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RE: Hollow-core door: what part of the bottom is solid? (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: linnea56 on 04.27.2007 at 12:17 pm in Remodeling Forum

Ah! Thanks. So cutting through it would ruin the stability of the door. Makes sense.

Are the sides of a hollow-core door about 2 inches thick as well? Or thinner? Since it's to be a sliding door, I also thought about cutting off one corner, cutting up from the bottom, and then in from the left side. This would be on the advancing edge. This would not be flapped, just open. I thought if then we buy the door a little oversize, we could pull it more closed to seal off this small
opening if needed. It's to be a surface mount system, like a barn door, mounted on the side away from the kitchen, so door would be oversize on the pantry side and overlap the doorframe by whatever we decide. The hardware is from Johnson Hardware, that makes sliding door systems.

We haven't bought the door yet. We could go with a solid door: I looked at some that were oak veneer with a particle board interior, and edges in pine. The door/hardware company was urging a solid core door on me, but I am concerned about the weight with a sliding door. I have had nothing but hollow core doors in every house before. (We did not discuss the cat-flap issue!)

Thanks for your help: suggestions are welcome. Both on the door in general and the cat-flap.


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We won the Pocket Door battle - and no we have a problem with it!

posted by: hobokenkitchen on 03.14.2007 at 08:58 pm in Remodeling Forum

After MANY arguments with our contractor and a LOT of research (much of it here), we finally had the pocket door installed today.

Problem is that the door sticks out of the pocket wall about 3.5 inches leaving us with a very small door opening - about 25 inches wide. DH feels like he needs to walk in sideways - not good.

Is the door meant to stick out that much? I thought it was meant to be flush with the pocket frame.

Any advice? TIA.


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Kit to make an arch from a square corner?

posted by: bluelebkuchen on 12.08.2005 at 06:14 pm in Remodeling Forum

I'd like to make some interior arches where we now have square openings between rooms in the house. Is this a DIY project or should I hire a drywall specialist. I was sort of hoping there was a kit somewhere to make it easy


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Creative uses of standard materials for budget constraints.

posted by: julesfsu on 01.21.2007 at 05:40 am in Building a Home Forum

Does anyone have ideas for using readily avaidable materials in creative ways. We are of limited budget and are looking into our options. Many of these may be used only for a few years until we can afford a little more. We are looking at sinking most of our extra money into square footage and things like extra insulation. I am primarily looking for ideas for finishes but will take advice for any arena. Thanks.


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