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Anyway to "trick" variable speed air handler

posted by: fgaston on 11.05.2012 at 12:03 pm in Heating & Air Conditioning Forum


I've converted to pellet stoves and want to use my attic air handler to circulate heat thru bedrooms. I'm told by FirstCo, the air handler mfg, as well as HVAC contractor when you have unit on continuous fan only, there is no way to regulate the variable speed fan and it will only run at 50% of speed of heat setting (500-600cfm) which isn't enough.

Anyone have any ideas for rewiring to force the air handler to run at a higher CFM?

Can I replace the variable motor with non-variable, or would the cost be prohibitive?

Lastly, if I'm out of luck, do the thru the wall fans you can buy do the trick?

Thanks, Fred


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