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RE: seal or not to seal ? (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: bill_vincent on 03.06.2007 at 06:17 pm in Kitchens Forum

how do you know if you have one of the "none seal" types of granite?

Go to the following link. You'll see two links at the top of the page-- A-L and M-Z. Click on the appropriate link and look up your stone. Anything with less than .25% absorbsion does NOT need to be sealed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Granite Tables


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Roof view of our pool...

posted by: dischnell on 01.08.2007 at 03:35 pm in Pools & Spas Forum

Here is a picture that DH took while removing Christmas lights. The landscaping isn't completely done as I just finished painting the retaining wall this afternoon. All the vibernum bushes (about 24 of them) that you see behind the pool are going to go all around the back and sides of the deck (wherever the retaining wall is) and then surrounded with lava rock. The middle planter is complete, but hard to see from this view. We actually used brown rubber chipped mulch in the middle planter because DH wanted a dark brown color in there rather than lava rock, but he didn't want to use standard mulch. I'll take actual "landscaping pictures" when landscaping is done. I just thought that this would give a pretty good idea of what our true water color is. I think it was pretty sunny out this day. Enjoy!

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It's called an Arenga Palm aka a Dwarf Sugar Palm. I'll get an up close picture of it sometime soon. It is a really unique looking palm and withstands cold temperatures. It was pretty hard to find since there were only two nurseries that I found in the area that carried them. Some didn't even know what I was looking for when I asked for this palm! It is a very slow grower and only gets to 12 feet maximum. The one I have is around 5-6 feet right now.
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