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RE: Size of Master Suite-Bathroom and Closet (Follow-Up #20)

posted by: pps7 on 09.03.2011 at 06:25 pm in Building a Home Forum

Our home is 3800 square feet.

Master is 16 x 14. Room enough for a king size bed, armoire (we store linens, but you could put a tv in it). We don't have a reading chair but there's enough room by the patio doors if I want to put one in the future. I don't like to hang out in my bedroom. just sleep and maybe read. Tv's were banned from our master many years ago.

Anything bigger than 16 x 14 and you'll have to buy extra furniture to fill the space.

Our master bath is 12x16. A little extravagant-yes. Our closet is 9 x 14'. Yes, that's extravagant as well. But we use it and it keeps everything organized.





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Anyone have the Electrolux Icon All Fridge / All Freezer?

posted by: kpowers on 04.09.2010 at 10:02 pm in Appliances Forum

I know there are a few posts out there about the Electolux 'twins', but I am looking for anyone who has purchased theirs in the last year or so. These units have gotten alot of bad press in the past (2007 and 2008), but they seem to have made improvments in 2009 models. I'm asking because I am currently remodeling my entire kitchen, and I really want to get the Electrolux Icon all fridge/all freezer set up and I do have the space.

Does anyone know if you can buy the 4" riser without the trim kit? If anyone has these units, would it be possible to post some more pictures of these in your kitchen? I am having a hard time visualize a 66" span of stainless. Does anyone have any performance issues to report?

Alternatively, I have also been considering the Icon counter depth FD without the water/ice dispenser (scheduled for release this month or May). As I said, I do have the space for the all fridge/all freezer, but it would be very helpful for me to reclaim 30" for another purpose. I just can't get used to the idea of bending down into a freezer drawer. I have used these in my mom's house and at a friend's, and they seem to go against my sense of order ie everything stacked on top of another. Does anyone have any thoughts, positive or negative, on either the twins or the FD, to help me in my decision making?

Thank you!


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