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RE: Do you reward kids for honor roll? (Follow-Up #14)

posted by: mjsee on 02.14.2004 at 01:24 pm in School Forum

We are having a discussion in my community about allowing Homeschoolers to try out for sports teams, band, drama, etc. Many of the Public School parents are opposed..adn the HS parents can't fathom why. Why would the PS parents want to prohinbit there children from participating? Are the PS parents that selfish? (paraphrasing the debate--but that is what it boils down to...) NO. Most PS parents are NOT selfish. They just don't want their PS children exposed to the kind of rhetoric gardengardengardenga spewed forth in that last post. AND--PS parents know how much parental support those sorts of school sponsored extra-curriculars take. Who wants to work with someone with THAT kind of attitude? NOT most people. I, on the other hand, have decided that it is not fair to visit the prejudices of the parents on their unfortunate offspring--and think they should let th HSrs play.

(proud Public School parent--one kid through and studying Physics in college--the other a sophomore. With excellent grades--which he DOESN'T get paid for.)


Where I live, if the children live inside the school district and the parents are current on school taxes, the children don't have to attend the public school. They are allowed to play sports within the public school. I don't see how anyone could legally keep home schooled children from playing sports and such if they pay taxes there.
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