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Here they are (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: concretenprimroses on 10.24.2008 at 09:00 am in Garden Junk Forum

Marlene I hope you don't mind...

Here are Marlene's instructions which I was glad to find cuz I really think these and some on how to make them with silcone (what I do) should be in the FAQ, and I'm working on figuring that out. I have linked to another thread in which she tells more, and has a link to her beautiful photos.

Marlene 2008 said in a post earlier this year...

Hi there~

Well, I've tried two ways. The first way is to drill the plates with a glass drill bit. The bit looks like an arrow head and I got them at Lowe's. This takes a while because you have to drill slowly and the bit gets dull after about three plates, but if you can sharpen it (my DH does mine!), then it goes pretty quick. Drill about 1/4 in hole in the center and use a 1/4 bolt to put through the holes in the plates and have it long enough to have about two inches outside the back of the plates. Bolts need to be threaded all the way down the shank--don't use carriage bolts though. Then you put a nut on the end and put your pipe or tubing or whatever you're using for the stem (I used old copper tubing that we drilled a 1/4 inch hole in and bent the pipe some to flatten it where the plates attach). Then put another nut on the other side of the "stem" and finger tighten! Then, you're ready to put it in your garden. I also used rebar to put in the ground first, then slip the "stem" over it. I glued the center decoration on to hide the bolt head with construction adhesive or you can use GE silicone II. Happy Flowering!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: More (drilling) plate flower intructions/photos


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