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What have I done to my Peperomia???

posted by: elfinn on 07.28.2006 at 06:05 pm in House Plants Forum

I bought a cute little peperomia from a local "plant lady" at a discount since it was a little bare and neglected (the attached pic is while it was recouperating). I had to repot it b/c it was getting way too big for the little 2" pot it came in, and it went crazy, putting out new leaves all over the place. About a week ago however, I noticed that one of the main stems had fallen over--although it continues to put out new growth. When I inspected it, I found that the stem near the the soil line was brownish and shriveled, although not mushy, and there is a portion of the same on the other main something munching on it or did I plant it too deeply and it rotted? I left the card for my camera at work, so I can't take pics of the damage until Monday, but does this sound familiar to anyone, and if so, is the poor thing doomed?

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(PS- I have two leaves I am starting for a new one, just in case LOL)


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