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RE: Anxiety Attacks (Follow-Up #34)

posted by: good2btexan on 09.23.2011 at 05:05 am in Menopause Forum

The anxiety attacks I have been able to get rid of with homeopathic estrogen. Bumping up my regular dosage of 1 sublingual drop in the morning and 2 before bed to 5 in the a.m. and 20 at night has done wonders for that, for me. But then I started having the anxiety come back, slowly, a little at a time. So I started taking testosterone drops and by tinkering with it, I worked up to the same dosage: 5 and 20 drops.

I was kind of worried that I might grow whiskers or something with the testosterone, but actually just the opposite has happened. I have a stray coarse hair on my chine somewhere about every month, but since I started the testosterone -- no more whiskers! And the anxiety is gone.

But I am still dealing with adrenaline surges -- not every night, but if I don't take adrenal cytotrophin (Enzyme Process brand) or enough thyroid hormone or enough estrogen or testosterone.

Anyway -- I posted on the other thread called "Weird Adrenaline Rush" with all the brands.


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RE: Anxiety Attacks (Follow-Up #40)

posted by: Love2all on 06.17.2012 at 11:11 am in Menopause Forum

To all anxiety sufferers:
I feel for everyone who has posted to this site. I too, have recently been thrown into the trenches of this women's battle of mental and physical anguish that comes from having "anxiety, panic and the Pause". If I were to post my situation as it was thrust upon me, it would be identical to majority of the entries on this site (which I agree were helpful in the fact that I discovered I was not alone and no one wants to be alone in a devastating situation). The sharing of experiences and information is very important but I think we need to realize that this disorder is not being treated as a priority by the medical field (yet over 40 million anxiety sufferers exist out there today). So, instead of reiterating what has already been said by so many unfortunate sufferers like ourselves, I'd like to be proactive and suggest that we all join forces and try fixing the situation and get some real help. But in order to do that we need to have the medical field realize that we want, no we demand REAL answers and REAL remedies to treat this "life-robbing" epidemic. We need to make them understand that we�re done hearing that Menopause is a �normal stage� in the process of life. We�re not children and we get that part of the picture. Menopause may be a normal stage of life, but there�s nothing normal about the process that goes with it, which in my description is literally a physical and mental hell on earth. Unless you live it, you have no idea. I think it�s cruel and unusual punishment for anyone to ask a person to just accept this anguish as �normal�. And to keep throwing medicines to band-aide the situation so you meet your sales reps quota in order to get that free vacation for your family or throw blank theories at the patient so you can feel like you did your best for that patient but really it was just to get them out of your office cause you didn�t have a clue is even worse because undermines the sensibilities of the patient and is a waste of time and money annnnnd� the end, the patient is still left to suffer. I for one am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired AND I WANT MY LIFE BACK!!! It�s obvious that we all just want to make IT stop so we can have our quality of life back.
It can be as simple as starting a signed petition that would give enough voices to the problem that the medical field would at least treat us as living, breathing, hurting human-beings with real, existing, life-altering pain and suffering. I�m open to any and all suggestions. Even just talking about what we might be able to do may lead to a solution. I will be thinking of solutions and check back periodically. Hang in their sisters and keep the faith. Be well.


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