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Chair Pads there's got to be a better way!

posted by: lindabarbara on 12.27.2011 at 05:45 pm in Home Decorating Forum

I'm trying to steady myself and be calm and logical as I write this post. I have been wrestling with chair seat cushions on my kitchen counter stools for far too long. I have purchased cushions made of heavy material to 'anchor' them to the seats; I have purchased cushions that tie with lovely bows; I have purchased cushions that loop around the spindles on the chair backs, I have even tried placing non slip rug padding on the seats to anchor the cushions. Nothing seems to work.

What I have is a variety of cushions that have been mended and sewn multiple times and still I have the same problem. Is there any solution or do I simply remove the cushions and resign myself to the fact that there isn't a cushion or chair pad made that doesn't have this problem?

Thanks for listening--I feel better now.


velcro, 20-inch pillows, picture hanging tape strips
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RE: Mold growing under grout? (pics included) (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: canadamom on 09.03.2011 at 10:38 pm in Bathrooms Forum

this is pretty common in bathtubs/showers. I have had it in the corner of my bathtub. This is how I got rid of it, and it worked like magic. soak a large rag in bleach, lay it on the moldy spot, and keep it there for 24 hours. it should be gone when you remove the rag, Good Luck!

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Honed travertine in shower?

posted by: greenacreslady on 08.19.2011 at 01:17 pm in Bathrooms Forum

Have any of you used honed travertine on your shower walls, and if so are you satisfied with it? We had selected polished travertine for the shower walls and matching honed travertine for the bathroom floors. I've learned that the supplier only has enough polished to do half of the shower, so rather than do half polished and half honed in the shower, the contractor suggests switching to all honed travertine. I'm aware of the issues with upkeep, maintenance, sealing etc with travertine, but don't know if honed will hold up for shower walls as well as polished would (in my mind anyway).

Thanks for any input. We're needing to make a quick decision, as the demo is scheduled to start next week. I've been a member of one of the gardening forums here for a long time, and happened to come across the home side, and have been lurking for a while and gathering some great ideas.

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RE: Carpet tile recommendations (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: bert76 on 12.02.2009 at 11:04 am in Basements Forum

I have a friend who is an office furniture/flooring salesperson. She has FLOR Interface/Nikko/Kanto for about $1.10/sq foot from an over-order situation.

Our other option is Milliken Legato Touch in Tradewinds for $1.99/sq foot.

The Legato has an integrated pad, which would make it softer, but also more likely to absorb moisture. The FLOR tiles are cheaper and easier to clean if an accident happens, but it won't be as soft to play on.



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RE: Carpet tile recommendations (Follow-Up #7)

posted by: steve_o on 01.25.2011 at 07:54 pm in Basements Forum

shiane, I bought carpet from Carpet Bargains for a rental property of mine. It wasn't their 69-cent carpet -- it was one of their small odd lots -- but it was delivered promptly by real people and has been terrific in service. I'd buy from them again.


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RE: Carpet tile recommendations (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: barbcollins on 12.12.2009 at 08:30 pm in Basements Forum

We installed these Berber Carpet Tiles in our basement:
(Scroll down to where it says Pressure-sensitive Backing)

They were peel & stick. The only place we had trouble with them coming up was under my recliner. It seems to move around alot and the tile under one the the feet comes loose occasionally.

We went with carpet tiles for the same reason as you are. We had a flood and had to rip out all of our wall to wall. I liked doing the carpet tiles because I could do a section, shift furniture, do another section, shift furniture and so on.

After 5 years, 3 kids, and 1 dog it's looking worn. But it is a high traffic family room and does not get a lot of vacuuming. A better housekeeper would probably have kept it looking better.


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RE: Carpet tile recommendations (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: lsst on 12.03.2009 at 09:47 pm in Basements Forum

We have Milliken Legato and have been pleased with it.
We installed it ourselves 5 years ago.
We have only replaced a couple of squares due to our 7 year old painting on them. LOL


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RE: window in shower (Follow-Up #18)

posted by: cateyanne on 10.16.2006 at 09:34 am in Smaller Homes Forum

We also have a window in our shower. I LOVE it! Ours is the same situation with it originally being an older home with previously just a tub. The difference though is we do not have a surround. our shower is completely tiled with the rest of the bathroom tiled about 3/4 up. the window is a pebbled glass so it is very private when closed. there is no shower curtain in front of the window, I think this would keep in moisure. We also have shower doors instead of a curtain in the front. We have lived in this house for 20 years and there has never been a problem with moisure and rotting wood. our window frame is wood and is painted. It is ithe only window in the bath.When my husband re-caulked the window he used a marine caulk and when we changed the color of our wood trim we used a paint specifically for heavy water use. Just to be proactive not because there were any problems. I am very lucky as the house additions over the years created a little courtyard effect so my shower window is open to our little side yard patio which has a very large old maple in the center of it. There are a couple of neighbors backyards that are visible to me but everything is a goodly distance and with the foliage it is really very private. My favorite thing is opening the window while I take my showers in the summer when there are plenty of leaves etc. to shield me and it is warm and breezy! I feel like I'm showering under a waterfall outside in a forest! To enhance this effect I had my husband install coated wire corner shelves in the shower, high above my head. they are out of the way and I have humid loving pants flowing down above me. This is a very unused place in the bath and alot of my friends have done the same to their baths when they sw it. It also helps that our tile is a soft green and I have decorated in an uncluttered but natural outdoorsy theme.Ahh what perfection! I vote to keep the window, find a way to make it an asset!


nature theme with plants in shower window marine caulk and paint
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RE: What was your best bathroom remodeling decision? (Follow-Up #67)

posted by: biancap on 11.08.2007 at 12:52 am in Bathrooms Forum

Best Decisions for our small master bathroom:
Insisting that we use large format tile in our small bathroom (18X18 shower walls, and 24X24 floors). It makes such a strong visual impact and it doesn't look oversized. I regret that my new entryway tiles are only 12x12. =(

Choosing a vanity rather than pedestal sink. All the advice I got was to go with a pedestal to make the bathroom look larger and airy. The vanity gives me more storage space and I can actually set my makeup box on top of the counter. We had a pedestal sink and it was so inconvenient, and the rim always looked dirty. And I don't think the vanity makes our tiny bathroom appear any tinier, just like the pedestal sink never did fool the eye to thinking the bathroom is larger.

Worst Decision:
Glass shelf over the toilet. I ordered an expensive (at least in my mind) Kohler purist glass shelf thinking that I would put a potted plant there. It's too shallow for most small pots, and I could've spent 1/3 of the price on something that works better. But, I can't return it and I'm too cheap to do anything else about it so I'm going to hunt down a narrow vase or potted plant.


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RE: What was your best bathroom remodeling decision? (Follow-Up #47)

posted by: dmlove on 06.13.2007 at 12:00 pm in Bathrooms Forum

Ashlander, what do you mean that the thermobalance valves aren't set correctly? Do you think they were installed incorrectly so they're not working right, or something else? I never touch mine -- they remain set on the same temperature (slightly above 100 degrees) and when you enter the shower, you just turn on the volume control to whatever water pressure you want. Temp is always the same (well, very slight variation if the other shower is in use, when one of the two is turned on/off).


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RE: What was your best bathroom remodeling decision? (Follow-Up #45)

posted by: ashlander on 06.13.2007 at 03:14 am in Bathrooms Forum

I "did my homework." I read all your comments and included the following in our bathroom:
Panasonic fan w/heat on timer (so quiet)
Thermobalance valves, but they aren't set correctly (Please advise, DMLove or someone else)
Cultured granite with frameless shower door
36" height vanities with outlets in cabinets
Toto comfort height toilet
Grohe rain shower head (A-a-h, JOY!)
I/we owe our bathroom to all of you who posted above. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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RE: What was your best bathroom remodeling decision? (Follow-Up #17)

posted by: ranchreno on 02.21.2007 at 12:45 pm in Bathrooms Forum

Love reading these posts. Makes me wish I was starting over.... almost. ;-)

Best decisions - Hand shower in kids bath, heated floors, thermostatic control for constant temp and pressure, fans with timers, marble countertops even though they are etching - I just love looking at them.

Wish I had - Made the corner shelf/bench in the shower just a bit bigger (18 or 20" sides instead of 16). It works fine as a shelf, but I had hoped it might serve as a bench in a pinch, and let's just say, not for my tush. Spring for the dedicated circuit to get the whisper warm fan/heater in the master bath. Been there when the plumber installed our second shower head (handshower) way too high. Gone with cultured marble or a glossy corian for my kids' vanity top. The matte corian has already been marked up from something being dropped in the sink and is hard to keep looking clean.


4) Epoxy grout. Nowhere near as stain-resistant as the manufacturers insist.

Installing electrical inside cabinets so hair dryer and electric toothbrush aren't on the counter.

--Panasonic WhisperWarm. This was the coldest room in the house - but no longer! Works very well and exhausts steam in a flash.

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RE: What was your best bathroom remodeling decision? (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: warsher on 02.19.2007 at 11:04 am in Bathrooms Forum

First mistake "do'nt gut it". Gut it and second, use a vapor barrier under the cement board, do'nt use greenboard. The rusted nails will tell you where the vapor barrier and cement board prefer to go, I would just put the vapor lock everywhere, use half inch boards. You can use 6 mil plastic or roofing felt as barrier under boards, stapled. I like roofing, a little better insulation sound/thermal.
Cement board is a sponge, if that bothers you do what I did, use a cement board sealer around the shower/pullman area Depot has it. I used epoxy that I get cheap, 80 dollars for 1.5 gallon. That stops moisture before the board and not after.
Next stop tub. Cast iron equals quiet and thermal insulation it memorizes heat, (not drumlike with no echoes) Kohler Villager is cheapest; I say mistake. It is 14 inches tall so beware of a too little tub. I got the Toto 1525 at Express Pipe here in southern cal, 554 dollars. the tub iron is twice as thick as Kohlers I saw also, the glaze is smoother. 2 people can install it (the ground is the third person, roll the tub in end over end or just shuffle it in) 381 pounds but not heavy as you think.
Vanity, ebay has good glass/metal ones, will not absorb odors, lifetime product, under 500 with all hardware, faucets.
The toilet must do one thing foremost, flush. try the Toto Drake and if not the Ultramax will give you much more room. Express pipe or Homeclick. There are some horrible toilets out their beware, get a commercial one, Toto G max for instance.
Porcelain is king on tile, Ceramic is ok, check the grade (1-5) Marble is ok for a bathroom floor awesome visually. I would use 1/8 grout line porcelain on shower with sanded grout. Unsanded might shrink. Keep sponge dry, use caulk in tile corners, do not use premix wet mastic under tile, use powdered thinset with latex additive.
You might want to leave in the cieling when you gut.
You might want to get some kilz and paint the studs around the shower area if moisture problems were evident.


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