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RE: Repairing Plaster Lathe Walls (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: brickeyee on 07.09.2007 at 07:13 pm in Home Repair Forum

Unless you can get your hands on a copy of 'Plastering Skills' and have a decent source for materials forget the real stuff.
If the leak has been repaired and the top finish coat has come away from the base you can make repairs using either Easysand or Durabond. These are setting type join compounds ( a modern plaster with retarders already added).
The compound is mixed about as thick as peanut butter and can easily be applied with a plasterer's trowel for large areas.
For really large areas a darby can even be used.
Use at least 120 minute compound unless the repair is small.


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RE: Farmhouse Kitchen Fans! (Follow-Up #138)

posted by: sombreuil_mongrel on 03.18.2007 at 11:51 am in Kitchens Forum

If the red paint is an earth pigment or red oxide, it won't fade. What could fade is the vehicle and its gloss level. If you are looking for a vintage farmhouse look, I'd recommend milk paint with a rub-through (exposing wood beneath, then a glaze over that (to tone down the pure color of the milk paint and to give depth) then a clear finish (long lasting) or a wax finish (very low gloss, very rustic, living finish; requires maintenance)


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