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Philips/Magnavox Tv Problems ?

posted by: Pee_Wee on 03.26.2005 at 12:34 am in Electronics Forum

To get assistance on Philips/Magnavox TV: Post the model and chassis number on the subject line. In the message box, post the symptom. That is, what is the set doing or not doing.

Your descriptions are "my eyes and ears" of the possible problem. Bad description, bad results!

I won't read the posts every day, but what do you want for nothing?

On the posts that have 60 tvs listed on the one post, I will NOT READ AT ALL!




RK4490 AK02 SN: 71903586 manf: Code# 3819R163H 27" magnavox There is sound, a 1/4" horizontal line that appears to be suppressing the picture. There appears to be color. Thanks for you time and consideration. Rick

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