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What tiller do you use?

posted by: AZtransplant2005 on 08.20.2005 at 10:52 pm in Carolina Gardening Forum

I am going to purchase a tiller (small) for my garden beds. I think that electric will be easier for me than a motored one. If you have any strong feelings on any kind, pro or con, please let me know. I want to get it soon, so I can get the beds ready for fall.




I have used many tillers over the years. IMO, electrics are unsuitable for everything except very small spaces.

Currently I'm using a Honda F210, which I purchased new in 1995. Has started on one or two pulls every year & easy to use in very hard soils. It is without question, the best piece of lawn and garden equipment I have ever owned. Still looks like new and I hace NEVER had to replace of fix anything on it. This year, because the tines are well worn, I intend to either replace the tines ($150 ouch) or just reverse the tines, putting the good face forward.

In hard soils, the trick is to drop the drag bar and allow the tines to "just" engage the ground slowly. You do this by putting slight pressure on the handles, not allowing the tines to rest fully on the ground. As the tines begin to dig in. release the handles and allow the weight of the tiller to dig deeper.

Rocks, had pan and rootss will cause all tillers to bounce (all front tine and mid tine that is, rear tine have sufficient weight to remain on course.)

The current Honda model is the F220, (nearly the same as the F210).

And like the F210 you can remove the outer tines to make the unit less wide (good after the plants have grown and little space remains to run a tiller down the rows to weed.

They also come with side shields to keep from entangling the tines with existing plants or chain link fence (something I did on a regular basis with my previous tiller).

Honda has just released a new type of tiller this year. It's also a mid tine, but the alternate tines revolve in opposite directions, giving you the ability to steer and turn with one hand control. Looks to be very easy to control, but haven't actually tried to use one yet as I'd be too tempted.

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