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Bluestar RNB366BV1 and Vent a Hood

posted by: firemedic1198 on 05.20.2013 at 11:56 am in Kitchens Forum

I officially created an account so I can thank everyone on here for all of the information I found on this site. We ended up getting a Bluestar RNB366BV1 range and a Vent-a-Hood PRXH18-242 hood. There seem to be pretty strong opinions both ways for the Bluestar ranges on here. We've had it for a month so far and have no complaints. The hood does a great job removing smoke and odors. Bought the range and hood from Clark Appliance in Indianapolis. They also installed them and we are very satisfied. The oven and hood were one of our big purchases when gut/renovating my wife's grandparent's 100+ year old farmhouse. I'll try to attach a picture of what we got as well. This site was a great resource for many of the decisions we made.


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Wall mounted commercial sprayer and farm sink

posted by: firemedic1198 on 05.20.2013 at 12:14 pm in Kitchens Forum

For any interested in a way to use a wall mounted sprayer on an exterior wall, this was our workaround. Had a local metalworker make the stainless backsplash for behind the sink to mount the faucet to. All of the plumbing is still "inside" the house (no plumbing inside the wall).

The sprayer is a Krowne 17-109WL and the sink is a Whitehaus WH3018. Got the sink from (found them via Gardenweb). Can't remember exactly where we ordered the sprayer from.

You may notice that there is a height difference from the stainless backsplash and the countertops. My intent is to (eventually) make concrete countertops and I had the stainless made to that future height. The countertops a just laminate. The installer did put strips of solid surface countertop under the laminate along the edges of the sink to prolong the life of the countertops in a wet area. He wanted to make sure I knew that laminate countertops and an undermount farm sink don't match - which I understood. I figured once the countertop started to delaminate, that would prompt me to make the concrete countertops. He said with the addition of the solid-surface strips, it should last a long time.

I used clear silicone to seal around the sink.


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