? I know I'm confused :)

A few more with a walnut table. I will be using walnut in the room. I always see a little yellow in walnut.
 photo IMG_4242_zps005eb94c.jpg

 photo IMG_4246_zps068e01c1.jpg

 photo IMG_4248_zps50e3f66e.jpg

 photo IMG_4254_zps085c09b2.jpg

Here is a link that might be useful: Marvel Collection from Atlas Concorde in Italy


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Pictures of completed bathroom

posted by: dedtired on 08.30.2010 at 04:52 pm in Bathrooms Forum

Hi. I took some pictures of my new bathroom. It's still missing accessories (& a TP holder!) so it looks a bit bare.

Here are the details for those who may be interested:

Tub: Kohler Expanse (I adore this)
Handheld Showerhead: Grohe Relexa Rustica
All other fixtures: Kohler Kelston
Sink: Kohler Ladena undermount
Vanity: Bertch Morocco in Fawn (?)
Toilet: Kohler Memoirs Stately
Exhaust fan: Panasonic
Heated floor: EasyHeat
Subway & Floor tile: Vallelunga Villa Adriana in Calcatta (porcelain)
Glass tile: Crystal Stone Mosiac in Ivory
Shower Rod: Moen Curved

There were a few glitches along the way, but not many and I am very pleased with the result.

Tub / Shower area:
Tub Shower

Close up of niche and subways:

Vanity area with glass shelves to the right:
Vanity w shelves

Detail of backsplash and Kelston faucets:
Kelston Faucet & Backsplash

Kohler Ladena sink
Ladena Sink

Switches and dials! Thermostat for floor

Floor and my toes (I'm Not a Waitress by OPI):

If I can give you any more info, just ask. I got plenty of help by reading this forum. Thanks for looking!


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RE: pony wall (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: mongoct on 04.17.2010 at 06:03 pm in Bathrooms Forum

If framed with 2x4s, the framing itself will be 3-1/2" wide. Half-inch drywall on each side of the framing will balloon it to 4-1/2" wide. Then if you add baseboard...add that thickness to each side.

The thing is that 5" wide wall is usually all wasted space.

Several times I'll widen the pony wall into a 10-12" wide cabinet for added storage.


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Finished marble family bath with marine-inspired touches

posted by: na_praha on 03.03.2011 at 01:59 pm in Bathrooms Forum

Many, many moons past the scheduled end date, our tiny family bath renovation is complete. Our house is a 1925 Baltimore rowhouse, so we kept it period- and neighborhood-appropriate, sticking to big box and online sources to keep costs in check.

There are definitely things I'd do differently, like fighting for our shampoo niches, which the contractor nixed as too time consuming. The grout is darker than we'd asked for, but I've grown to like it. We also had radiant heat floor mats installed, and they take at least 45 minutes to warm up, so are sort of useless (though I've read you can hook them up to a programmable thermostat to avoid waiting around). And we need to raise the vanity pendants, because the medicine cabinet door bumps the left one and shorts it out. But all in all we're very happy. Many thanks for all the inspiration from these boards, especially to Yillimuh, who consulted on the IKEA Godmorgan vanity. More photos are on my blog, linked below.




Vanity, towel hardware, eye chart: IKEA
Faucet: Danze Parma
Medicine Cabinet: Kohler Archer
Vanity Pendants:
Toilet: Kohler Cimarron
Tub: Kohler (Home Depot in stock)
Tub filler: Price Pfister (can't recommend - the finish gets spotty immediately and it's not nearly as adjustable as the Danze Parma)
Floor tile: Home Depot
Bath field tile: Home Depot 12x12 marble cut down to 6x12
Small square trim tile: ebay
Bullnose tile: Home Depot
Open shelving: custom
Overhead light: salvaged
Paint: Martha Stewart Living Bakery Box White

Here is a link that might be useful: More photos on


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