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RE: Starman's Quest (Follow-Up #13)

posted by: beachlily on 06.04.2010 at 05:46 pm in Daylily Forum

OK, I walked the garden and looked at my picture album. I had the daylilies holding up their leaves saying look at me! I don't do Photobucket, need to do Photoshop first, and haven't done that either. I'm a gardener! Anyway, here is the list. You might look at Tinkers or email me through my page on the Gardenweb.

JOY OF LIFE. Jack Carpenter, 2006, 30" tall,6" bloom. Bright orange, single then double blooms.

HURRICANE SWIRLS. Pat Stamile, 2006, 36" tall, 6" bloom. Purple with gold or white edges and angel wings. Hint: hangs up when those silly angel wings happen.

ORLANDO TRUFFLE. David Kirchhoff, 2005, 33" tall, 5.75" bloom. Saffron gold double with orange red halo. Had this a while, it won't go away. Beautiful!!

THIN MAN. Dan Trimmer, 2002, 42" tall 12" Spider. Bright red self with yellow eye that drips down the bloom. Awesome!

BRER RABBIT'S BABY. Ned Roberts, 2002, 30" tall 5" bloom. Black red UFO crispate with personality.

PAHOKEE PRINCESS. Mort Morss, 2003, 26" tall, 5" bloom. pastel peach pink with lavender eye outlined in purple. In my garden, this baby is PINK. Blooms like a fool!

BACK SCRATCHER. Dan Hansen, 2006, 33" tall, 7" bloom. Purple with lavender watermark and white toothy edge. It's a UF Crispite.

HELIX. P. Stamile, 2002, 33" tall, 9" bloom. Early in the year, 26" bloom and lousy budcount. I complained. The daylily looked at me and said, "Look, 11 scapes and you're complaining!" Oh well, can't argue with a daylily. He is bordeau red and curls. On rebloom, he'll get 33" but makes up lousy budcount with more multiple scapes.

These are my keepers. I've posted pictures at hybridizer dot net and click on "registered gallery". All the pictures are there! Everyone who posts to this gallery understands that anyone can use their pictures. It is all voluntary, and I need to update some of my photos there.

If you have questions, just ask. There are other cultivars, but I love the above.


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