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Viburnum dentatum bloom sequence

posted by: Kevin_5 on 05.30.2005 at 01:59 am in Shrubs Forum

I thought I would document blooms as they happen in real time here in Zone 5. The first out of the gate is 'Little Joe', which just started opening blooms today. It looks like a shaded 'Blue Muffin' will be next, followed closely by the other Klehm cultivars. I'll update it as various cultivars or related species begin blooming.


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Viburnum dentatum & Friends

posted by: Kevin_5 on 02.08.2003 at 05:30 pm in Shrubs Forum

Since the subject comes up so often, I thought our own little GardenWeb "definitive work" on Viburnums might be nice to have. There are so many well informed individuals here that the collective knowledge should be quite useful. I'll get the ball rolling with this group. Since everyone would like to know who can cross pollinate who, the following is a list of related species/cultivars that should all interact nicely:

V. bracteatum
'Emerald luster'
V. rafinesquianum--not too hard to find
V. deamii--sometimes listed as a V. dentatum--saw it at Lowes!
V. molle--add peeling bark to your Viburnum arsenal of attributes
V. recognitum
V. dentatum var. lucidum(V. recognitum)
V. dentatum var. scabrellum
V. dentatum var. verrosum
V. dentatum var. pubescens
V. dentatum var. dentatum
'Autumn Jazz(Ralph Senior'
'Blue Muffin(Christom)'--which I think was 'Dwarf form' previously
'Raspberry tart'
'Northern Burgundy(Morton)'
'Chicago Lustre(Synnesvedt)'
'Perle Bleu'
'Red Feather'
'Moon Glo'
'Red Regal'
'Indian Summer'
'White and Blue'
'Canby Downy Viburnum(pubescens?)'
Ok-that's a start. Any and all of these could help each other produce copious quantities of fruit. No doubt others have more to add, more acceptable related species. Somebody has those enormous taxonomy books with obscure relatives waiting to be listed!


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