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custom refrigerator handle pulls for paneled refrigerator door

posted by: makepar on 11.22.2007 at 01:28 pm in Kitchens Forum

would like to committ to a monogram 42" wide frige/freezer but would like to know if there are other door handles available for those with a custom overlay panel? i know, am not thrilled with the tubular steel they offer . . . . matching the fatter handle on the pro double oven might work . . . . but my dilemma is my drawer pulls are of the cup type (around the kitchen). . . any suggestions or places to search? thank you robert a.


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RE: Christopher Peacock Kitchens (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: mamadadapaige on 07.28.2008 at 07:53 am in Kitchens Forum

what's your favorite?

I like the Refractory Kitchen the best (the first image from the non-real estate pics), but also adore the wood floors with stained blocks on the diagonal.

thanks for sharing.


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What do you wish you had done differently? [Part 2]

posted by: buehl on 02.05.2008 at 08:53 pm in Kitchens Forum

Now that the previous thread of the same name has reached the limit of maximum posts (150), I thought I'd start a new one.

My two big "wishes" right now are:

(1) I wish I had insisted the contractor or at least a second party measure my kitchen as a "double-check" to my KD's measurements

(2) I wish we had opened up the ceiling and walls somewhat to determine if we could vent our cooktop in the layout's proposed location...before we finalized the layout! We knew the ceiling was going to be completely removed w/the renovation, we should have gone ahead and removed some of it ahead of time.

BTW...if you want to keep the previous thread, save it now before it falls off!

Here is a link that might be useful: Previous Thread: What do you wish you had done differently?


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RE: Best advice from this forum (Follow-Up #108)

posted by: houscrzy on 03.05.2008 at 12:48 am in Kitchens Forum

I learned so, so, so much from these forums--I basically consulted these forums for almost every decision in a whole house remodel. I really don't know what I would have done without them! The two things that stand out for me (and that I didn't see mentioned above)

--Susan Jablon glass tile. Everyone who comes in my house walks up to my backsplash and has to touch it. I had just about given up the idea of a glass tile backsplash before finding out about her site on this forum. The price of her tile, even with shipping, was about half of what I could have bought it for locally and it is gorgeous!

--reading about internet retailers and great products on here gave me the confidence to go ahead and order a lot of items (like the Ticor sink) on line. I never would have done that sight unseen without all the helpful feedback here. And I had essentially universally a good experience with all of the on line retailers.


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Rate the noise of your oven's cooling fan!

posted by: pammo on 08.30.2007 at 10:18 pm in Appliances Forum

I've read through all the threads commenting on the noise of cooling fans in modern ovens, and I have to say it make me want to look into buying an antique! The last thing I want is to listen to a loud fan while eating dinner, but I'm afraid I may have no choice. So help me out if you can. How noisy is your oven's fan? Is it a wall oven or part of a range? How long does the fan stay on after you turn the oven off?

I'd especially like to hear from anyone who has an electric wall oven with no fan at all.

Many thanks, Pam

Here is a link that might be useful: thread on oven fans


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Countertop decisions--help?

posted by: teched on 01.25.2008 at 04:40 pm in Kitchens Forum

I value everyone's opinion here on GW, and I am hope you can steer me in the right direction. My kitchen will have oak floors in an antique brown to match the rest of my home, and the cabinets are a painted and distressed ivory. They are not shaker, but are a simple traditional look--think early American. I toyed with soapstone, but I really need some color--the blacks and dark greens just don't work for me or in this kitchen. (I love soapstone, don't get me wrong, it just is too dark in this kitchen.)

I looked through the FKB, and most of the ivory cabinets seem to have soapstone or honed AB granite. The other colors I see a lot of are the white/gold granites. DH is voting for the golds, but they just look sort of washed out on the ivory cabinets. I have been looking at a Bordeaux-colored granite. Red is my favorite color and I have it in the adjacent, although not open, DR.

Has anyone used this combination who would be willing to share pictures? Any other color combinations anyone has tried?


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Finished - Before/After pictures (finally!)

posted by: mysterymachine on 03.01.2008 at 04:45 pm in Kitchens Forum


This one gives you a better idea of how tight it was in the actual kitchen - if the fridge was open and the oven was open at same time there wasn't enough room for a person between

The wall that was removed:

Sorry I couldn't find any pictures of the dining room "before" it was just a plain carpeted rectangular room.

Now for the good stuff.. the after!

I have to mention that many of the after pictures were taken by the GC's photographer and are copyrighted so cannot be used without permission (he said I had to say that before I posted the pics).

The dining table and chairs we had before. All the design was done by me with lots of help from gardenweb - especially on the layout (at first my DW didn't trust me to do it and wanted to hire a designer but I think I did really well) the exceptions are the acrylic in the dining room was designed by my GC and the cabinets in the dining I gave general layout to the cabinet folks but they did the finished design (kitchen cabs I did all the design/layout). I used google sketchup for all the design.

The structural changes were removing the dining wall and bumping back just the chunk of the wall behind the wall ovens a couple feet. I also added a pocket door into the opening from the TV room to the kitchen as well (the last of the "before" pictures is taken from where the pocket door was put in).

There are so many details I could spend an hour typing them and still leave something out - so instead if you have any questions ask and I will respond :) One thing not noticeable in the pics is the cupboard on the right in the dining cabs is actually a beverage fridge. There is pullout trash+recycle in both the kitchen and dining.

And people always ask about the diswasher, yes its an 18" dishwasher, and they always ask why I went for a small one - becuase its the only way I could get the layout I wanted with the dishwasher to the left of the sink and where I could unload the whole dishwasher without moving my feet. The efficiency in loading/unloading more than makes up for the extra loads I have to run. Its a Miele with the silverware tray and I would estimate I only lose about 20% capacity compared to my old dishwasher.

The backsplash was done by my brother, its completely custom cut (as in he had a pile of leftover slab of rock from some other jobs of his and he cut all the peices to the exact size so it would be 2 tiles high on point). I bought the fossils on ebay over a 3 month period or so.

What's sad is the granite is the highlight of the kitchen and none of these pictures show it well. If you look close on the 3rd picture there you can see that it has black streaks and the picture with the sink you can see dark streaks there as well (in that area the streaks are dark grey)

Any questions? :)


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Best pull-down/pull-out faucets?

posted by: johnnieb on 02.20.2008 at 01:03 pm in Kitchens Forum

What are some of the better kitchen faucets with a pull-down or pull-out sprayer? I looked at several last weekend and just can't make up my mind--I can't even decide if I want the kind that goes up and then down, or that just arches out gently. Can anybody recommend any? What are some of the better brands? Are there any we should avoid? What should we be looking for in the first place, besides pure looks? We're looking for something with a modern, streamlined look. We DON'T want a separate sprayer off to the side--but do the pull-down/out sprayers work well?

BTW our allowance for a kitchen faucet is $400. Is that reasonable for a decent faucet? Is there any hope we could get a good faucet for less? (We're trying really, really hard not to go broke from this renovation!)

How on earth do people make all these decisions without going nuts???


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