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RE: American Range Performer - experiences of recent buyers? (Follow-Up #35)

posted by: goldenguy on 12.26.2013 at 12:26 pm in Appliances Forum

@ Hans you may want to start your own thread, probably won't get a lot of traction in this one about CC or BS.

Couple more items I've noticed about my ARPS in the last couple days:

1. the oven makes quite a bit of noise while running/cycling. There's a metal boom sound every 20 minutes or so even running at 250, and it's not limited to preheat/cool down. It seems to happen while the oven is on in general. Maybe this will cease the longer I use it? it's a little annoying.

2. The infrared ceramic broiler is awesome. It's not very big, but I seared the daylights out of a fat ribeye with it. Very nice.

3. Simmer performance is excellent. Using the large 25K burner on "simmer" I kept a large pan of mashed potatoes piping hot with no scorching for over an hour while I was working on that ribeye. There's a little "flickering" on some of the outer ring gas orifices of the burner but it seemed to lessen once the burner was running for a while.


The bangs and booms are caused by some of the flat pieces of sheet metal. When a flat piece of sheet metal is heated it will distort and may make a popping or booming noise. It is called oil canning. It will not hurt anything. Some ovens will do it more than others.
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